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I r being a blank. I rn’t telling you all mah sekritz about mah all-time favorite game, mah current prajekt, or mah upbringing by ferul bark-barkz!

Here is BrainFRZ’s frozenly asked questions!

*Can be a mod pl0x?!
Sure! Just send me a video of you jumping up and down while doing a head stand and spinning on your head twenty times, yelling “I WANT TO BE A MOD!” and I promise I’ll consider nominating you :)

*I just got silenced! What now?
Now, you don’t talk anymore. Sorry! (not really)

*What’s bordering on rulebreaking?
If you have to ask, don’t do it! And yes, that means that thing you were thinking of earlier!

*How can I own a room so all will bow down to my might?
Well, first you have to become a mod. See above. After that, it depends on if the room is already owned. If it is, you need permission from the current owner, who will then contact an admin and pass the baton. If it’s currently unowned, you just need to contact an admin about it. You do need to be a “regular” in the room for at least six (6) months prior to becoming an owner.

*Why is MCK suddenly all ICKy?!
Cuz the world hates you!!! Well, that and the other reason… When I first brought it up in my room, everyone who spoke up (including at least 6 regs) all seemed at least alright with the name change. Suddenly, as soon as it’s changed, apparently the nastalgia set in, and suddenly everyone is all upset. Well, I can’t help if people don’t speak up until after the change. Personally, I think it’s an awesome name, and so did the people who spoke up when I brought it up for a vote — it was actually unanimous.

*But whhyyyyyyy? D:
Cuz the world STILL hates you!

*What do you do when you get bored, anyway?
I ban you. Yes, you. :)

*More questions to come as I get them on ice.

And remember: I don’t mute, I silence! :)

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