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You can find me on Steam [BLOODYRAIN10001] , Youtube or in Your Pants. Feel free to add me as long as I know who you are.
I have created art
Walruses of Kongregate Steam Group
Praise the Empire of Grammar Nazism!
“In 2013, about 15% of Americans moved” America, are we really this fat? At least shift from couch to bathroom once a year. It’s good for you.

LethalMutiny: My roommate just walked in and was like “sup”
LethalMutiny: So I yelled POTATO QUIZ. and looked back to my computer
Pigjr1: and pls spank me
Regular of FGF Since December 15th, 2011 6:10 PM

If you love me, you will click this. If you hate me, you’ll want to click this link even more. If you don’t know me, fuck it, you can click on it too, but don’t think I’ll be happy about it.
sddsdd: I did adv0
sddsdd: are you happy :|
Mikkmar: I make typos like a mother****ers.
The wall of adv0catus Self-Depreciation
adv0catus: My forum games suck.
BLOODYRAIN10001: ^ +1
adv0catus: Fuck you.
adv0catus: I’m retarded.
BLOODYRAIN10001: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ +1
ADV0CATUS: I suck.

A Normal Day in Your Pants

LethalMutiny: If only rooms still had this many people.
ThreeFourEight: yay
Bluji: We need more.
ThreeFourEight: yay kirby
LethalMutiny: “I don’t have any alts”
ThreeFourEight: pls
Pigjr1: Hello Bloody
Kadv0catus: Hello Bloody
UnmutePigPls: Hello Bloody
UnmutePigPlsPls: Hello Bloody
Bluji: Hello Bloody
pigjr101: Hello Bloody
LazarusPagan: Hello Bloody
unmutemepls: Hello Bloody
LethalMutiny: Hello Bloody
Pierre_DuPont: Hello Bloody
IAmThePokerpo: Hello Bloody
Kadv0pigus: Hello Bloody
ADV0CATUS: Hello Bloody
BLOODYRAIN10001: Hello mass of forever
adv9catus: Hello Bloody
adv8catus: Hello Bloody
adv7catus: Hello Bloody
adv6catus: Hello Bloody
adv5catus: Hello Bloody
adv4catus: Hello Bloody
occooa: Hello Bloody
LethalMutiny: Okay we got it now lol
adv3catus: Hello Bloody
CornIsGud55555: Hello Bloody
Staphylococcus: Hello Bloody
BLOODYRAIN10001: ………
Bluji: A normal day in Your Pants
“but my genitals crave sexy hitler” – Tomatoman

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