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The reporter went to the Remy Hair center(goto-
hair wigsmanufacturer
Although the electric curl stick is far less than the damage to the hair, the precondition is that the quality of the electric curling iron can be passed. In the market, a lot of low-quality electric curling irons are mixed, and these electric curl bars can also cause greater damage to the hair quality. So how do you pick the electric curling iron?

1. To see if the direct rolls are supported

Curling iron according to the function of the current household to have two kinds, one kind of only to curl hair, the other have straight a dual function at the same time, suggest you to choose straight roll of dual-use curling iron, more feature-rich, price difference is small.

2. See if it has steam function

Steam – curling irons can reduce heat damage to your hair, so you should choose curling iron with steam function.

3. Size according to hair style

The MM can choose the size of the curling iron according to the hair style that you want, suggest the diameter of curling stick is the best a few, this kind of words can be used commonly more convenient.

4. See if the material is high quality

The quality of the curling iron with insulating shell or plastic shell is better, which can guarantee absolute safety. Also pay attention to the material of the coating panel, the coating surface of high quality curl stick coating has ceramic treatment.

5. Look at the speed of heating

Cheap curling irons are slow to heat, while high quality curling irons can be heated in half a minute to actually plug and play.

Look at the power lines

Inferior curling iron power cord length is not enough and unable to rotate, the serious influence of comfort when using, and the high quality of curling the power cord can often achieve the requirement of the rotate, and long enough.

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