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Kong is quickly becoming more and more commercialised and I seriously dislike the direction it's going in, a lot of the changes kong have made have been outright hated by many people and the support for the changes has been simply swamped by the amount of people against the changes, yet kong just don't seem to give a damn about it's people anymore, they care about making money and having what THEY think is the perfect site, I've been coming on here less and less and the amount of, frankly rubbish, features that they've added is severely lessening my enjoyment of this site, pushing me away more and more. Don't be surprised if you don't see me on here for months at a time, the only reason I will be coming here from now on is to play specific games or speak to specific people, I'll no longer be coming because this is the best games website(imo), because I no longer feel that kong deserve that title.
Amazing how no matter where I go on kong, no matter who takes me where, I always go back to the LoG.
I grew bored of having so many people on my friends list that I never see anymore or are inactive so I completely wiped my friends list and started over, just say hi to be added back onto it, if you were on it in the first place.
I love playing games offline then logging on to get the badges out of order XD
AlexiesS1:im a owner
AlexiesS1:frat said
Gainedhate:Yes, you are.
ItsMandy887:Alexis I'm sorry you're a what?
AlexiesS1:im a owner
Gainedhate:Yes Alex. You're an owner.
ItsMandy887:I believe you mean, "an owner"
Gainedhate:Alex, you have to turn on your mod powers.
AlexiesS1:every one play fantasy online
AlexiesS1:or else
Gainedhate:Alex, you're not a mod yet. You need to validate.
filecabinet_guy:[M] it totally works
AlexiesS1:gained hate ima owner right
Gainedhate:Not yet. You didn't put in the commands.
Gainedhate:On some browsers, you need to hit Alt and F4 together to open the Kong Menu. There you'll see a button for 'Make me Owner'
filecabinet_guy:might need to clear your browser history before alt-F4 works
filecabinet_guy:cookies too
AlexiesS1:if you alt f4 the google will gone
Gainedhate:I said if some browsers. I don't know what you use.
Gainedhate:Try /w instead. It's short for /windowKong
Fyrestrom:Ah well I'm off for now, we're having Christmass early tommorrow so I should get some rest.
AlexiesS1:just i give you my account
asmodous:ctrl+w also works, it opens up the kong owner 'window'
*alexies disappears*
Gainedhate:He fell for it.
asmodous:Oh my days, I didn't think ANYONE could fall for Ctrl+w
KITA53:I used to forget what ctrl + w did, so I fell for it a lot...
*alex rejoins*
AlexiesS1:gain hate im owner
Gainedhate:Yes, you're now Owner.
Gainedhate:Now hit Ctrl and W so you can start silencing and banning people.
AlexiesS1:i have a R in may name right
AlexiesS1:i cannot see it
Gainedhate:Mods never can.
Gainedhate:Fratley didn't know he was a Mod for almost a full year.
KITA53:I can see it.
AlexiesS1:you are playing dungeon rapage
filecabinet_guy:...he's a mod?
filecabinet_guy:since when?
KITA53:Since a while ago.
asmodous:No, he's a owner
asmodous:sorry, he's owner
Gainedhate:Not anymore. Alex is the owner now.
AlexiesS1:gainedhate are you playing dungeon rampage
Gainedhate:No, I'm checking my status on Ctrl W for my own ownership
AlexiesS1:gained level my kong
Gainedhate:I do not doubt this.
AlexiesS1:gainedhate im still owner
Gainedhate:Alex, no. You lost it. You didn't hit Ctrl W like we said.
Gainedhate:You had one thing to do and you couldn't handle it. Hit Ctrl and W.
AlexiesS1:if i ctrl w the is kongregate is gone
Gainedhate:Are you calling me a liar? Like I don't know what I'm doing?
asmodous:It's setting you as owner, you didn't give it enough time.
Gainedhate:You probably hit Alt and W.
AlexiesS1:idoing that right now
AlexiesS1:what happend if i ctrl w
Gainedhate:A window pops up for your Owner commands.
KITA53:I've done it before, Alex. It works.
AlexiesS1:now i do that
Gainedhate:Any player can see the commands but only Owners and Mods can click the buttons.
asmodous:Oh wait, he's already done the ALT+W bit? Yeah, it brings up the Owner commands
AlexiesS1:im owner now
Gainedhate:It's Ctrl and W. If your browser shuts down, then it had a glitch and you have to retry
AlexiesS1:i do ctrl w
asmodous:If you get the glitch you need to try again though
AlexiesS1:i already do ctrl and D
Gainedhate:I'm doing it right now. It works fine.
