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things i like: rpgs, flahs games, youtube, hanigng ot with freinds, spamming rivals clans, and metal..ot death metal type metal, but metaly rock >_>! and also i ahev a mountain dew addiction >;-] things that urks me: waiting for new seasons of naruto, or any anime -_- and trying to raise monye for mountain dew, lag on my computer whenever i play a new game on kongregate D:< freinds: if u can check out my freinds on youtube, and im usually hanging out th freinds in the room "cookie kingdom" yep, im 16 and i still watch spongebob.......you gotta probLEM?! -18 1i 18 1i 24 1f 30 16 3o o 4c -1 4t -q,34 18 c6 18 d6 18 e6 18 f6 15 g9 q h9 c ic -4 jk -l l3 -1a mb -1v nk -2r os -3u q5 -57 rf -6h so -7r ts -97 ur -an vo -c8,u0 -9c 1g4 -9c 1hh -9o 1ir -ac 1k5 -b5 1l7 -bv 1me -d1 1na -e2 1o8 -f5 1p7 -gg 1q5 -ht 1r6 -jc 1s9 -kt 1te -mf 1uk -o2 1vr -pl 213 -r9 22c -su 23m -uj 250 -10a 26c -11v 27n -13l 292 -15b 2ac -170 2bk -18j 2cs -1a5 2e4 -1bn 2fc -1da 2gk -1es 2hs -1ge 2j4 -1i1 2ka -1ji 2lb -1ko 2m4 -1lb,2h8 -1fg 4j6 -1fg 4k4 -1fm 4l7 -1g1 4m6 -1gi 4n1 -1h6 4o0 -1hv 4p3 -1iq 4q4 -1jm 4r9 -1kj 4sg -1li 4tp -1ml 4v4 -1nt 50h -1p6,51v -1qh 53f -1rr 54v -1sg 566 -1so 57f -1sv 58i -1so 59p -1rs 5as -1r1 5c4 -1pv 5de -1oq 5eq -1nj 5g8 -1mb 5ho -1l3 5jb -1jt 5l3 -1j5 5mu -1ii 5op -1i4 5qf -1io 5s3 -1ju 5tm -1l6 5vb -1mf 60u -1nr 62d -1pa 63r -1qs 65a -1sd 66d -1tj,69b -20p 6ae -220 6bq -23k 6d2 -258 6e9 -26s 6ff -28h 6gj -2a5,6hm -2bp 6in -2db 6jl -2eu 6ki -2gg,6hm -2bk 6ge -2a2,-18 1i -18 -2g,6ik -2d6 77s -2d6,4qk -1jv 4qs -1jr 4qh -1j1,4qf -1j1 4qr -1in 4qm -1i6,4vf -1o9 50b -1o6 503 -1mu 50s -1ma 50n -1l8,50n -1l7 51c -1km 511 -1je,51m -1qa 53n -1o1 54a -1qu 52a -1oq 52t -1r3,522 -1qk 503 -1oo,5u 19 6l 1r 5t 3h 72 4e,1es -98 1gc -8i 1fq -79 1gn -68 1g3 -5c,3df -1fi 3ds -1f5 3de -1e1,3de -1e2 3e8 -1d6 3du -1cg,67j -1pa 67l -1kb 6bq -1jr 6bt -1ob#-1m 29 382 -27k,37u -27k 3an -248,3aj -246 3mv -240 3mv -26e 380 -27m,3mt -26e 5uo -182,3bp -281 38j -2hc,3cg -28b 3ib -2f1,3fm -27k 3ms -2f4,3e7 -294 3cg -2g2,3c5 -28d 3b7 -29b,3ap -298 37p -2c5,3ah -28f 