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“Semper Fi”

Through action, a Man becomes a Hero
Through death, a Hero becomes a Legend
Through time, a Legend becomes a Myth
And by learning from the Myth, a Man takes action

Trials and Tribulations are Mandatory in life, but it is Optional to Suffer.

Revenge is NEVER a good motive, because an “Eye for an Eye” will leave the whole world blinded for nothing more than hate.

Pain: Weakness leaving the body.
Insanity: Repeating the same task, while expecting different results.
Courage: There can be no such thing without fear, you cannot be brave unless you are afraid. Courage is the act of dealing with terror head-on.
Smite the shepherd and the sheep will be scattered.

Battlecock’s Words of Random
1. Life is basically like a soap bubble. It rides on the wind, flying here and there,…And before you realize it, pop! It’s gone. When it’s about to disappear, you think that you could’ve flown a bit higher. But by the time, it’s already too late.
2. Religion, ideology, resources, land, spite, love or just because… No matter how pathetic the reason, it’s enough to start war. War will never cease to exist… reasons can be thought up after the fact… Human nature pursues strife
3. People are like dice, a random French dude said that. You throw yourself in the direction of your own choosing. People are free because they can do that. Everyone’s circumstances are different, but no matter how small the choice, at the very least, you can throw yourself. It’s not chance or fate. It’s the choice you made.
4. Feminizim is cancer.
5. Only hope can give rise to the emotion we call despair. But it is nearly impossible for a man to try to live without hope, so I guess that leaves Man no choice but to walk around with despair as his companion.
6. There’s no hope on the battlefield. It has nothing but unspeakable despair. Just a crime we call victory, paid for by the pain of the defeated. Yet humanity has never recognized this truth. And the reason for that is, in every era, a dazzling hero has blinded people with their legends and prevented them from seeing the evil of bloodshed. The true nature of humanity has not advanced a step beyond the Stone Age.
7. If you’re not remembered, then you never existed.
8. Knowing the feeling of pain is exactly why we try to be kind to others.
9. People SHOULD be doubted. Many people misunderstand this concept. Doubting people is just a part of getting to know them. What many people call ‘trust’ is really just giving up on trying to understand others, and that very act is far worse than doubting. It is actually “apathy”.
10. People, who can’t throw something important away, can never hope to change anything.


You can find me here or here and sometimes “not often though” here. But mostly here now. If by chance you have followed any of these links trying to learn “More About Me” You’ll have gathered enough info that I would have told you if you had asked. I like WW2 anything, I like Multiplayer Games I like crushing my enemies. But I mostly like Dogfighting, no not with real dogs, but in planes :)

Ever wondered, considering how many farms there are with thousands of roosters and hens and biddies to feed… per farm, looking at hundreds of thousands if not millions of chickens that have to eat hundreds of pounds of feed every year. Then take a small rural community and its feed and drug stores. Do a bit of math with a base cost of $10.00 per 50lb bag of feed " 10 bucks is at the lower costing feeds " , and see if you can get the faintest idea how important those chickens are to those buisnesses and the economy.

In third world countries the rooster buisness keeps people in employed, makes money for the farmers which means good food, clean water, medicine and education. Even more than that, it’s the staple income to these places.

I read somewhere it was over $9,000 000 or could have been billion a year into phillipines economy. Either way, that’s a lot of money for places like that, with no real industrial businesses.

There are jobs for people working on the farms, people running the pits, people cleaning the pit after the derby, people in factories making the feeds, the equipment, the medicines, the weapons, and the transporting buisness. Anything to do with roosters is giving someone a job and putting food on their table.

So anyone who still thinks all these cockfighters and roosters should be wiped out without a thought for the HUMANS it will effect, really needs to look at their priorities a bit more. If you think roosters are better than people then I think you need to find a new planet to dwell on.

Good day and happy gaming!

Humble in victory, dignity in loss. A good way to be. Live by this code, and you’ll always be known as a honorable opponent.

The Legendary Battlecock™

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