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“It is in games that many men discover their paradise.” – Robert Lynd. ******

Hey! My name is Adam and I’ve loved to play games since I was little: sports, board games, etc. I like to read, cook, draw, write, and watch spaghetti westerns, Italian horror, and awful sci-fi/fantasy movies. I work as a research assistant for a genetics lab, and I live with my wife, baby girl, and two annoying cats. ****************************************************************

Quotables: mrgoodbar (regarding Pandemic 2): “Aww I wanna buy diarrhea.” ****Mr Spontaneous (regarding TheoSoft’s conversion to Pandemic 2): “Let it be known that it was a sad day when we had to put Theo down like Old Yeller.” ****Jakobsdillusion : (regarding Jumpcat) “Lamping cat, always getting run over by meatballs.” ****MSTaylor: (helping MHS tiger with “The Visitor”) “Shoot, shoot, shoot, then whack the alien till his head breaks open.” ****moomoomoomoo: (In regards to a troll) (He’s) “Like full blown lifesize troll with realistic spamming action.” ****Retribute: (To Moo, regarding an uploaded game) “Moo. The next game better award me a cup of tea…and Jelly Babies, or I swear to the Lamp Gods sitting on their fiery throne of Mount Leagueus that I will take a plane to Britain and give you a very stern talking-to.” ****TehFrod: “You know, there aren’t many Greek limericks. ‘There once was a titan named Prometheus’ doesn’t scan for crap.” ****Zerris: “I thank thee, lord, for the mute button you have so graciously provided to me, and for my mouse, so that I can click it.” ****Snape007: “Heyhey, no being mean guys. Don’t make me go old-fat guy on you :o.” ****Retribute: “I’m just going to point out that I am not liable for any sexual innuendos spoken during a chess match.” ****Snape007: “Grr, why must I be 2 years younger than you blue? Ah well, we are still brothers through ancient telepathy from our ancestor’s cousin’s parrots.” ****TheWhiteAngel: “You’re the most annoying person I’ve had to draw all day.” ****Aonghus: “You people are crazy. I’m going to go and eat some jelly beans now.” ****shroudmysteryinc: “I got punched in the face yesterday. Now I’m eating Pop Tarts.” TheWhiteAngel: “So the culprit is the Pop Tarts!” ****TehFrod: “Credit Crunch: the breakfast cereal that won’t go soggy, provided you continue sending it bailout money.” ****ckoz: “no it isn’t pot who seriously moos at someone they’ve never actually met?” ****2worlds: “My puppy smells like bagels.” ****holycrapacolaham: “im prejudiced against platypuses. They are the genetic burglars of the natural world.”**** TehFrod: “BRB. My drink is defective. It seems to have evapso… vevapo… evvaspor… gone.”**** JamesTwelch: “Crap Im a naked old wizrd that needs to farm.”**** Sirago: I love Polynesian traditional cannibalistic songs! My favorite is “Ungkha Oom Broota” by the Trung Mungas. ****
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