367 -2be,69k -1rc 68m -1ra,68m -1ra 68m -1qk,68m -1qk 69a -1qk 69a -1q0 68t -1q0,68q -1os 69e -1oq 69e -1p7 68v -1p7 68v -1nu 69p -1nu,69j -1n5 690 -1n5 690 -1m5 69p -1m5,69a -1l7 69a -1kl,69a -1lc 69p -1l5,690 -1j9 69f -1j9 69f -1jo 694 -1jo,690 -1jo 695 -1ik 6a7 -1ig,695 -1hh 6a3 -1hf,69j -1i6 69k -1fv,-97 -6t -9l -6r,-9l -6r -9l -62,-9l -62 -93 -62,-93 -62 -93 -6r,-95 -6r -9d -6r,-9k -6r -9n -55,-8p -4l -8p -41,-8p -41 -8c -41,-7o -3q -7e -4g -75 -3l,-7p -44 -6t -3v,-6c -34 -69 -2s,-69 -2q -5l -39,-6b -2u -6c -39,-69 -2l -69 -23,-5s -u -5l -e -56 -u,-53 -13 -4s -9,-4s -7 -4g -t,-3i -1f -56 9,-4d 1a -4d 2g -3m 2i -3m 20 -4b 20,-4b 1a -3i 1c -3i 20,-37 2l -37 1i,-37 12 -37 1c,-2o 17 -2p 2a,-25 1h -2o 1n,-2p 1r -25 2p,-24 25 -17 25 -17 1k -1q 1m,-1r 1m -1r 2k,3kk -1hi 3lj -1hk,3lj -1hk 3ki -1gn,3ld -1hk 3i7 -1h1,3le -1hk 3k3 -1i8,3u6 -1i8 3v2 -1h0 3tp -1gd,3v2 -1h1 3sa -1h1#B 666 -1tg 1d,O 69j -1ke,B 2lk -1le cl,B 42 -a c3,B uk -bi c3,B 51i -1r2 cl,B 53o -1sk cl,B 59m -1sk ff,B 6ia -23q cd,B 6c2 -24e cd,B 6hc -2c8 c3,O 77i -2dg,O 77i -2e4,O 77i -2eo,O 77i -2fc,O 77i -2fm,O 77i -2fm,O 77i -2g0,O 77i -2gk,O 77i -2gu,O 77i -2hi,O 77i -2hi,O 77i -2gu,O 77i -2gk,O 77i -2gk,O 77i -2ga,O 77i -2ga,O 77i -2ga,O 77i -2fm,O 778 -2f2,O 778 -2f2,O 778 -2f2,O 77i -2fc,O 77i -2fc,O 77i -2fc,O 77i -2eo,O 77i -2ee,O 77i -2e4,O 77i -2e4,O 77i -2eo,O 77i -2fc,O 77i -2fc,O 77i -2eo,O 77i -2fc,O 77i -2e4,O 77i -2dq,O 77i -2dq,O 77i -2hi,O 77i -2hi,O 77i -2h8,O 77i -2h8,O 778 -2eo,O 76u -2eo,O 778 -2eo,O 778 -2ee,O 778 -2ee,O 778 -2dq,O 778 -2dq,O 778 -2dq,O 778 -2dq,O 778 -2dg,O 778 -2dg,O 778 -2dg,O 778 -2e4,O 778 -2e4,O 778 -2e4,O 778 -2eo,O 778 -2f2,O 778 -2f2,O 778 -2fc,O 778 -2fc,O 778 -2fm,O 778 -2ga,O 778 -2ga,O 778 -2ga,O 778 -2g0,O 778 -2g0,O 778 -2g0,O 778 -2gk,O 778 -2gu,O 778 -2gu,O 778 -2hi,O 778 -2hi,O 778 -2hi,O 778 -2hi,O 778 -2h8,O 778 -2h8,O 76u -2ee,O 76u -2ee,O 76u -2ee,O 76u -2ee,O 76u -2e4,O 76u -2e4,O 76u -2e4,O 76u -2dq,O 76u -2dq,O 76u -2dq,O 76u -2dq,O 76u -2dg,O 76u -2dg,O 76u -2f2,O 76u -2f2,O 76u -2f2,O 76u -2fc,O 76u -2fc,O 76u -2fc,O 76u -2fm,O 76u -2fm,O 76u -2fm,O 76u -2fm,O 76u -2fm,O 76u -2fm,O 76u -2g0,O 76u -2g0,O 76u -2g0,O 76u -2ga,O 76u -2gk,O 76u -2gk,O 76u -2gk,O 76u -2gk,O 76u -2gu,O 76u -2gu,O 76u -2h8,O 76u -2h8,O 76u -2hs,O 76u -2hs,O 76k -2hi,O 77i -2fc,O 77i -2f2,O 778 -2f2,T 752 -2dq free rider 2 map "volcane (oh noes!)" *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ -18 1i 18 1i,-18 1h -1v t -18 -1t,-18 -1v -2o -3c,-2o -3d -2l -6v,-2j -70 -1b -6v -21 -85 -3e -8u -3b -9i -2u -fo,-3d -ar -3s -ab -48 -ar -4n -a9 -52 -ao -5g -ac -5l -b4 -56 -b2 -52 -be -4o -av -4d -be -44 -b2 -3p -bf -3f -b5,-3f -b4 -3b -bc,18 1j 8r 1n,62 1k 9b f 9b 1r 7j 1q,93 1p jf 1v,h7 1s h7 h lb 1v,a9 1m ac 19 ap 1i b7 14 bn 1f c3 s cq 1k dl 11 eb 1i f3 v fq 1p gh 17 h7 21,vt 2s 20u 2o,20s 2p 20s 35 vu 3b,-1i 20 -20 r,102 2s l7 1v,1sv 2n 1uv 1p 1ut 2l,1vc 2l 1vc 1p 25g 1q,204 1q 204 2k,20q 2p 2af 2o 2af 33 20q 33,214 1m 214 2i,21n 1s 21n 2m,22j 1v 22j 2r,234 1v 236 2n,244 1n 244 27,24p 1l 24q 2j,242 22 245 2p,25f 1o 25f 2o 25v 2f 25u 1s 25c 1s,1vc 2i 1vi 2h 1vi 1l,2ah 2p 2b1 2u 2ac 3b 2b0 3i 2aj 3v 2b1 44 2ah 4n 2ao 4p 2am dr,2an 5v 2f5 9t,2am do 2c1 b8 2bj da 2cj a6 2dg cl 2ck 9j 2ds bm 2dt 9q 2eh c8 2fa af 2fb co 2an dn,2ev 9p 31g 9o,3aq 4ul 3a0 4tl,2o0 4ub 2o0 50i,2nq 4ub 2m4 9g,42p 4tn 494 4qn 4av 4tn,550 4uv 67e 4tb,54s 50b 4c4 4vr,558 4ut 558 4th,558 4tl 554 4r7 5mo 4u7,679 4tb 6gd 4tb,6gd 4t9 6gj 4uj 6gp 4vl 6ha 50t 6i5 524 6j6 531 6k3 53o 6l7 54a 6mj 54j 6o7 54p 6pi 54s 6qm 545 6ri 52t 6sd 51g 6tb 503 6u9 4um,6k0 4v7 6k4 509,6gk 4vn 6hg 4vb 6i0 51c 6ik 50o,6ik 50m 6k0 524,6k4 526 6l3 517,6l6 513 6o9 52u,6ob 52u 6og 519,6og 511 6qk 52b 6qo 510,6qo 50o 6sb 51n,6u3 4uj 71q 4uo,6gf 4te 6g6 4rp 6b5 4t9,6g7 4tb 6uj 4uk,71n 4um 6sq 4sl 6sd 4u3,6se 4tt 6s9 4uh,71o 4ui 7cn 4v0 7cn 4vj 71r 4v4,71p 4v4 71p 4uj,727 52g 71k 52g,71k 52g 71p 4uq,723 52b 7ci 52o,7ci 52l 7ch 534 71j 52n 71j 528,7cf 52q 7c7 52q,7cc 52t 7n6 5ga,7n9 5ga 7o4 5gs 7ou 5h9 7q3 5hr 7rd 5il 7sj 5jf 7ts 5ke 7v9 5lc 80r 5m6 82f 5n0 844 5nc 85q 5n5 87h 5mq 899 5ma 8b2 5lj 8cr 5ko 8ek 5jr 8g9 5il 8hq 5hb 8j9 5fv 8kn 5eg 8m4 5d0 8nf 5be 8op 59s 8q1 589 8r7 56m 8sc 553 8tf 53g 8uf 51t 8ve 509 