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Name: Jabari “The Ninjate”

(Apparently, I don’t like making up last names. Maybe because it involves a past and having one would force me to write a back story?)

Physical description: He’s a baldy with dark black scruffy eyebrows, deep set black eyes, a short and flat nose, and a round face. Jabari is 4 feet 2 inches worth of muscle toned Asian.

Attire: The Ninjate wears what he thinks is a combination suit, incorporating both the pirate and ninja style of clothing. He wears a black cloth face mask, so that only his eyes are visable. A sleeveless brown leather shirt, stitched to look like scales and an even darker brown border, laced to the edges of the leather. His pants and shoes are made out of leather of the same fashion. He has a rainbow colored array of bird feathers glued to the leather on his shoulders, and a life sized fake parrot attached to Jabari’s left shoulder pad.

Personality: Jabari is an eccentric man. He believes that because of the decision he made years ago he is allowed to live two destinies, rather than one. It’s because of this “Living two destinies” belief that causes Jabari to believe that he’s twice the man he would have been otherwise.

He never really liked what the other ninjas he was trained with thought, but he does believe it’s good to honor your promises. It’s part of his moral code, and it’s about all there is to his moral code.

Despite hating his ninja brethren, he still tends to stay out of direct sight. He likes to hide in odd places. From barrels to billiard tables, from pictures to floorboards. Half the time he’s giving out orders to his crew through a walkie-talkie.

Likes: His parrot, his crew, his ship, anything that he can call his, collecting promises, and giving punishments to those who don’t pay keep their word, concealing himself.

Dislikes: The ocean,the opinions of his ninja clan, being found.

Weapons: Jabari dual wields a uzi with a rapier sword. He has an exaggerated form of laughing gas stored in his parrot that he uses to stun his enemies.

History: A long time ago he was trained by some undeveloped characters. I like to call them them his ninja clan! He didn’t like the beliefs of his ninja clan and left to become a pirate captain. There he had many misadventures and had a close call in with the Reborn in Cabanostal. He now owes the president of Cabanostal a couple of favors for getting him out of the mess he was in.

( Not complete, but close enough. Suggestions for the name would be appreciated. )

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