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    Oh, if you only knew..
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    Aug. 15, 2010

So full of hate were our eyes
That none of us could see.
Our war would yield countless dead
But never victory
So let us cast arms aside
And like discard our wrath
Thou, in faith, shall keep us safe
Whilst we find the path.
~Covenant prayer
I am…. insert epic theme music the… explosion ARMENIAN NINJA!
ROTFLMFAOAYYMYDAYDBARFAE:Rolling on the Floor Laughing my Friggin’ Arse off at You, Your Mom, Your Dad and Your Dog Beyong all Recognition Forever and Ever
I am addicted to Idle Dancing. On that note, HeroicHero is a genius. Of course, this PurpNurp fellow who has come out of nowhere needs to be taught a lesson. But I absolutely love Idle Dancing and think it should stay as it is. Not what other people want it to be. That would mean HeroicHero falls for the man >.>
I guess I’m a pretty nice guy… I might seem blunt, but that’s ‘cause I am. Oh, and I am in love with a dolphin Dolphins are pretty stupid, actually…. Don’t bother with them. Go for the octopi!
If you ever need help with a personal problem, just ask me (preferably in a PM) . I can help with anything, but don’t be nervous; I don’t know you and I never will. Have a good day :D
_______________________________________ EPIC QUOTES THAT PWN:
CapBubba: FIRST!
dragonreborn567: Like chocolate covered tentacle sex.
_______________________________________ A little song I wrote about MizuNoKuni and ShadedUmbreon:

♪♪ Miz is in loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee♪♪
♪♪ with some girl from the, internetttttttttttttttt…♪♪

♪♪ he met her on kongregaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaateeeeeeeeeeeeeee♪♪
♪♪and they felllllll in loooooveeeeeeeeeeeeee♪♪
♪♪here they goooooo againnnnnnnnnnn♪♪
♪♪making sweeeeet, sweeeet onlineeeeeeee loveeeeeeeee…♪♪
♪♪ with sooooooooooon to beeeeeeee babieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees♪♪
♪♪oh love, love love. they are makin’ sweet internet love love love.♪…♪♪
♪♪they willllll inviteeeeeeee their best friend ninja over for dinner and TV…..♪♪
♪♪and willll have wonderful threeeeeeeeeeeeeesomes…♪♪
♪♪after their marriaaaageeeeee♪♪
♪♪ninja shall beeee the grooomsman♪♪ ♪♪and will watch honeymoooooooooooon loveeeeeeeeeeeeee…♪♪
♪♪and possibly join innnnnnnnn……♪♪
♪♪then they will comeeeeeeeeeee to my houseeeeeeeeeeeeee and make sweeeeeet love there….♪♪
♪♪and ninja willl make them cheeeeeeeeeeese and crackerssssssss♪♪ ♪♪during sweeeeeeeeeeeet love.♪♪

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