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I’m trying to hold my awesomeness back so I don’t intimidate you. I’m such a nice person, huh?

Enemy of every lazy idle game developer. Hate idle games? Search games with “idle” and/or “incremental” tags, and rate them all 1/5! Rate 50 of these abominable games for 50 daily points. (Kong limits points from rating games to 50/day, shucks)

My first game on Kong was Castaway 2. I got my first badge on the same game on Jun 16, 2013… So many years have passed. Ahh memories… so arousing.

… By the way if you haven’t played Castaway 2 yet, I really recommend you to do so.

… I mean, go play it now!

Some quotes that I’ve gathered to lighten up your day or to make you a little bit smarter:
1. 起死回生
Japanese: “Wake from death and return to life.”
Meaning: Turn a bad or desperate situation into a success. Life ain’t so bad!
2. Kümmere Dich nicht um ungelegte Eier.
German: “Don’t worry about eggs that haven’t been laid yet.”
Meaning: Don’t worry about things that haven’t happened or never might. It’s time to stop saying “What if…..?!”.
3. Alla är vi barn i början.
Swedish: “We all start out as children.”
Meaning: It’s common to make mistakes when we’re still beginners. Expect them.

Are you feeling smarter now? No? Oh… I-I’m sorry.

It’s time for you to go now. Bye bye. Close this page, play some games or maybe go out on a date. Bye again.

… Why are you still looking at my profile? >.> shoo shoo.

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