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i usually enter a chat room with the question “Who here hates me?” if the majority of people say no i stay. if you say yes , i just ignore you and leave because saying you hate me when you don’t know me and that is just retarded. therefore that room, in that point in time is retarded.

Why would I want to be there? huh?

Love ya.

P.S. Someone will probably hate me by the time I’m done there. lmao.

my mom really is dead, she died of cancer so don’t tell me i’m a liar. i don’t mind you telling jokes about my mom i just care if you call me a liar. Meet my best friend Soraya12. I hate almost all mods except awalters because he is the coolest.

and Ducklette i don’t hate Ducklette

If you look down at my shouts it will probably have 00 Juice 00 leaving strange shouts. I don’t hate him i just like mesing with him. This is probably the longest profile I have ever made in all my accounts.

Did you know that it is possible to make the longest profile on kongregate? It maust be really hard and I mean spamming doesn’t count. I’m not saying I’m trying to do it or something but it would be cool. Heck it would be cool just to beat SevereFlame. Have you noticed that I always put ‘s on both sides of peoples username’s on kongregate. I’ve been on kongregate for a while now like … almost 2 years … not very long for some but whatever and my friends think I’m really weird for knowing people on Kongregate even though I told them to register for it too because it is free and has loads of cool games. Anyway, I’m not going to copy *SevereFlame or anything but I think it was a cool idea. But I doubt I will ever have the longest profile on kongregate right? yeah. *SevereFlame*’s is like twice this size. Maybe more. Maybe I should add a little more each day. but that’d be kinda retarded don’t you think? It would totally waste my time. And I don’t come on kongregate everyday because unlike most of these geeks I actually have a life.

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