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Hey what’s up ppl. If you clicked this must be pretty bored huh… lol.
Ok so…I’ll start with music I guess. My favorite bands are Bring Me the Horizon, The Devil wears Sprada, Disturbed, Elena Seigman, Drowning Pool, System of a Down, Evanescence, Rob Zombie, Black Veil Brides, Suicide Silence, DragonForce, Three Days Grace, Blood on the Dance Floor, Hawthorn Heights, Killers…and some others I can’t think of right now. >.< I like to listen to orchestral music and sad depressing stuff a lot too.
I like animals. My favorites are Wolves and Dragons.
Anime is one of my favorite things in the world! Faves are Bleach, InuYasha, and Death Note.
People say i can draw, but I really don’t think very good of my drawings, or really anything good of myself at all. I draw anime, and all kinds of animals. Of course mostly dragons and wolves. I’ll prolly put the link up for some of them at some point but I don’t feel like it right now so…yeah.
As I said before I have very low self esteem, even though I might not act like it sometimes. If I don’t it’s cause I’m playing around or something.
People stereotype me as emo. That’s fine. Yes I hate life, wear dark colors, and cut myself. So call me what you want. I don’t care.
I’m very sensetive so it’s easy to hurt me. If you’re my friend on here, I consider you a real friend. Cause I don’t have many in real life anyway. So if you hurt me, I’m gonna take it seriously, and probably cry and get really depressed for a while. That’s why I made this account cause my best friend on here hurt me really bad and I couldn’t stand talking to her anymore. :P
I like to write… I have three main series. Wolf’s blood… http://forums.warriorcats.com/eve/forums?a=tpc&f=2641073&m=8601021497
Night Blood… http://forums.warriorcats.com/eve/forums?a=tpc&f=2641073&m=5791077559
Death Wish.. http://forums.warriorcats.com/eve/forums?a=tpc&f=6061048478&m=93210229831
They’re not updated very often anymore cause of a lot of crap going on in my life that keeps me from a computer. But I do update them. By the way Wolf’s Blood is really long…3 books already xD but people say it’s cool. I won’t say cause again, I think it sucks. As do all of them.
Um….I love Monster! :D My favorite drink…
If you’re nice to me, i’ll be nice back. Unless I’m in a bad mood, then I’ll be kind of snappy. But don’t take it personally. I love ya all anyway lol xD
I love killing zombies :)
But I’m terrified of them. I once went through zombie paranoia… >.>
My favorite movies are…Shaun of the dead, Dragon Heart, Bolt(yes), Kill Bill, and some others I can’t think of right now…
Favorite thing to do…video games!
Favorite games are Call of Duty, Nazi Zombies. Favorite zombie song-Abracadavre- Left 4 dead 2, Sly Cooper, The Legend of Spyro, Ratchet and Clank, Jack and Daxter, Need for Speed, InuYasha Feudal Combat, and of course others I can’t think of right now xP
I know i can be immature. But that’s just how I am sometimes. Sometimes I’m cool, other times I’m just…eh.
I like violence…but what i can’t stand is…
Happy Tree Friends.
My little cousin showed me that, and I was scarred for life. Yeah. Lol.
It’s hard to understand how I am. I’m just a messed up girl xD
I HATE sexism and racism.
But I’m white, don’t say otherwise or I’ll snap. xD
And I’m an atheist. Don’t hate me for it.
I will sometimes talk about my family…cause they’re either annoying the hell out of me or I just need to explain something and they’re in the explanation. I don’t have a dad. I though I did, but when I was 13 he said he wasn’t my real dad, he took a DNA test, and I’m not his daughter. He kicked me out of the house and said he never wanted to se me again.
I love my mom, but she used to be…bad. >.<
I have a 16 year old Brother named Toby, a 6 year old sis named Stormy, and and 11 year old sis named Isabelle. Toby and Stormy are alright, but Isabelle is the very defeinition of annoying little brat.
I live with my grandparents, and I hate them. Period.
That’s why I’m not on much. They don’t let me on the computer and ground me for EVERYTHING. at he moment I’m grounded from everything till the end of the school year for running away last Easter cause I didn’t want to live with them.
But they found me T_T
So I can only be on on some weekends.
Don’t judge me for my level on here. One because I can only be on on weekends and I have other stuff to do on the computer. Two cause I have other accounts on here. Last one was like, level 8 i think.
I’m kinda bad. I ran away from home, stole a $50 hat from Hot TOpic, and a lot of other stuff too. I lie, and steal xD But I’m nice to people, and really shy. Terrified of what people will think of me, cause I don’t fight back whe people are mean to me.
Not in real life anyway. Lol.
Sorry it’s so long…
By the way, my name’s Allie.
AND I LOVE GIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RolePlay characters-

Name- Blood
Gender- Female
Species- human/wolf demon
description- tall, very pale an thin with long black emo hair with red streaks and bloodred eyes. She has black wolf ears and a long black wolf tail and red and black dragon wings. she always wear a necklace with a deep red stone. She has snakebites, cuts herself, and wears black all the time.
age- 17
Talents- Drawing, archery, stealth, ninja!, swordsmanship, guitar
Other- can turn into a huge black wolf.
Background- Her brother, and parents died when she was 10, and she was found by demons and raised by them. Their hellhound bit her one day and she was turned into a demon. she became really poweful, killed the ones who raised her, and soon became evil, hating everyone and everything, hunting down the murderer of her family. Having never found them, she just hated everyhting. But soon she softened, and started helping people more and more. Although she’s still not the kindest person in the world, she has a good heart. But the evil side does like to show sometimes.

Name- Monster
Gender- Male
Species- Dragon
Description- Huge, black dragon with green eyes and wings with some green markings.
Age- unknown

More to come soon.

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