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( rp caracter: female elven leather oversides ( unchanted ) leggings: short leather wraps shoulder: shoulder to arm wrap head gear: head band wrap ) im thinking of that anything's possible. i configured it on proving it wrong. its impossible to prove it wrong and anything's possible and thats one thing that can be proved wrong to the anythings possible, so ha! looking for a track for a certain game? heres one BIG one! _____________________ -18 1i 18 1i 1s 18 2g 18 1s 1i -18 1i,1s 18 2g k 34 0 42 -k 9m -k aa -u d4 -u ec -k em 0 fk k gs u hg 18 hq 1s ie 26 j2 2g k0 2q ls 34 pa 34 s4 2q tc 26 uu 1i 106 18 114 18 14s 18 15g 1i 172 26,1s 1i 18 1i,2g k 2q k 34 k 2g 18,34 0 3o 0 34 k,42 -k 4m -k 3o 0,17c 26 172 26,17c 26 18a 2g 198 2q 1cm 3e 1ge 3o 1ji 3o 1kq 42 1lo 50 1mc 5k 1na 68 1p6 6i 1rc 6i 260 6i,2bu -4c 236 -68 1ug -68,2bu -4c 2ig -4c 2pm -4c 374 -4c 3as -3e 3f8 -34 3h4 -2q 3k8 -u 3lq a 3mo 1i 3o0 2q 3ou 34 3t0 3e 3ui 3e 44q 42 4si 50,3lq a 3mo 1i,4rk 50 4vm 50 5o2 4m 6es 50 6lo 50 6n0 5a 6nu 68 6oi 76 6p6 8o 6pg a0 6pg de 6pg do 6rm io 6ti k0 6vo k0 71k k0 7bk k0 7g0 k0 7gk ka 7ig li 7jo mq 7lu oc 81q oc 84a no 85s mq 87e ku 8a8 cg 8a8 4c 8as 34 8co 26 8fs 26 8ju 26,7bk k0 7cs k0,8ho 26 8ho 50,8ks 26 8ks 50,8ks 26 8me 26 8n2 34 8n2 42 8ks 34,8mo 3o 8nm 50,8ou 2g 8ou 50 8o0 50,8ou 5a 8ou 50 8qq 50,8ou 2g 8nc 2g,8ou 2g 8qq 2g,8tk 2g 8sc 2g 8ro 34 8ro 4c 8s2 50 8ta 50,8tk 2g 98s 2g 99q 2q 9b2 3o 9bm 4m 9c0 5k 9c0 76 9bm no 9bm rq 9cu tm 9g2 v8 9jg vi 9r0 vi 9r0 14i a26 14i a26 v8,8vg 2g 8vg 50,8vg 3o 90o 2g,8vg 3e 912 50,92a 2g 938 3o 92a 5a,938 3o 94g 2g,96c 2g 96c 42,96c 50 96m 4m,96c 4m 96m 50#1s 18 34 k,2g k 3o 0,34 0 4m -k,2g 18 2g u,34 a 3e a,7q -k 7q -3e 9m -k 7q -2q,9m -k 7q -u,9m -k 7q -18,9m -k 7q -1i,9m -k 7q -1s,9m -k 7q -26,9m -k 7q -2g,9m -k 7q -2g,9m -k 7q -2g#T a18 148,T a18 148,T a18 148,T a18 148,T a1i 148,T a1i 148,T a1i 148,T a0u 148,T a18 13u,T a1i 148,T a0k 148,T a0u 148,T a0u 13u,T a1i 13u,T a18 13k,T a18 148,T a1s 148,G 9j6 tc 5k,G 9hk tc 5r,G 9fe se 6f,G 9ds rg 7c,G 9di 92 8p,G 9cu 6s 8e,G 9d8 au 8e,G 9f4 8o 8e,G 9eg 6s 8e,G 9ca 3o 7c,G 9bc 26 6p,G 99g 1s 66,G 8e0 a 5k,G 8as u 4p,G 89a 34 3l,G 88c ec 3s,G 882 aa 2q,G 88m bs 2q,G 87e g8 38,G 874 i4 38,G 874 jc 3l,G 85s li 3l,G 84a mq 3c,G 82e ne 4p,G 84u ka 3s,G 83m l8 47,G 824 ls 4p,G 6rm gi 7j,G 6vo io 5k,G 6su ie 66,G 6vo hg 5k,G 6ti h6 6i,G 6qe e2 7j,G 6rc em 7j,G 6sa ec 7g,G 6rc de 7f,G 6qo bi 8e,G 6qo au 8e,G 6q4 92 7s,G 6pg 7q 7j,G 6os 6i 71,G 6o8 5a 7s,G 6mc 42 66,G 6qo 34 74,G 6mm 2g 61,G 7ng mg 5k,G 7m8 m6 71,G 7l0 l8 7j,G 7ig jm 6p,T 2hs -5k,T 2la -5k,T 2i6 -5u,T 2i6 -5a,T 2l0 -5u,T 2l0 -5a,T 2ig -5k,T 2km -5k,T 2k2 -5u,G 21k -ec 5k,G 21k -em 5k,G 21k -f0 5k,G 21k -fa 5k,G 21k -fk 5k,G 21k -fu 5k,G 21k -gi 5k,G 21k -cq 5k,G 21k -do 5k,G 21k -e2 5k,G 21k -d4 5k,T 2iq -5k,T 2kc -5k,T 2j4 -5u,T 2jo -5u,T 2je -5u,T 2iq -4m,T 2kc -4m,T 2je -5k,T 2jo -5k,T 