AlexiesS1:im not glitch
KITA53:You're so a glitch.
Gainedhate:What? Nothing is coming up?
AlexiesS1:now im a owner
Gainedhate:No, try /w again. Maybe that will fix it.
AlexiesS1:i do /w
Gainedhate:Man, you really messed things up already.
Gainedhate:Stop typing it. STOP
AlexiesS1:im owner noe
AlexiesS1:im owner now
Gainedhate:Okay Alex, listen.
Gainedhate:You messed up your browser history and it won't set you as Owner right now.
Gainedhate:You said that you're using Chrome, right?
AlexiesS1:i hate dis
Gainedhate:And that's why you can't be Owner.
asmodous:Oh dear
asmodous:We could have fixed it if you hadn't done that
AlexiesS1:im a filipino
Gainedhate:Too late now.
filecabinet_guy:flippin O
asmodous:I was just working on a fix for the problem too
asmodous:But now we can't make you an owner anymore
Gainedhate:If he removes his Kongregate cookie from his Task Manager, it will fix itself.
Gainedhate:But I'm not going to help him now.
Gainedhate:Alex, just try Ctrl W
asmodous:Or if he pressed ctrl+w and waited for ten minutes it might reset itself
AlexiesS1:what will happen
Gainedhate:The glitch should fix itself.
*alexies disappears for the second time*
asmodous:OH MY GOD
asmodous:Oh dear oh dear, that was SO worth it
asmodous:PLEASE say he's waiting for ten minutes, that would make it perfection.
moses78:i would like to see that actually
Gainedhate:I don't know if it's a question of language barrier or intelligence, but I don't think I can convince him to get to his Task Manager.
asmodous:I think that's beyond his ken, yes
asmodous:It took both of us to get him past /w into ctrl+w
filecabinet_guy:sounds more like his kong account may be flagged, or his accounts been infected by a virus
asmodous:Ahh don't worry file, ctrl+w will fix that!
Gainedhate:He offered to give me his password but I don't want anything to do with that mess.
asmodous:HELL to the no
filecabinet_guy:may need to reinstall his browser to fix the virus issue, or ask the kong admins to quarantine his account
*alex rejoins*
Gainedhate:Alex, what the heck are you doing?
Gainedhate:You crashed the entire chatroom.
asmodous:I've only just relogged
AlexiesS1:what happend
Gainedhate:You broke the chat applet and Kongregate had to restart.
asmodous:What on earth did you press? We said only ctrl+w but you broke kongregate instead!
Gainedhate:Do NOT press Ctrl W again, Alex.
Gainedhate:You'll crash Kong again.
AlexiesS1:i do ctrl W
Gainedhate:Please don't
Gainedhate:We don't want to crash.
AlexiesS1:i do that again
AlexiesS1:make a a admin firs
AlexiesS1:id that again
*alexies disappears AGAIN*
asmodous:Excuse me while I piss myself
Gainedhate:Come on, that was brilliant.
Gainedhate:I am dying. lmao.
asmodous:That was genius
asmodous:That's the hardest I've laughed in a long time
Gainedhate:I'm trying my hardest to not wake my girl atm.
*alex rejoins*
Gainedhate:Alex, seriously, stop that. Not cool.
Gainedhate:We can't play any games if you keep doing that.
AlexiesS1:make me a admin
asmodous:Dude, you messed up the level I was on
AlexiesS1:i do that again
Gainedhate:Stop crashing us.
AlexiesS1:make me \a admin
AlexiesS1:i do that again
Gainedhate:Not yet. I'm trying to beat this level!
AlexiesS1:make me a admin
*Alex disappears – 4*
Gainedhate:I've died. This can't be real. It's too good to be real.
asmodous:I know right?
*alex rejoins*
asmodous:Jeez, that was a long crash, I sure hope he doesn't do that again or we may have to actually make him an admin!
To gainedhate:boom, headshot
Gainedhate:If we make him an admin, he'll be able to crash us again though.
asmodous:But he might not want to!
AlexiesS1:me make me a admin
Gainedhate:Alex, if I make you an Admin, will you stop crashing us?
AlexiesS1:yes i agreed
*unfortunately I had a user muted here so part of the convo is missing from Blaziken8991*
moses78:no they're not
moses78:this kid keeps crashing the chat applet thinger
AlexiesS1:shut up blaziken
Gainedhate:Alex, blaze won't let us make you an admin.
