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… Not much to say really, I’m 16 come on here whenever, don’t usually play anything other than anti-idle much because… .. I don’t know..
About the Obama thing.. 3 years ago ok I don’t even like Obama anymore, I’d waste time trying to get it changed but I wouldn’t know what to change it to anyway.
The reason I have a picture of Obama for my avatar is because in the picture he is eating chicken and I am racist enough to find this funny.

Music and stuff that I like- Avenged Sevenfold, Disturbed, Killswitch Engaged, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Limp Bizkit, Bullet for My Valentine, Black Sabbath etc
Games- Almost nothing on Kong because they’re all too hard for me and I’m too lazy to play them properly; Oblivion, fallout 3 all that sh** for 360. I don’t have live so I don’t play cod or anything (not that that I would play could anyway) and for pc pretty much anything I can torrent that runs ok on my laptop.
Dislikes: Most games on Kong cos they’re too hard for me and I can’t even get the ‘easy’ badge, all the people on kong who are lvl 40+ with about 10 imp badges. Scene kids (long haired puffs), emo kids (whiny bitches), my chemical romance (emos nuff said), kids and people in general, old people who stare at you when you get on the bus as if they expect you to mug them or something (that said though where I live such things are not uncommon occurances). Stupid americans who can’t pronounce extra terrestrial (say it outlloud to yourself now and if it comes out exxa trestrial your doin’ i t wrong. COD fanboys who go on about how the next COD game (which will be exactly the same as the last one which came out 9 months ago and has the same engine guns and graphics) will be awesome, Halo fanboys who do the same thing, I mean Halos getting stupid now, Reach was meant to be the last one but they’ve reskinned Halo 1 and are charging full game price for it and have announced ‘a new trilogy’- **** that, I’m not going to pretend I’m suprised, it was bound to happen, but they’ve just got no class at all. Wii fanboys for playing on the Wii, nuff said. Just fanboys in general really, especially the millions of 13 year old COD fags who keep the sh***y franchise alive so that other developers degrade their own games to its level to make profit rather tan make a good game. Name anything thats wildly popular and I can guarantee you I probably hate it.

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