2je -5a,T 2jo -5a,T 2k2 -50,T 2je -50,T 2j4 -50,T 2jo -50,T 2k2 -4m,T 2jo -4m,T 2je -4m,T 2j4 -4m,G 21k -8o 5k,G 21k -92 5k,G 21k -a0 5k,G 21k -cg 5k,G 21k -cg 5k,G 21k -cg 5k,G 21k -cg 5k,G 21k -cg 5k,G 21k -cg 5k,G 21k -c6 5k,G 21k -bs 5k,G 21k -bi 5k,G 21k -b8 5k,G 21k -9m 5k,G 21k -a0 5k,G 21k -aa 5k,G 21k -ak 5k,G 21k -au 5k,G 1su -68 b8,G 1mm -9c 2q,G 1na -9c 2q,G 1nu -9c 2q,G 1oi -9c 2q,G 1p6 -9c 2q,G 1pq -9c 2q,G 1qe -9c 2q,G 1r2 -9c 2q,G 1rm -9c 2q,G 21k -9c 5k,G 1sa -9c 2q,G 1sa -68 b8,G 260 42 b8,G 260 4m b8,G 260 5a b8,G 260 5u b8,G 260 6i b8,T mq 1i,T ne 1i,T n4 1s,T mq 2g,T ne 2g,T ne 26,T mq 26,T mq 2q,T ne 2q,T no 2g,T n4 2g,T mg 2g,G 5a -1i 5k,G 4m -1i 5k,G 4m -26 5k,G 5a -26 5k,G 3e -2q 56,G 4c -34 54,G 2g -1i 41,G 18 -a 3p,G 26 -u 4f,G 1i -a 47,G 18 -a 4u,G -2g k 2q,G 0 -k 5k ____ try this one! very hard! 0~w_i:491.65,361.65|w_i:511.65,361.65|w_ i:531.65,361.65|w_i:551.7,361.65|w_i:5 71.7,361.65|fl_i:582,294.8|w_i:591.35,3 62.35|w_i:611.25,362.75|w_i:630,361.6 5|w_i:650,363.35|w_i:671.7,361.65|fl_i: 583,284.35|fl_i:781.65,415.35|fl_i:781.7 ,405|fl_i:781.7,391.65|fl_i:781.7,380|fl_i :781.7,371.65|fl_i:781.7,361.65|fl_i:783. 35,351.65|fl_i:783.35,343.35|fl_i:783.35 ,335|fl_i:786.7,328.35|fl_i:785,321.65|fl _i:784.4,311.85|fl_i:786.65,299|fl_i:784. 25,287.2|w_i:893.35,360| w_i:913.75,360|w_i:931.7,358.35|w_i:950.15,360|w_i:966.7,358.35|w_i:1003.6,353.25|w_i:986.9,357.9|w_i:1025,355|fl_i:985,293.35|fl_i:986.7,285.2|w_i:1043.35,358.35|w_i:1060.35,360|w_i:1076.7,360|w_i:491.65,220|w_i:511.4,221.4|w_i:531.85,219.85|w_i:553.35,220|w_i:571.2,218.75|w_i:589.4,219.9|w_i:608.45,220.35|w_i:628.15,219 .3|w_i:648.75,218.4|w_i:668.85,217.15|fl_i:581.6,153.3|w_i:893.35,220|fl_i:988.1,158.05|w_i:909.85,221.65|w_i:926.7,221.65|w_i:948.35,223.35|w_i:970,221.65|w_i:990,225|w_i:1008.75,222.05|w_i:1028.35,221.65|w_i:1046.7,220|w_i:1063.35,219.85|w_i:688.95,223.35|w_i:876.5,228.35|w_i:708.35,221.65|c_k:783.7,246.85|w_i:725.15,223.35|w_i:856.95,228.9|w_i:841.75,227.15|w_i:743.35,221.65|w_i:821.7,223.35|fl_i:782.2,159.1|fl_i:581.7,143.3|fl_i:784.75,148.4|fl_i:986,146.9|w_i:491.65,76.65|w_i:510,78.3|w_i:530,78.3|w_i:550,78.3|w_i:568.35,76.65|w_i:588.35,78.3|w_i:610,81.65|w_i:630,81.65|w_i:650,80.3|w_i:670,75|fl_i:581.7,10|w_i:691.7,81.65|w_i:713.35,81.65|w_i:735,85|w_i:756.7,85|w_i:776.7,83.3|w_i:796.7,85|w_i:815,83.3|w_i:831.7,85|w_i:853.35,83.3|w_i:873.55,83.3|w_i:895,81.65|w_i:912.25,80|w_i:931.7,80|w_i:951.7,80|w_i:970,81.65|w_i:990,81.65|w_i:1008.35,83.3|w_i:1027.1,81.65|w_i:1043.35,80|w_i:1061.7,80|w_i:1080,81.65|fl_i:786.7,13.3|fl_i:988.35,11.65|fl_i:699.9,0.05|fl_i:901.65,-1.5|fl_i:788.85,-9.95|p_t:536.65,-21.7|p_t:641.7,-30|p_t:1046.7,-16.5|p_t:958.15,-28.35|f_i:788.35,-18.8|fs_i:711.3,-21.7|fs_i:865,-20|p_t:788.35,-46.7|p_s:708.35,-51.7|p_s:864.9,-46.6| heres my roblox link: I play ROBLOX! as blisstake in the free virtual world ROBLOX

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