Gainedhate:Crash his game for us.
Gainedhate:And we'll make you admin.
AlexiesS1:i crashed you up
AlexiesS1:just make me a admin
Gainedhate:We can't with Blaze here.
asmodous:Blaze won't let us!
Gainedhate:But if you crash us, he won't be here.
AlexiesS1:i crashed up
AlexiesS1:in 1
Gainedhate:He won't do it.
*alex disappears – mark 5*
Gainedhate:He's too stupid to realize what he's doing. You can't ruin my fun, Blaz.
Blaziken8991:look at your name then remember an hour ago you completed your task
Blaziken8991:you gained much much hate today
Gainedhate:Look at my name. Realize that I control your emotions for you any time you're in my presence.
*alex rejoins*
asmodous:Okay alex, now we can make you an admin, press alt+space+c
Gainedhate:Alex, that worked.
asmodous:That should do it
Gainedhate:Do what asmo said.
asmodous: alt+space+c
*unmuted Blaziken8991 to have the conversation make more sense*
Blaziken8991:no cause i am happy 24/7 except when my dog died last year she was 20 older than me and she loved attention
AlexiesS1:what happen suckers
asmodous:That's the admin code
AlexiesS1:you crashed
asmodous:We crashed and blaze can't stop admin happening now
AlexiesS1:there more where that came
asmodous:alt+space+c before he can stop you becoming admin
asmodous:Or you'll have to crash us again
AlexiesS1:zmake me a admin
asmodous:alt+space+c, quick!
Gainedhate:Alex, please no more. We'll make you admin.
Gainedhate:The Admin code is Alt + Spacebar + C.
Blaziken8991:Psst no they wont they dont have the power
Blaziken8991:they are fu-cking with you
*alex disappears – mark 6*
asmodous:Excuse me while I try and breathe again
Gainedhate:I am just in awe atm.
Blaziken8991:*gets back up with have of his head hanging down his neck*
Blaziken8991:well this sucks
moses78:is that 5 times now?
moses78:please tell me you're recording this conversation somewhere
Gainedhate:I should.
asmodous:Well, it's on the chatlog
Blaziken8991:i could screen shot it
Blaziken8991:but it would be a waste of space
Gainedhate:And share it with your dead dog.
moses78:record it permanently
moses78:put it in your profile or something
*alex rejoins*
AlexiesS1:im admin now
Gainedhate:Yes, we're trying to make you Admin.
To Gainedhate:It's beautiful
Gainedhate:Blaz keeps trying to stop us.
Blaziken8991:you probably never will
asmodous:I think blaze might have stopped us
AlexiesS1:i will crashed you all again
Blaziken8991:it even says somewhere no to ask for auth
Blaziken8991:it does not crash us
Blaziken8991:they're just fing with you
asmodous:If you crash us again and the second you rejoin hit CTRL+ Spacebar +C It should go through
Gainedhate:Don't crash us anymore!!!
Blaziken8991:they are trolling you
Gainedhate:Blaz, say you're sorry and make him Admin.
asmodous:Blaze is stopping it from going through though
AlexiesS1:im a admin now
Gainedhate:Alex, Blaz won't let us. See
Gainedhate:He said no.
AlexiesS1:im crashed you all in 1
Gainedhate:Please don't
Blaziken8991:what are you alex a dung beetle
Blaziken8991:you wont crash us
AlexiesS1:yeah i will never
To moses78:It's lamping beautiful, I wonder if we can get him into the double figure
asmodous:Ha, knew you were bluffing
AlexiesS1:just make me a admin
asmodous:Maybe I can finish this level now
Blaziken8991:they cant
moses78:oh please do, that would be fantastic. the world needs to hear about this. (reply)
Gainedhate:Blaz won't let us!!!
AlexiesS1:in 1
*alex disappears – mark 7*
asmodous:and that makes 7
Gainedhate:Blaz, you're doing great. Don't stop.
Blaziken8991:How can I become a moderator? Link to this questionModerators are selected by the Kongregate staff. Users do not need to be developers, attain a particular level or purchase K+ before they can become moderators; those factors are not…
asmodous:Oh my days
Gainedhate:All I want to do is finish this level and Blaz keeps crashing us cause he won't make Alex an Admin!!!
asmodous:Blaze, please make him admin, he'll crash you again if you say no!
Gainedhate:Seriously Blaz, stop.
