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Alright guys I think I will do role playing now I will list a few games I will do later but now I will say this I will not do yaoi now that its out of the way onto the games
Dark Souls
Saints Row
Devil Survivor
Now that is some of the games that I know of lets go to something darker
Creepypasta it can be any kind of Creepypasta also I like to role play in a first person perspective but I will do second and third if needed also if you want to put any games to add to the RP then feel free to but now I will tell you about myself I like games that are hard and anything that includes killing something so yea.
Now onto my person Blood
He is the son of Dante so yes he is a badass also he loves the lady’s and loves to joke around.
His mother is Lady if you don’t know who that is look at Devil May Cry 3 or Devil May Cry 4.
Weapons Yamato I’m just gonna say this looks at the wiki because Its a long description. How he got it was His dad trusted him with it because even at a young age he is very trustworthy.
Luger. He loves World War 2 weapons so he asked his dad for one.
What he looks like is really easy look at the picture and he is fit. His right arm is a fake arm but he can feel them because he made the arm like a living arm but the hand has a retractable claw. He lost the arm due to having a fallen angel cutting it off with a sword.
His phone has Nicaea on it and im just gonna show the wiki to you since its a lot more easier for me http://megamitensei.wikia.com/wiki/Nicaea_%CE%B2_ver. The demons he has are Sandalphon and Kohryu in the game they are angels but it still calls them demons because you can summon them on the demon summoning app and he picked female Tico and yes there is a male one but he likes the female one better and I cant blame him. If you want to know about her well here is some info about her. Female Tico is energetic, giving off the aura of a high school girl. Her speech is with slang, shortened words, or bits of overemphasis. She also has a habit of giving people nicknames.
PM me please because I don’t want a lot of shouts to get rid of also if you hate you will be ignored so haters gonna hate.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H2KCHLKZ2dY Alestorm – Keelhauled

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