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…was brought up by wolves…in Los Angeles and NYC. Competitive to the nth degree…that’s why I play tournament Chess (drew world Champion GM Boris Spassky and checkmated Hungarian Champion IM Tibor Karolyi (who drew World champ Kasparov) in exhibition games), Chess endgame composition (the making of chess puzzles), Go (aka wei chi…baduk), tournament Table tennis (played in the Budweiser Bud Light $100K HardbatClassic in Vegas beat the 3 time US hardbat champ Ty Hoff, and our group ran the six time US champ David Zhuang out of the building lol, he was so mad he broke his racket on espn and my buddy Zee picked it up and showed it to the camera guys, I think he still has it), Backgammon, poker (won seven qualifications in 12,000 man freeroll tourneys on pokerstars), Racquetball, Basketball, Boxing (went to the Southern California Regional Golden Gloves finals..fought the #4 ranked super heavyweight in the world ), Billiards (pool: nine ball, one pocket, eight ball, three cushion) and of course Video games ( I am the current Momiga, Bloxorz and Left Right March world champion; in Momiga, I was the first gamer to break 80 with a 78 and now have a 77, the all time high with concurrent Gold and Silver medals, a small update… 76 is now the World Record set by yours truly on Saturday, November 20 at 4:12 am). Table tennis update: in the last 2 years I have taken 12 first place, 4 second place and 5 third place finishes in local and national sized tournaments, most in doubles and some team tournaments, including the LA open, the North American Seniors, the California Senior Games Association (Gold in doubles, bronze in singles). My favorite thing to do is play ping pong for drinks at the bar I hang out in..lots of good looking women, alcohol and free drinks lolol …it doesn’t get any better than that (well maybe riding my Confederate Wildcat gives it a strong run for the money…there’s nothing like the rush you get from a low ten second quarter mile motorcycle, btw Greg Podegracz at 310 406 8180 has the best Insurance rates in the world for a big bike like this, 1851 cc, that’s 113 cubic inches with over 105 foot pounds at 1400 rpm and 130 foot pounds of torque at 1900 rpm lol on a bike that weighs just 475 pounds; It’ll tear your arms out of your sockets in first gear lol; Just tell him you heard about him from the ping pong player with the Confederate Wildcat. I don’t get anything out of this, but I do like to help out other Motorcyclists… goddamn Insurance rates are way too high, and Progressive wouldn’t even cover it because it’s a special make… so much for the Chick on TV advertising bike Insurance eh?). Fast motorcycles and Fast women..ya gotta love ‘em. It all goes along with the ADHD package lol. I like thinking games like Momiga, Nokoban, Shift and One Step Back; Bloxorz is one of my all time favorites, hence my handle. I currently hold a score of 16:36 in Bloxorz, (aka Block ’n Roll on here, that’s 16 minutes and 36 seconds for 2086 moves, try and beat that lol!!!… you’ll be old and gray and seeing that rectangular cube rolling around in your sleep). Rotate and Roll is also a great game (my high score is 1024, might be a world record, unfortunately they don’t keep track of the High scorers in that game) as is Bridges (find them on coolmath-games.com). TacTix by Piet Hein is an amazing think ahead game; The Hobo Prison Brawl series by Armor games has to be one of the funniest games ever made…truly an Instant Classic. Try the game Shift, versions 1,2,3, and 4. In 4 there’s a player pack, my best for the easy pack is 97.2 and for the HARD pack it’s 153.7; see if you can beat that. Terry Cavanaugh’s game Don’t Look Back is fantastic, a modern retro 8 bit look hall of famer IMHO. Rogerup is a minimalist genius. He does amazingly complex things with very simple ideas. Reminds me of the Carl Von Clausewitz quote, “Everything in war is simple, but the simplest thing is difficult”. His other game Left Right March is a