Blaziken8991:a moderator, even though I’m the greatest person who ever lived?"The process is not perfect. We wish we could hire a team of psychologists to carefully analyze the chat logs on Kongregate, scouring for the best and brightest to help us keep the…
*alex rejoins*
AlexiesS1:what happened suckers
Gainedhate:We crashed again. >.<
Gainedhate:Stop that!
AlexiesS1:make me a admin
Gainedhate:We're trying but Blaz is faster then you.
asmodous:Come on blaze, just agree to make him an admin already, I don't wanna crash again
Gainedhate:If he gets back before you, we can't make you admin.
Blaziken8991:The community administrators who appoint moderators are also the same people who deal with every flagged game or comment, award missing achievements, investigate every abuse report against a user or a mod, answer the large volume of email we…
filecabinet_guy:omg, wats going on her
Blaziken8991:we don’t still love you.Realistically, most moderators are appointed after a confidential nomination by current mods. Friendliness, maturity, and professionalism can
Blaziken8991:go a long way in getting yourself nominated. Zealously promoting yourself will likely disqualify you entirely, as it makes us question both your motives and your maturity level.
AlexiesS1:im crashed you all
To Blaziken8991:Dude, we know.
Blaziken8991:and blah blah blah blah blah
Gainedhate:Don't crash us!
filecabinet_guy:ah, my game!
Blaziken8991:blah blah blah (reply)
AlexiesS1:im angry now
filecabinet_guy:always fails at 469 seconds! raeg!
AlexiesS1:make me a admin
asmodous:You crashed file at 469 seconds!
Gainedhate:Blaz won't let us!
asmodous:Come on blaze, just apologise already!
Gainedhate:Blaz, make him an admin before he crashes us.
Blaziken8991:what ever go ahead i tried but this kid wont learn keep trolling that noob idgaf anymore
Gainedhate:He's saying no again, Alex.
AlexiesS1:im a noob ahh
filecabinet_guy:that's the spirit
asmodous:And he called you a noob
AlexiesS1:blaz you say im a noob
Gainedhate:Yeah, he called you a noob. Total jerk.
asmodous:AND he won't let us make you admin
filecabinet_guy:jerky is tasty
AlexiesS1:you want to crashed
Blaziken8991:well you allowing yourself to be trolled in such a stupid way
asmodous:Beef jerky?
Blaziken8991:over and over and over
Gainedhate:Now he's calling you stupid!
asmodous:under and under and under
*alex disappears – mark 8 – nearly there!*
asmodous:8 is a lucky number!
asmodous:Damn, I need a wee, see if you can get him to do it again while I'm gone gained
Blaziken8991:no 6 is
asmodous:I'm going for double figures
filecabinet_guy:so then 68 should be good
Gainedhate:file, we're convincing Alex that he's crashing server whenever he hits Ctrl W.
Blaziken8991:doesnt crtl w close the tabb or something like that
Blaziken8991:like actually
Gainedhate:It opens up the Kong Menu
Gainedhate:Blaz, stop saying that about Alex.
Blaziken8991:kong does not have a menu
Gainedhate:Fratley said he could be owner. Just give him the admin.
filecabinet_guy:u sure?
Blaziken8991:wait does it? ?_?
Gainedhate:It does.
Blaziken8991:holy shit
filecabinet_guy:lolling with the punches.
AlexiesS1:wat happen suckers
filecabinet_guy:ermahgherd, it making me cry
Gainedhate:You crashed us
Blaziken8991:your mom got laid
Gainedhate:Then Blaz cursed you.
Blaziken8991:thats what happend
filecabinet_guy:game lagging
Gainedhate:See. He's talking about your mom now.
Gainedhate:We can't him to stop, Alex.
AlexiesS1:blaz talking about my mom
Blaziken8991:i am just screwing her
asmodous:Wow, I crashed hard that time
AlexiesS1:im crshing you up
Blaziken8991:go ahead
asmodous:No, not again!
AlexiesS1:shit you
AlexiesS1:**** you
Gainedhate:Get him, Alex! Teach him a lesson!
Blaziken8991:you wish
Blaziken8991:but your tiny dick is to small
AlexiesS1:just ctrl and W
asmodous:He doesn't believe you'll crash him again
asmodous:Well if he manages to crash blaze as hard as he just crashed me he might be able to be admin, we better hope he doesn't keep trying til that happens though!
