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Perfect in everyway, jsut ask some1 who thinks im perfect and they’ll tell u…im perfect

Also write poetry, check it out at

hi Art
KayNer: hi wolfy
ArticWolf1: Hey Aqua and Kay
szotyacid: It’s intresting how different sounds different languages use.
ArticWolf1: Hey Acid
aquinra: oh i see, I say your name right but KAy doesnt, yet u mess up mine but not hers..
ArticWolf1: Aqua because yesterday u called me wolfie >:(
aquinra: its good for u
KayNer: in german wolfie and wolfy are pretty much the same by sound… i just like the “y”
ArticWolf1: _
KayNer: or it would be wolfueee! thats would sounds french
ArticWolf1: or max
aquinra: oo can i call him Spot?
aquinra: how about Mr. Piddles
KayNer: i can
ArticWolf1: Aqui no
KayNer: you can
KayNer: we can
ArticWolf1: if u do im reporting u _
KayNer: its his choice to react on it
ArticWolf1: _
cookiegalcookie: you don’t cut do you :(
Dittowisa: I call him Warfel.
ArticWolf1: JUST CALL ME MAX!!!!
Crinkle: you can’t report someone for calling you Mr. Piddles, that’s absurd and it wastes administrative time.
Crinkle: so, Mr. Piddles, i don’t suggest you report anyone for doing something silly, like calling you Mr. Piddles.
savvy14112: hahahahaa
aquinra: yea, what crinkle said! lol
savvy14112: I AM QUOTING THAT
KayNer: also it is admiral piddles after the wars on the kitchen front line
Crinkle: hahaha Admiral Piddles!
Crinkle: ahahahaha
Crinkle: okay, mood just broke randomly
ShotgunBuddy: Yep
KayNer: Mr random saved the day and moved along….^^
Crinkle: Kay, may I please please please call you Admiral Piddles? :P
Dittowisa: demoted to Cpt. Piddles 2nd class after what happened in the kitchen afterwords.
Crinkle: (just kidding, that’s too long to type)
Physsion: Mr. and Mrs. Piddles will be so disappointed in him
KayNer: crinkle… yes, but my safeword will be: thundercats
Crinkle: ahahahaha
ArticWolf1: …
Crinkle: oh thank you Kay
Crinkle: i needed that
Dittowisa: Still not paper trained.
Crinkle: what’s wrong Mr. Piddles? why the three dots?
KayNer: i find it rather cute^^
ArticWolf1: Crinklur
Crinkle: yes Mr. Piddles?
ArticWolf1: …
Crinkle: what?
Crinkle: who was it that made that up, scrollscroll
Crinkle: quin gets credit
aquinra: yay!
KayNer: cpt piddles 2nd class , report to station!
Crinkle: in fact i think i will quote that whole block of text

aquinra: mom tenchi angel
aquinra: >:|
aquinra: fine, you all smell like oatmeal anyways
tenchi: i’ll take that as a compliment :P
aquinra: he speaks!
tenchi: not quite, i type ;)
aquinra: no, you THINK you type
tenchi: in reality, none of this is actually happening
tenchi: in fact, there is no such thing as reality
aquinra: but I perceive it happening, and that is as close as i can get to a reality.
tenchi: but do you really exist?
aquinra: I haven’t seen proof of that yet
aquinra: but first answer me this
aquinra: what does it mean to exist?
tenchi: i know i exist, because i think (therefore, i am), but i have no knowledge of others existence
SlashGashEmo: Food
tenchi: others’*
aquinra: how do you know that you weren’t brought into existence yesterday with you memories programmed into your mind?
tenchi: ah, but yesterday and tomorrow are not real, meaning that i am only of today for everyday that i percieve as being “real”
aquinra: and here is where we draw the conclusion that the only sort of reality we can obtain is that in which we percieve for ourselves, meaning that there is only one that any can be certain of, but for each individual that reality is monumentally…
aquinra: different, yet seemingly compatible with all theothers.
tenchi: indeed, and (to lose all credibility) i’ll quote the game “socrates jones”… “your face is ugly”
tenchi: lol
tenchi: i couldn’t resist :)
aquinra: as Shakespeare once said “fine”
tenchi: so what are you up to tonight?
aquinra: nm, heading to bed soon, got tomorrow off though..yay!


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