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I was playing this game called storyteller, I thought it was cute. When I read the comments, people had been leaving stories based on it. I decided I wanted to leave one too… unfortunately I got carried away. I now realize that the character limit is 1000. At first I was confused. 1000? oh well, I’ll have to cut out a couple hundred words. Then, after cutting off a couple hundred words, I realized that it was 1000 characters and not 1000 words. This bites, so I decided to post the story I wrote here.

So, without further adue. Here is my story, and as with all good stories, it starts with Once Upon A Time.

Once upon a time there was a prince, he was cold and calculating, alway thinking with little time for games or friends, but he did his duty for his kingdom. He wasn’t the prince that little girls dreamed of, he was the prince that would one day rule a kingdom… and do it well. But as stories go, there was a villain. A girl who sought to take the kingdom for her own. She had plans of her own, ones that didn’t include the current monarchy. She would do whatever it took to ensure that her vision would come to be… even if it meant selling her soul and offering up her brother as a sacrifice.
Her brother was a servant in the castle, and he was good at what he did. He was one of the people who are never seen, but if they were gone… everybody would notice. Some might say he was taken for granted… he just thought of it as his job. And as jobs went, it was a good one. He ate well, he was paid well, and he spent exorbitant amounts of time attending to the prince.
So, as they grew, the Prince watched the kingdom, the boy watched the prince, and the girl watched her brother.
When the time came to harvest her brothers soul, she stole him away. Hid him in an abandoned tower and prepared for her rituals.
At first, no one noticed the absence of one servant, but quickly it became evident that the boy was gone. It was assumed that he had run off… which was a crime. So the prince sent out guards to find the runaway servant, making it clear that anyone who harbored him would be punished. One of the villagers reported that the girl had been seen near the abandoned tower, and since she was his sister… she might be hiding him there.
The prince sent a few guards to go capture him, but when they did not return he became suspicious. He didn’t know that the girl had killed them, using their blood to add power to her rituals. So, under the cover of a new moon, the prince set out himself to punish his servant and locate his missing soldiers.
When he arrived, he saw the boy, surrounded by the dead soldiers. He rushed towards the boy unaware that he had done nothing to the men. Surprised to see his prince charging towards him, the boy cried out… told his prince to run. But it was too late, the girl appeared and began casting a spell, calling upon the princes own sword to impale him.
The boy leapt to his feet, still yelling for the prince to run. Just before the spell was finished, the boy leapt for the confused Prince and pulled at his sword. The prince didn’t relinquish his weapon… and he never got the chance to reconsider. The girls spell finished and the sword pulled away, animated on its own, but as it attempted to stab the prince, the boy leapt into it’s path. The sword went through his chest, and stayed unmoving once more an ordinary sword. Still surprised the Prince fell back, pulling the sword from the dead boys chest. He couldn’t tell what was worse, the way his sword had moved on its own… or the satisfied and content expression the dead boy now wore.
The girl, her powers weakened as her brother was killed outside of the ritual, attempted to kill the prince with the powers she still had. She sent balls of flame to consume him, still a threat to the royal prince, but nothing compared to what could have been.
The prince barely came to his senses in time to dodge her attacks. He wasn’t sure what was going on… but he knew two things, his servant had saved his life… and this girl was trying to take it. He blocked a ball of fire with his sheild, and was forced to drop the now scalding metal. They way things were going, he would quickly be incinerated. But, as he leapt to avoid the flaming balls, he noticed the girl was quickly succumbing to exhaustion.
He took his chance, and charged her before she could throw another fireball. The girl could tell she wouldn’t be able to pull it off, but still she tried. Fury and terror fought for control as the prince charged her. Terror won, just in time to feel the prince’s sword pierce her chest and erupt from her back.
The girl was dead, and the prince was alive. Things had worked out well.
The prince carried the boy’s body back to the castle and buried it there. Erecting a statue for the boy who had saved him. The girl got a statue of her own, away from the castle and often spit upon by passing peasants. Both were given a kind of immortality.
The boy would all but be forgotten though, remembered only when the prince saw his statue… and wondered once again what drove the boy to save him… never suspecting the unrequited love that had always lingered there. That occasional thought was all the boy needed, and with the princes eventual death… he became nothing more than a statue… a lost memory of little meaning. But without his prince, the boy didn’t need to be remembered.
The girl would be remembered for generations, a figure for what happened to those who attempted to overthrow the royal line. Her last moments had been filled with rage and terror, her last thoughts had been filled with fear and obsession. And her visage was ever more viewed as one of evil. She might have made a proper ruler she might have done wonders for the country… but the day she decided to offer up her brother as a sacrifice, was the day her last chance of ruling disappeared. For centuries she was remembered, first with fear and anger, then with disgust and loathing… eventually with scholarly interest… and after that was forgotten.
The prince would become a kind and rule another few decades before dying defending his country from invaders. They won the war, and honored his sacrifice, he left his only child to rule after his death. And the kingdom prospered for many centuries to come. The child of the dead king never knew where his name came from, his father had never told him he was named after a boy who had saved a princes life… and this boy… this prince, was the last testament to that sacrifice. As the years passed, the dead king who was once a prince, was honoured… named one of the greatest rulers in the nations kingdom. For centuries his name was remembered, until the nation fell, and his name was forgotten. But that is the nature of things… because eventually, the nation was forgotten and nothing was left. Not even a memory.

The End

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