Gainedhate:Alex, he's making fun of you.
filecabinet_guy:alexie, whatever you did, pls don't do it again
Blaziken8991:peep call me richard
Gainedhate:Your name is Dick?
asmodous:Oh god that made me laugh, he's literally a fire dick
AlexiesS1:henry and richard is sexing in the mincraft
Gainedhate:Screw you, Alex.
filecabinet_guy:dick is my middle name
Gainedhate:No Admin for you now.
Blaziken8991:i dont like mincrap sorry
*alex disappears – mark 9!*
Gainedhate:Got him.
asmodous:One more
asmodous:And we're on ten
Gainedhate:I have 2 minutes before I must leave.
asmodous:I have eight
asmodous:But knowing me I'll stay longer
*alex rejoins*
Gainedhate:Alex, you're a big jerk. STOP DOING THAT!!!
filecabinet_guy:crap, gotta reload AGAIN
Gainedhate:Lost my save when Alex crashed us again.
AlexiesS1:what up suckers
asmodous:Not again, I was so close too
Gainedhate:Alex, you are so stupid. Why would I give you Admin now?
Blaziken8991:a dildo in your ass
filecabinet_guy:can i report, now?
Gainedhate:Anyone want to buy Admin? Was going to give it to Alex but he doesn't want it.
AlexiesS1:make me a admin
Blaziken8991:i will give you 50 kreds
asmodous:I'll give you 51
asmodous:and a blowy
AlexiesS1:i stop
Gainedhate:No. Blaz is going to be Admin instead.
Blaziken8991:i will give you 52
Gainedhate:You are a jerk, Alex.
AlexiesS1:i have enough
Blaziken8991:are you sure
asmodous:It would be a shame if alex crashed again, because then you couldn't make blaze admin anymore
Gainedhate:Alex, do it one more time so Blaz loses his save file.
Blaziken8991:okay i hate this game
AlexiesS1:make a admin
Gainedhate:And he won't be admin.
Gainedhate:You have to crash us one more time so it resets.
Gainedhate:Or it won't work.
AlexiesS1:make me a admin im not crashing you al
Gainedhate:Not making you admin if you don't crash Blaz.
asmodous:Well if he's not crashing us, we don't have to make him admin
Gainedhate:Blaz has admin but you can crash him.
Gainedhate:Right. No point in making him Admin. He stopped crashing us.
Blaziken8991:./mute alexiss1
Blaziken8991:i have completed my command as admin
AlexiesS1:im crashed you all
Gainedhate:DO IT!
asmodous:Psh, you're bluffing
Gainedhate:Crash Blaz!
Blaziken8991:that reminds me of the dictator when he is like i'll go get help jk just kidding
Blaziken8991:know imm go watch it right now
Gainedhate:He's going to silence you if you don't crash him.
asmodous:He won't do it, he's bluffing
AlexiesS1:make a admin instead
Blaziken8991:i think he already did
Blaziken8991:oh wait nvm
Blaziken8991:he still here
Gainedhate:No, you won't crash us so we won't make you Admin. We're safe now.
asmodous:Told you he was bluffing, we won't have to make him admin
Gainedhate:He's scared to do it now.
Blaziken8991:if you want admin you have to transfer 5 k to all of our paypal accounts
Blaziken8991:in the next 5 min
AlexiesS1:what are you crazy
asmodous:Unless you crash blaze
Blaziken8991:how bad do you want it
Blaziken8991:is it worth the 50 k each
Blaziken8991:so that is 50x3
AlexiesS1:gainedhate you said im scrared
Blaziken8991:so total of 500 k
asmodous:Yeah, too scared to crash us
*alex disappears for the tenth time!*
asmodous:That ladies and gentlemen, makes ten.
Blaziken8991:remember you have to transfer 5 million dollar to asmodous gainedhate and my paypal account
Blaziken8991:to become admin
Blaziken8991:who wants egg nog
AlexiesS1:what happen suckers
Blaziken8991:where did everyone go?
AlexiesS1:they are crashed
AlexiesS1:and your next
Blaziken8991:do what ever you want idiot
*alex disappears – mark 11*
asmodous:PLEASE say he just did it again
*alex rejoins*
AlexiesS1:whats up suckers
asmodous:Oh my god that was a really long crash this time
asmodous:What on earth did you do?
AlexiesS1:gained hate you want to crashed
asmodous:I think he's still crashed from that last one
*alex disappears for the TWELTH time!*
asmodous:Oh god this kid is on a powertrip now
asmodous:Right, as funny as this is, I need to be off to Wales, night guys
*And so it ended, someone stupid enough to close their window twelve times.. thinking he was crashing the entirety of kongregate.*

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