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Hello, people! My name is Alex, but you can call me Steve,Nargon, King, Greg, Chester or Saturnis. Yes, my names in my favourite games.

XxLittle_StarxX is my wife. We have a kid who inherited my awesomeness and now is teaching Chuck Norris new hunting skills somewhere in Narnia.
Personal limo driver for Johanna_T

Translator, translation supervisor, game reviewer, cult leader, game tester, game beta-tester, game lead creative designer, writer, chat moderator, and elite gamer. Been there , done that, didn’t get the t-shirt.
I am currently co-founder of SteelShield Studios (www.kongregate.com/accounts/steelshieldgames) and I’m in charge of the Studio’s wiki ( steelshieldstudios.wikia.com ) .

Began working on my very own game, Heroes of Kronnland. 14% in 18 months. Wish me luck….

Big Linkin Park fan. Don’t ask
I have my own Top 100 songs, and I update the list every month on Facebook. By the way, my Facebook is www.facebook.com/SteveMarmot

I love Marmots, my former avatar was a marmot wearing a headset from an ad to chocolate. And no, marmots are NOT friggin groundhogs!!!!
Now I have avatars from a game I just love: Majesty. There’s also a fan-made browser text RPG, called Heroes of Ardania.

Keeping track: Alexaandru (mine),ScooterKitty ( Vince), TomAteJerry (Thomas) , PokeMonsterAlpha ( Albert), sirragnar ( Fritz), GeneralFellblade ( Daniel), Dietatietorul ( Sorin), GroinMan ( Blake), Games4All (Michael) CutestOnEarth ( Kathy) .

Playing AdventureQuest Worlds, Heroes of Ardania and watching memes and ragecomics on Facebook. Yes, I enjoy them. I also play Warcraft 3 , Majesty, Europa Universalis 2 ( MyMap AGCEEP version) and GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas.
I am Legion. I never forgive. I never forget. And still I am not Anonymous.
“I’m not always lucky…but when I am, you’re f***ed!” – Me.
“Slave is your twin cousin!”- Mo from RObotzi.
“No, Aragorn, we can’t call Batman!” – Internet meme

Note: A friend of mine, Blake, has a tendency to steal my account and go crazy shouting pro-negroid phrases , all caps, in public chatrooms. If you ever see me mentioning “ma homies” , street life in New York or having african-american stereotypical language, IT’S NOT ME!.

Wow, you really read all this? Thanks!
If you want, you can give me an internet right here!

Funfact: someone on Kongregate called ConcreteLegs made an internet meme after me called Alex the Skeletor after I showed him a picture of me. Yes, Im skinny.
Funfact 2: when someone’s username contains a country, he is SURELY from that country. Yes, people, I’m not American!

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