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    Anywhere you aren't. Truth hurts. Deal with it.
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[04:41 PM] WillTroll4food: I just know that Spence plays a better girl than you. O
[04:42 PM] EgotisticalIdiot: LOL
[04:42 PM] EgotisticalIdiot: Rekt
[04:42 PM] HateTheSpencer: Ohhhhhhhhh ****…… wow Will shut the **** up.
oopMaMuffinBear: Bash, please don’t hurt me.

PoopMaMuffinBear: I’m sorry for everything Bash, I promise not to be mean anymore!

Aquilonn: Some desks just make me want to give people head.

Johanna_T: I thought you were like 30 actually.
Johanna_T: you look 30 holy shit

If you want to know anything about me. Ask. That doesn’t mean that you will get the answer you wish to have. Or that you will even get an answer at all. Okay there is one question that I’m tired of answering so I’ll put it here. I’m BISEXUAL. (there I said it, now go back to your own lovely lives, and quit bugging me about this. It’s true. I’m a happily married woman who is here to play games, not pick someone up.)
Kishero: Teen age nihilism is kina like watching a small flffy kitten try to be ferce when it hasnt quite figured out how to hiss yet

Kishero: its true though, you can see what they intend but they fall so far short all I can think of is ‘awww, it thinks its people’
Kishero: Science, like prayer that works.

Better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt.

SirKn1ght: I’m not that horny.

BrodyRing: Bash is Feraligatr, Lili is Skarmory, Poe is Houndoom, Dutchy is my Heracross, Chemmy is Piloswine, and Magi is my Hitmontop :D

Kishero: I did once tell someone I was arguing with that they were so stupid that they “Think tactics are small minty things.”

Kishero: Hold up. I need to have a violin etched out of a grain of sand with an electron microscope, then find a master composer and murder his whole family before his eyes just so he can write a sufficiently sad song.

Kishero: Could you possibly do 2 things for me, you steaming pile of ignorant stool water? Firstly, hold in your tiny tiny mind that I am dyslexic.
Basherte: Then go to another room.
Basherte: http://bit.ly/KXoWk0
Basherte: cat^
Kishero: Secondly (and this really is key) dig deep enough into the shared lexicon of the rich English language that you can insult without needing to abuse a handful of four letter tags worn thin by idiot repetition past any ability to offend.
KannibalV: That is obviously not your only problem, as you said two things but only named one.
KannibalV: Oh, there it is.
Kishero: Chat limit means I tend to break up long comments, I assumed you had the attention span of a goldfish, and was dissapointed.
casiple: ah
KannibalV: It’s funny how it took you so long to type that, almost as if you had to check the spelling of those words. Also the fact that you think by using somewhat harder english words make you sound mature and intelligent is completely wrong. Nobody cares…
Kishero: so your saying taht its supicious that a stated dyslexic needed to check spelling? May want to think on that. and no, I dont do it to seem intelegent I do it because spelling not withstanding I genuinely enjoy language.
Kishero: That means that manipulating a wide reanging and at times esoteric lexicon is a sorce of joy, not some chore to pass an arbitary bar of maturity.
Kishero: I mean getting into a battle of wits with a man clearly one armed at best is hardly mature, yet here I am.

Matariel666: Then learn to speak properly, because what you have written, looked like a steamy pile of douche. No offence.

Kishero: “when, from a thing which is well known, we explain another which is less so, we then investigate nature; but when we imagene things without a pattern or example in nature, then instead of natural history, we write only fable.”- James Hutton

Kishero: Cillian, I rarely say this, but, Welcome to DE :D

TheAdmiral: You pride yourself on your armor, so much so that you’re certain you don’t need to inspect it. You’d never know you have a weakness in it, until someone stabs you through it.

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