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Powder Game: http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust/
anyone who dislikes this game is epic fail. it is teh ultimatum game for all eternity.
And the website shown as mine isn’t mine. It is just my friend’s and I am tryin’ to get it traffic.

About me…
I am the Cactus Warrior of RPS, using Cacti and my Leek-Blade to win the day. Here is an analogy of my weaponry:

The Leek-Blade is my basic weapon, a leek with a steel blade coming from the tip. It is an awesome weapon. o3o

Cryostasis Cactus:
This is one of my favourite weapons, it is a cactus coated in rime, breathing out liquid nitrogen. It can freeze whomever it hits, especially in arctic conditions.

Pyrofex Cactus:
This is a flaming cactus, who bleeds lighter fuel and breathes smoke. He is useful for melting things and owning trees.

Hydrofex Cactus:
This cactus is made of pure water, psychically held in a static form by the cactus’ mind. This is epic for putting out fires.

Tesla Cactus:
This cactus is a solid block of crackling lightning, good for electrocuting people. Mixed with the Hydrofex Cactus, it becomes deadly.

Shield Cactus:
A standard cactus, this projects a field of psychic energy that blocks out negative effects. It can’t be used as s weapon, but it can help pwn people. o3o

Missile Cactus:
This cactus flies into the air and targets the nearest person with a tracker cactus on them. They explode on impact, totally pwning the landscape.

Toast Cactus:
Good for eating.

Griffin Cactus:
Like the missile cactus but dive-bombs it’s victim repeatedly instead of blowing up.

Butter Cactus:
Good for putting on Toast Cacti.

Tracker Cactus:
Latches onto people automatically. All targeted cacti attack anyone with these glued to them.

Armoury Cactus:
Can turn into any cactus.

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