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1000th Badge Earned on 15th of November, 2012

Badge Master
DotD (09/12/17) lv.2700+

Impossible Badges

I. The Necronomicon
– The Necronomiconquerer Badge (earned: 2010/11/13)

II. Monsters’ Den
– The Hardest of Core Badge (earned: 2011/01/30)

III. Vector Runner
– Tunnel Vision Badge (earned: 2011/08/01)

IV. Pandemic 2
– President Madagascar Assassin (earned: 2013/04/01)

Almost Impossible Hard Badges

I. Globetrotter XL
– Attractive American Badge (earned: 2010/09/08)

II. 3D Logic
– Cranial Conquest Badge (earned: 2010/12/11)

III. 3D Logic 2: Stronghold of Sage
– 3D Zen Master Badge (earned: 2011/05/07)

IV. Bloody Fun Day
– Xenocutia Badge (earned: 2011/06/26)

V. Ring Pass Not
– Rings Not Passed (earned: 2012/11/01)

VI. 9
– That Sums It Up (all 72 levels) (earned: 2015/01/18)


History Abhors a Paradox

Nostalgia is a bitter bitch and everything she touches turns to dust…

Given the choice, whether to rule a corrupt and failing empire; or to challenge the fates for another throw – a better throw – against one’s destiny… what was a king to do? But does one even truly have a choice? One can only match, move by move, the machinations of fate… and thus defy the tyrannous stars

An amorphous energy spawned in
a cataract of flames, invisible for our
supervision. Do we dare to open
our minds and souls to even
analyse it? Or should it rest in

Friedrich August von Hayek

…While the uses of liberty are many, Liberty is one!

We must show that liberty is not merely one particular value but that it is the source and condition of most moral values

A claim for equality of material position can be met only by a government with totalitarian powers

What is important is not what freedom I personally would like to exercise but what freedom some person may need in order to do things beneficial to society – this freedom we can assure to the unknown person only by giving it to all

Experience should teach us to be on our guard to protect liberty when the government’s puroposes are beneficiant

I do not think it is an exaggeration to say history is largely a history of inflation, usually inflations engineered by governments for the gain of governments

The curious task of economics is to demonstrate to men how little they really know about what they imagine they can design!

When words lose their meaning, people will lose their liberty (Confucius)

The individual knows so many objects that seem desirable but for which he is not permitted to grasp, and he cannot see how other beneficial features of his environment depend on the discipline to which he is forced to submit – a dicipline forbidding him to reach out for these same appealing objects.

Ludwig von Mises

Liberalism serves everyone, but it serves no special interest

The inner blessings—happiness, peace of mind, exaltation—must be sought by each man within himself alone

We see that as soon as we surrender the principle that the state should not interfere in any questions touching on the individual’s mode of life, we end by regulating and restricting the latter down to the smallest detail. The personal
freedom of the individual is abrogated. He becomes a slave of the community,
bound to obey the dictates of the majority….

All mankind’s progress has been achieved as a result of the initiative of a small minority that began to deviate from the ideas and customs of the majority until their example finally moved the others to accept the innovation themselves. To give the majority the right to dictate to the minority what it is to think, to read, and to do is to put a stop to progress once and for all.

Against what is stupid, nonsensical, erroneous, and evil, liberalism fights with the weapons of the mind, and not with brute force and repression

If men err and go astray, then one must
endeavor to enlighten them by instruction. But if they cannot be enlightened, if they persist in error, then nothing can be done to prevent catastrophe

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