90d 4um 91d 4t3 92c 4rf 93c 4ps 94b 4o8 95b 4ml,959 4mg 9dp 4ms,9dm 4mq 9ea 4o0 9er 4pa 9f9 4qb 9g0 4rj 9h1 4sq 9i1 4tt 9j6 4v5 9ke 50e 9lq 51q 9n9 539 9oq 54o 9q0 55t 9r7 572 9sf 587 9tn 59c 9uv 5ah a08 5bl a1f 5co a33 5e3 a4n 5fe a69 5gg a7p 5hc a9a 5i7 aar 5j1 acc 5jr adq 5ke af2 5kr agb 5l4 ahd 5l9 ain 5l7 ak4 5l4 alo 5l2 an4 5l1 aoi 5l0 aq1 5ku ari 5kr at2 5ko aui 5kl,42q 4tk 2np 4u3,aug 5km bce 5kk,bce 5km bcj 59h,b4t 5la b4n 5mq b65 5na,b4t 5m3 b5q 5lt,b4v 5le b61 5l6,b6s 5mu b76 5l8 b7v 5ms b8g 5la,b9d 5la b9b 5mu ba1 5mu ba1 5l8,ba1 5l8 b99 5l8,b6p 5bc b6p 5ei b9d 5ei b9d 5bk b6p 5bi,b96 5cd b8d 5cf,b94 5da b89 5da,b8u 5dn b81 5dn,b6p 5bg b6n 5a6 b78 59s b76 5bg,7n9 58n 7nb 58h#-1g 1v -1g 24,-1j 22 -1i at,-1i 4b f 4a,f 4a h 21,-1i 5d vu 3v vu 37,rk 58 rl 65 sk 62 sk 59 rm 5d,2f 34 2f 49,2f 49 3c 49,3c 49 3c 33,3c 33 29 36,l2 5s l6 7i,l6 7i mg 7j,mg 7j m8 5c,m8 5c kt 60,dq 6r dt 8k,dt 8k g2 87,g2 87 fv 6r,fv 6r e0 6r,9c 6h 7v 6l 85 8k ac 8k a3 69 97 6d,97 8o 97 7l 8s 7l 8s 7a 9k 7a 9j 7n 92 7n,8s 7f 8u 7b,98 7f 9f 7f 92 7f 9i 7f,9e 7f 8v 7h 9c 7j,9f 7j 90 7l,8s 7j 9f 7d,9j 7b 96 7b,90 7b 96 7e,af 6e al 77,b4 60 b4 7b,ao 7i bd 7j bd 87 an 87 ao 7f,a6 7b 9v 7l b7 8i c8 81 bp 65,bo 65 b9 5k a4 6n a4 7e,346 ca 36d h8 3am b5,36i h8 37o -4a,34e 10v 364 14v 39e 103,366 151 364 q9,35c 1u6 353 274,353 274 33v 24g,356 274 37a 24t,34g 3lt 33s 3j6,34m 3ln 377 3jm,34c 3ld 35q 3b3,332 43o 33i 462 359 44i,33c 462 353 3t3,2t0 4b7 2ua 483 2uu 4b4,2td 49n 2ue 49g,2vr 473 2vr 4a4,2vr 4ad 315 4a7,32c 4a0 32s 46v 33s 4a0 346 479,346 476 34s 4bh,36g 483 35g 47p 35m 49n 36q 49k 36n 480 360 47m,39e 46f 38k 469 38k 48d 39u 48j 39u 49k 381 4a0,3bi 469 3cl 469,3c9 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4rg,4b9 4rc 47c 4u1,739 4v3 734 535 73n 52u 73q 4v5,757 4vk 757 524 75u 525 760 4us,757 4vv 757 4v6,77f 4v8 77d 50i,77d 506 77d 51m 77v 51m 786 4vb,78l 4vb 78l 516 79e 516 79e 4vi,7a2 4vg 7a5 516 7at 516 7at 4vb,7bk 4vi 7bk 50e 7c6 50j 7c6 4v8,720 4v0 71r 50s,71s 50l 71s 52k,71s 52m 72a 52m 72d 52f 72d 4v3,7c3 4vi 7c0 52m 7cg 52m,954 4md 97q 4ph 9cd 4pd 9do 4mq 959 4ml,97g 4ll 94t 4hl,98o 