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*Tyler1021/Friendly_Stalker is my twin. :^) because ItBePenguinYo is a meanieface. Suck it!* Stop stalking my profile. I don't need you eavesdropping on my porn videos. To anyone who gets offended easily: http://tinyurl.com/hjdvqcy -------- HAHAHAHAHA I HAD A TEN MINUTE CHOKING EPISODE BECAUSE OF THIS: StuffyMcStuffins: I have ass hairs smarter than you, and when I fart it's better conversation -------- I really am black, guys: APR 27 - 12:35PM TurkeyPie: http://i.imgur.com/9GFWGRN.png ================ Butter nipples :3: APR 27 - 9:51AM StuffyMcStuffins: I really like butter nipple ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hug whores: Imaperson1256: can I have a hug pls AgnosticAngel: depends. turdpurgason1: $20 per hug turdpurgason1: I'm the hug pimp round these parts APR 26 - 3:59PM Imaperson1256: make it $10 and it's a deal turdpurgason1: No AgnosticAngel: Lmao. Imaperson1256: 15? turdpurgason1: I will have my hug whores murder you ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Love this♥♥: StuffyMcStuffins: People need to be properly prepared to know AgnosticAngel's real name or they explode from the sheer awesomeness that is her. The Goddess that is her, is so powerful that just hearing/seeing her real name is enough to cause physical, emotional, and mental anguish. ----- Think of this however you like: turdpurgason1: We lube it up and sprinkle garlic salt on it ------ Make him your bitch, fellas. FEB 23 - 7:13PM Kevthebeast: Make me your bitch. Kevthebeast: Oops. Wrong chat. Kevthebeast: Haha. ---------- Hahahaha. This was so worth it! JohannasGarden: Not going back to JC will probably help you be nice - ApprenticeChief: Who's JC? - AgnosticAngel: Yeah. - AgnosticAngel: It probably will - cleanbrain: jesus christ - AgnosticAngel: A certain someone was making it a little harder to be nice. - ApprenticeChief: Aw. - NOV 4 - 9:42PM PsychosisClown2: what/who is JC? - PsychosisClown2: JC a chat that got deleted? - cleanbrain: our lord and savior - AgnosticAngel: JC is Jonas Christopher - JohannasGarden: Just Chatting, it's stil there - ApprenticeChief: Agnostic. Staying away from Jesus Christ. It fits. - *===========================================* *A deal is a deal!* gerheart: http://vocaroo.com/i/s1F0IGT0KyQs ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ *You heard her, fellas!* Typhendorf: I mean, fresh fruit is nice but I prefer preserves, jams or fruit juices. - GothicAngel8333: Typhen. - AgnosticAngel: I mean. I'd rather things that weren't jarred with artificial flavorings, but that's just me. - GothicAngel8333: I'm going to preserve this dick after I jam it in your juices. - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I think I cried of laughter: Demenstar: "It's okay, maybe in 3 years you'll be a man. You can ask Santa each year for one of your balls to drop, and for your dick to finally be an outie." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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