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The FUNNIEST fail ever. No fucking joke.
And the person is male, not female, and he’s straight.
6619510155102464: Anyways there are going to be a lot of ducks at the place Im going tomorrow
6619510155102464: I like messing with dicks
6619510155102464: sucks*
Redeement: My hair is made of sex.
drbarrelroll369: Horse cock is sexy. Xerberos: My schoolmates call me horse ;D
BlankImage: The IQ of this chat dropped more than the bass did.
The funniest text ever. Yes, it is an inside joke, and anyone who has read " Homestuck " will get it, or who has gone on a cruise with me. The bead part isn’t a part of Homestuck, but is a part of " Trollbeads " featured at this website, http://www.trollbeadsuniverse.com/united-states/en-us
Trollbeads means troll testes, btw, I reread this, and noticed I didn’t say what Trollbeads meant, so that was a facepalm…….
My friend Dillon texted me this, so if you see this Dillon, I give tuts to you and Spency,
" Hey there’s a troll behind you and I think he’s a Jamaican plumber/jeweler because he has a bucket in one hand and beads on his neck. He keeps on getting more beads out of the bucket… "
ghostsniper50: Well practically every girl looks better with makeup on. ghostsniper50: Unless they are just fatass slobs or shit like that.
“Today, my eight-year-old son thought that if he swallowed soap, his farts would smell like soap. The smell of vomit and diarrhea now permeating my house is proof of how wrong he was. FML” Thank you FMyLife.com
The Scientific Definition of an Interwebz Troll.
“And here we have a wild specimen of the genus Trollus Supremaci Internetus. The Trollus Supremaci Internetus is known to frequent various boards of the internet, warbling it’s strange call, playing upon the instinctive defensive mechanism of the average Netizen to ‘racial supremacy.’ Thus it feeds upon their intense butthurt, gaining strength and power. The primary way of warding off all sub-genii of the Trollus Internetus (Such as the Supremaci) is to ignore their feeding calls.”

One day they’ll see, it was only me!
I love music, and no one can EVER change that trait! I’m heartless, cruel, and everybody hates me. Beware, I’m a bird lover, I have four little birdies, Polly, Andromeda Strain ( Andy ), Captain Jaqylyn ( Jaqy or Jack ), Peter Pan ( Pete or Peter ). I love post-hardcore, techno, dubstep, alternative rock, and some classical piano.

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