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    An Endless Void, Time has no Meaning...
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    Sep. 22, 2010

RPGs, Sci-Fi, Fantasy games….. All are my Favorites.

Alignment: Neutral Good, with some Chaotic tendencies

Remember: INFAMO.
Identify the troll post.
Nod your head, having successfully found your Target.
Flag the Offending Post.

To anyone suffering in the throes of depression:

You Are Not Alone. We all suffer. We all hurt. But together, we are stronger than pain. Together our suffering is not insurmountable. Despair is but a barrier, easily breached. Because we are your friends. And, yes, Friendship is indeed Magic.


Fandom Info:
Gamer (Normal)
Otaku (Asian, therefore non-weeaboo)

Aeon is a Character/ Name I use a LOT on other Sites. Look for Me!

For After Villain Week
Fantasy University: http://tinyurl.com/69rq67g

(I swore I’d never do this again, but…)

RP Stuff

Aeon Di’Ciel

Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Species: Varies (See Below)
Class: Unknown
Appearance: Varies
Aeon Di’Ciel is believed to be a dimensional traveler with multiple lifetimes of experience under his belt.
He has been known to take multiple forms, some of which will be explained in further files. It is not known from what reality Aeon originates from, or if that’s even his true name…
Abilities (common across forms):
-Massive Experience: As expected from a traveler of worlds, Aeon has knowledge on a great variety of subjects, and can act and react at levels unexpected by those who have only lived in one reality.
-Multiform: It has been suggested that Aeon might be capable of taking multiple forms, although this has not been confirmed.
-Force Sensitive: “Can we just disband already? This is officially ridiculous.”
-Empyrean: Odd Energy Particle…. we actually aren’t sure what he can do with it.

Aeon (Moogle)
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Species: Moogle (Ivalice)
Class: Unknown
Hair: Grey-Black
Coat: Pale Tan
Pom-Pom: Blue
Eyes: Dark Brown
This is Aeon’s Current Form, an Ivalice Moogle. Prefers Dark Clothing, and rarely wears visible armor.
Uses many different weapons, but is fond of a Sequencer Greatsword obtained locally.
Friendly, Cheerful Personality that masks extraordinary resolve. Has made bargains with local authority, and is even a member of local Gaming Circuits. Has a Trophy Band keepsake from a Local.
-Master Spellcaster: This Moogle is a Horror when using Magic. He has insane reserves of energy, and knows a ludicrous number of spells. Further intel is needed.
-Combat Artist: The Moogle has shown extreme Proficiency with a variety of Weapons. Preference is to Swords and Guns (Specifically the Shapeshifting Weapons that the moogle fabricated a while ago).

Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Species: Unknown
Hair: Black
Eyes: Grey-Silver
Skin: Tanned
This Unknown Humanoid is believed to be Aeon. Unknown status is due to a set of Wolf-Like Ears, Eyes and Tail that the individual sports. Reports indicate Markings in the fur of these features, all colored in varying shades of blue. This individual has been seen around Aeon’s Home, usually coinciding with the disappearance of the Moogle.
More study is required.

AKA: Nova Flash
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Species: Unicorn Pony
Mane/Tail: Midnight Blue, Usually kept in a slightly messy medium-long style.
Eyes: Blue-Grey
Coat: Pale Grey
Horn: Pale Grey/Blue Gradient
Cutie Mark: Stylized lantern, flanked by eight lights and containing a Ninth within
It seems Aeon has acquired a Pony form in order to infiltrate Equestrian Society better.
EDIT: Distinguishing Mark: “Nova” has a scar on his head that interrupts his left eyebrow.
Light Magic: This form of Aeon is able to push Light-Based Magic much farther than any of his other forms, it seems
Nova Stride: a High-Speed Movement ability, it allows him to seemingly teleport at will.

“The Fool”
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: Unknown (Believed to be Adult)
(The Information in this file seems to have been tampered with, as much is missing)
All that is known about “The Fool” is that this being has regular contact with Aeon, and disappears without a trace afterwards. Capture is of High Priority.
I’m A to the E to the O~ N, And my Boss Fight will force you to Begin Again! I’m Aeonlicious! :3
-Damnit, another Hacking incident….

We are but dust in the wind. Ephemeral. Insignificant. But damn if we don’t sparkle in the sunlight.

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