computer version of Simon Says with an added twist… cadence lol. I hold the record at 126, Update: the new world record is mine at 333 , goof luck beating that!!! One of my favorite games is RUN (I have published over 300 RUN videos on YouTube, many of them are Trick RUNS with extremely difficult to do moves, some of which I pioneered, The Ricochet, The Captain Kangaroo Triple Knife-edge Trans-wall Jump, The Jesus Effect Maneuver, The Double knife-edge 6 gap jump, sliding along the knife-edge Tukkun/player_03 style for 170+ plus tiles, The Invisible tiles RUN, see my Stevie Wonder Run on YouTube) by player_03 on Kongregate.com (this is where you will find Momiga, Left Right March and Sola Rola the gravity game…lotta fun that one.) Try the game Tabla (doesn’t work on Kongregate for some reason, won’t load the blocks…but it does work on I-love-dogs.com where I hold the high score). Favorite music, rock, jazz, ethnic, Classical, opera, brass orchestra…anything really except rap lololol !! : a small list of my faves in rock: Led Zeppelin, Jethro Tull, Pink Floyd, King Crimson, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Eloi, Camel, Rush, Al Di Meola, Steely Dan, Humble Pie. Blues: BB King, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Joe Bonamassa (killer blues guitarist… he is Stevie Ray reincarnated), Chris Cain. Jazz: Spyro Gyra, Rick Braun (you have to hear Sessions Vol 1, with Rick on trumpet and Boney James on sax), Coltrane, Joshua Redman, Grover Washington Jr… the albums Mr. Magic and Feels so Good are Incredible… they have Eric Gale on guitar, Shadowfax, Dave Brubeck quartet with Paul Desmond, Flim and the BBs, Yellowjackets, Fourplay, Rachelle Ferrell (the album First Instrument is pure gold, of special note are Blackbird… the piano player on it is a monster lol, Inchworm and My Funny Valentine… a truly masterful, hauntingly beautiful version of it), bebop, progressive jazz, Acid Jazz, Dixieland etc etc. I love Jazz!!! Movies: A Clockwork Orange, Heat… both of them, the DeNiro and Pacino one, and the Burt Reynolds Flick, Rollerball (the original with James Caan), A Boy and his Dog, Star Wars (the whole series), The Matrix series, Forbidden Planet (anything sci-fi that’s good, I’ve read over 2000 sci-fi books), The Thing (the Carpenter version and the latest version, a prequel to Carpenter’s movie…it’s awesome!!!!), Tombstone, The Terminator series, Apocalypse Now Redux, Full Metal Jacket, Platoon, The Deer Hunter, Aliens (the whole series), Blade Runner (I have the Special Hollywood Premier Movie Theater Poster of Blade Runner), Marathon Man, Cool Hand Luke and The Hustler and The Color of Money (anything with Newman in it), The Longest Yard (the original), anything with Jack Nicholson in it lol. Pulp Fiction, True Romance, Kill Bill 1 and 2. Anything with Gary Oldman in it. Brother (with Beat Takeshi, who does a great job in the ZATOICHI remake). Way of the Gun with Benicio del Toro and Ryan Phillipe. I love all the old school Golden Age of Hollywood Movies with Gable, Bogart, Kirk Douglas, Edward G. Robinson, Cagney, Burt Lancaster. I’m really into Japanese old school samurai movies like…Yojimbo, Sanjuro, Sword of Doom, Hara Kiri, The Zatoichi series, The Lone wolf and Cub series with Tomisaburo Wakayama (he is the brother of Shintaro Katsu.. who plays Zatoichi). Keep in mind this is just a very tiny list of the stuff I like. It might give you a small feeling of what I am like. These days I play Video games (and program levels and record RUN videos… over 300 videos on YouTube… same handle as on here) and chess online, Table tennis 4 times a week or more with 2 or three of them tournaments or USATT league matches with other clubs in the Los Angeles area. If you are in the LA area stop by VTTC Table Tennis center in Garden Grove, or The Castle in Manhattan Beach (late at night like 10 pm till closing…my buddy Kenny and I aren’t hard to find, just ask for the ping pong champs of the bar).

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