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Once upon a time, There was a guy named John. John was just a Normal looking guy. one time John was going for a walk in park. But then while he was walking to the park, a Evil Looking Ninja came out from nowhere. John:Hello there Guy in a ninja suit. Isn’t Halloween already over? Ninja:I know Halloween is over but I’m Seriously a ninja. EVIL ninja. And I’m Here to destory you!
John:How would you destory me? You don’t even have any weapons! The Ninja Notice he didn’t have anything but a lemon… Or is it? Ninja:I know how to. Take this Wemon! John took the Wemon from the ninja. John:Umm, Isn’t it Lemon and not Wemon? Ninja:It’s called a Wemon cause it’s a Warping Lemon. With the L Replaced with the W Of course.
John didn’t understand what the wemon does. John:It’s not doing anything. Ninja:Squeeze it! It’ll warp you somewhere else! John:Ok thanks. I’ll kill you now. John killed the Ninja, But somehow another ninja came out as soon as the ninja died.
Other Ninja:Who the hell are you?
John:Aren’t you that guy that gave me this Wemon that I killed…?
Other Ninja:Me? Give you a Wemon and got killed by you? I’m sure i’m going to kill YOU first. John was slightly freaking out. but then he squeezed the wemon and disappear and the other ninja missed. Other Ninja:DANG!
John woke up in a dumpster, Shaped like a Pentagon.
John:Huh? Is it me or is this Dumpster shaped like a pentagon…?
John got out of the dumpster and realized that the clouds were made out of pentagons, The houses were shaped like a pentagon, the ground was shaped like a pentagon, Even trees were shaped like a pentagon. John:What the hell is this place….?
A person with arms, Legs, Head, and Body shaped like a pentagon.
Pentagon man:Hello There. I never seen anyone like you. You must be new here.
John:What the heck is this place?
Pentagon man:Why, This is Pentagon Land! where everything is made out of pentagons! John:JUST Pentagons?
Pentagon man:yes. Yes indeed.
John:So this is what the Ninja was talking about when I Squeeze the Wemon… Pentagon man:The Wemon? don’t you mean Lemon?
John:No it’s a Warping Lemon. with the L replaced with a W and it warps you to other places….
Pentagon man:What Wemon?
John:Just forget it….
John Walks away squeezing the wemon that is not doing anything, The Pentagon man stares at John. With a very angry face. Pentagon Man:THE WEMON OF EVIL!
John Is running away from the pentagon man while squeezing the Wemon.
John:Why isn’t the Wemon working?
after what john said, Everything stops moving. ?
:Whe Weason why Whe Welom Wisn’t Working, wis wecause wou wave wo wind whe Welom Wree.
John:Who said that? and why did everything stop moving?
???:Wecause When Wou Wuqeeze whe Welom When Wis Wit Wot Working.
Wy Whe Way wy Wame Wis Shmurtles.
John:Why did you Mostly say only your name right?
Shmurtles:Wause, Wi Wonly Way Wa Word with Whe Wetter W
John:Ok then…. Can you unfreeze everything now?
Shmurtles:Wok, Wi’ll Wow Wunfreeze Weverything.
Shmurtles Vanished after everything started moving. and then a Wemon Tree appear and noticed that the Pentagon man disappear. John:so this is the Wemon Tree Shmurtles was talking about. John touched the Wemon tree and squeezed the wemon. and then he woke up in his house. The end.

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