4m6 99l 4g8,9ap 4l0 9f0 4cs,9d4 4mb 9fp 4jo,-1a -24 22 -27,22 -27 22 -1o,22 -1o -16 -1m,-i -1b -i -e,-i -e -4 -e,-4 -e -4 -t,-4 -t -g -t,-i -1g 0 -1g 0 -t,8 -1g 8 -l v -l,1o -1b 19 -17 19 -s 1s -s 1s -1c,27 -1e 29 -v 2q -v 2q -1h 27 -1h,21 -1t 37 -1o 37 -t -t -b -t -1r,2c -1h 2c -22 30 -22,30 -1v 2q -1b,au8 5kh aua 5f0,auu 5cu as7 5eo as7 5fb b54 5f6 b24 5cp auu 5cr,b2l 5f4 b2b 5k7,b3a 5fl b2v 5k2,atl 5ff atf 5kt,b2h 5ji b29 5kn,b2r 5ji b2r 5k4,b3a 5fv b3c 5f6,b2v 5j7 b2t 5kt,avj 5da aus 5da aus 5eb av9 5eb,av9 5e7 av9 5dn av1 5dn,b00 5dr avl 5dr avl 5ei b02 5e9 b02 5dt avs 5dt,b0g 5eb b0t 5eb b0t 5d8 b13 5e7 b1e 5e5 b0t 5cl,b0r 5cj b0i 5e5,b0p 5d6 b0v 5cr,b0r 5cr b0n 5cr,b19 5cn b1g 5e3 b26 5e3#T avm 5j8,B 7eh 54j a2,T 99b 4lj,T 733 51b,T 72u 50s,T 72m 51i,B 6bc 4pr 72,B 2m4 9h g,B 487 4qh 1h,B 464 4r0 1u,B 442 4rq 2a,B 42p 4sr 1g,B 5n 19 1s free rider 2 map "cityscape." ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ -18 1i 18 1i,13 1h 1b 2i 1s 3i 2h 4g 39 5f 48 6l 57 7k 6a 8g 7i 9a 8r a4 a5 at bd bc cr bj e3 bj f9 bg gq b6 i4 as ji af l1 9p mg 8u nt 7v p8 6t qb 5p rb 4j sa 3a t7 20 u5 m ut -j vb -1v ve -36 vc -48,va -4a 114 -4a 121 dc -48 d1,-46 d1 -19 1g,-18 1i -18 -pk,114 -4c 114 -s4##B t2 -gi 7e,B u0 -g8 7e,B u0 -gi 7f,B ua -fu 7j,B uk -gi 7j,B ua -gs 7f,B v8 -gs 7c,B v8 -hg 7h,B vs -hg 7i,B 106 -h6 7f,B 106 -g8 7o,B tc -f0 88,B uu -fu 7u,B v8 -fu 8e,T u0 -8e,T om -e2,T o2 -do,T li -c6,T kk -b8,T k0 -aa,T jc -a0,T io -9c,T i4 -8e,T hg -8e,T gi -8e,T fu -84,T fu -84,T fa -84,T f0 -84,T f0 -84,T em -84,T e2 -84,T e2 -84,T do -84,T d4 -84,T cq -84,T cq -84,T cq -84,T cq -84,T cg -84,T c6 -84,T c6 -84,T bs -84,T bi -84,T bi -84,T bi -84,T b8 -84,T au -84,T au -84,T ak -84,T aa -84,T aa -84,T a0 -84,T 9m -84,T 9m -84,T 9c -84,T 9c -84,T 92 -84,T 8o -84,T 8e -84,T 84 -84,T 8o -7q,T 7q -84,T 7g -84,T 76 -84,T 6s -84,T 68 -84,T 5u -84,T 50 -84,B 34 -7q 2q,B 3e -7q 3c,B 1s -9m 3m,B 34 -9c 3j,B 18 -8o 36,B 18 -9m 3c,B 1i -92 3g,B 1i -7g 3b,B a -76 3b,B u -7g 3h,B 18 -7q 3n,B k -8o 3l,B 18 -8o 3v,B k -9c 3v,B p0 -ec 7i,B pk -ec 7j,B qi -f0 7j,B rq -fk 7n,B rq -f0 7s,B se -f0 7t,B t2 -fk 7v,B 13a -cg u,B vs -4m 8e,B 106 -4m 8e,B 10g -4m 8e,B vs -4m 5k,B a k 2q,B tm a m,B pu 50 1d,B so 1s 10,B n4 7g 1g,B kk 92 1s,B g8 aa 1d,B 68 7g 90,B 4m 68 9r,B 3o 50 a6,B 2q 3o b8,B uu -26 b8 ~~*~*~*~~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~**~*~*~*~*~*~ WOOOOT DONT DO NUTHIN USE TRUCK ~*~*~*~*~***~*~**~~**~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~-18 1i 18 1i 1e 28 1q 36 2b 43 2v 4s 3q 5e 4k 5s 5n 5v 6t 5q 7u 5l 94 5b a6 4s b5 4a c4 3p d0 3a dn 2s ea 2d et 20,-15 1k -15 8e hm 8l hm 8g,hk 8o hk 26,ho 27 f4 24,pu a0 q5 b7 qb cg qj dm qu ev r9 g2 s3 h8 t7 if ug jq vv l5 11l mb 139 nh 150 on 16u pi 18j pp 1a9 pu 1bu q4 1e3 q6 1g6 pm 1hn p4 1j8 oc 1kp nk 1m9 mr 1nl lt 1ov kt 1q7 jq 1rd im 1sh hh 1tk gb 1v0 el 20a cu 21g b4 22m 9b 23o 7i 24e 5o 24v 3u 25e 23 25t 8 26c -1k,26a -1i 28q -1i 260 no 12c ua hg se,i4 se oc 9m pu a0,2a2 hg 29o rq,2a2 hg 26k hg,2a2 jm 2a2 kr 2a8 mf 2b0 ok 2bl q8 2ce s5 2df tu 2eo vg 2fu 10q 2hd 11l 2j2 122 2kg 12d 2lt 12f 2ni 129 2pa 123 2r1 11r 2st 112 2up 104 30l v5 32g u8 342 ss 353 rj 361 q7 36t oo 37n n9 38g ls,38c ls 3bg mq 3a8 vs 2dg 14i 294 13u,2b0 13u 294 q8,3k8 130 3ki 1ei,3ki 15q 3ks 170 3l7 188 3m7 19q 3nh 1b2 3p6 1c1 3qt 1co 3sd 1da 3u8 1df 407 1dc 41t 1d8 43k 1cu 45g 1cg 47c 1c4 495 1b3 4ad 19u 4bj 18j 4co 176 4dq 15l 4eq 143 4fk 12g 4g9 10u 4h0 vf 4hn u0 4in s4 4jr qh 4ke s6 4ke u3 4kf vp 4kh 11h 4kr 13f 4lg 15i 4m9 172 4n9 18c 4og 19g 4qg 1a6 4s3 1aj 4u4 1b5 508 1bk 51t 1br 53h 1bt 556 1br 57a 1bn 59e 1bj 5bh 1bg 5dd 1b7 5f4 1al 5gp 1a0 5i6 197 5jc 187 5kk 176,5kk 176 5lm 163 5mc 150 5n3 13s 5nk 12t 5nt 11s 5nv 10m,5no 10g 5s4 114 5q8 1cm 4q2 1js 3nm 1bo#5jm tc 5jm uu,5jm tc 5ka tc,5jc tm 5kk tm,5ku t2 5ku uk 5m6 ua,5mq ua 5mq tm,5mq so 5mq t2,5oc t2 5ne t2 5no u0 5oc tm 5oc t2,5no tc 5no uk,5p0 tc 5p0 ua,5j2 12c 5kk 12c 5k0 148,5li 12c 5li 13u 5mq 13k 5mq 14i,5o2 13a 5pa 13a 5pa 11e,5pa 114 5o2 11o 5oc 14i 5pa 14i,5qi 11e 5qi 13u 5rg 13u,5qs 130 5s4 12m,5q8 11e 5rg 11e,5se 14i 5se 11e 5t2 13a 5tc 11o,5tm 11e 5ua 14s,5u0 11e 5vi 12m 5ua 156# halfpipes and flips

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