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Dec. 22, 2011
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    Where ever the Spirit of our Ancestors guides us to.
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    Nov. 15, 2008
Hello, my name is Shadow and very nice to meet you to. I'm considered to be a laid back and easy going person who is open-minded. A friend I can be to those who want one or need one. Often referred as Big brother to many I am. Being there for them when they need someone to talk to or vent to. With my non-judgemental attitude I can talk about any topic that some may not. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (I am born under the sign of the Wolf)..... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ We are the Sunkmahetu,ihanblapi.... (We dream of wolves..we remove the arrows from the wounded warriors and we prepare the War medicine or (wotawe) for protection against our enemies. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ My background is Chinese - Hungarian male mixed with Lakota. I come from both a Law-Enforcement and Medical Field. The last job I had before retiring was as a Health Aide or some call it "Caregiver" I had to stop working due to the fact that I became physical disabled. My views or beliefs are of a spiritual nature. I was brought up to appreciate the finer things in life like music, arts, poetry and performance arts. I do listen to a wide variety of genre of music which also includes thrash,metal, goth,hardcore metal,Nightcore. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------. Contrary to many people beliefs. Just because I am part Native American doesn't mean I am a Pot-Head. Native American have smoke certain herbs in the past like Peyote and maybe some that would be similar to marijuana but, purely for either medicinal or for what we can a Vision Quest. It is used to help us on own journey into the world of the unknown. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I respect all religions and spiritual Beliefs. I'm a Wiccan/Pagan and too all those out there who are as well. "Merry Meet".."Sagik Namis Ate -Greetings from the bearer of light". ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I do like to write poems or many styles and, this is one i wrote recently. My friends tell me that it's quite Deep. It tells you the way of the warriors of the past. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Graceful Shadows of Stalwart Warriors....Stirring leaves...Aftermath. Crimson rains...As steel ripping through the enemies. We are born in the Shadows and Thus, we shall return to the Shadows in the end. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This one I wrote for all The People who have lived and died for our country... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ We hailed at the twilight’s last gleaming and with broad stripes and bright stars through trouble times. We wants as rockets flies and litters the sky will multi-colored displays of explosion that cause the adrenaline to rage in our hearts. From land of the free and home to those who were brave. Raging wars that brought Chaos to our land. In it's wake left death and destruction of a once beautiful nation. But, the righteous shall not stay in hiding and fear. They will rise up and take on the colors of :"Red,White,and Blue" Here they stand...Those who are still with us and those who gone to the great beyond knowing that they did a job well done. Through, the Dark Clouds and smell of death stood Men all in Battle gear, Armed and ready to Defend. Their foes haughty host in dread silence reposes, When the black smoke disappeared and our men dressed in battle gear was still there. The nation save by all those warriors who fought to keep old Red,White and Blue safe. We will never forget all those who fought to keep our land Free.. Too All those whether you fought or not. Happy Independence Day without your love and courage to come forward and protect we Might not have a Place to call home....Our love shall always be with you and your memories of all you done shall always be with us. ---------------------------------------------------------------------My Adopted Daughter is Ashliehearts---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have many friends from varies room that I do visit but, too many to name but, here a re a few and, even ones not mentioned they are all Awesome. Some Kongregate Staff and admins Rock too. Greg,Emily,Phoenix007,Zshadow,Ducklette/ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ P.s Before people start to get ahead of themselves and assume. I am not looking for brownie points or kudos. I am just stating a fact. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ In the Remnant of Disputed Galaxy or for short :"RODG room"..Room Owner:Lockman, Mod: Morgoth1,Holly,Darth_Sirov,DiditzZz, and a few ones recently elected as a mod and various friend:"Jegaggin,StraycatAnn,TurtlePrincess,Aumoe,Duskatmidnight, Emmagreen1,JRcameron,Vampryss,BHG and his gf BlackWidow, and Holly764 who i call "The Gaming queen" she is defiant, doesn't give-up,persistent if there is a game with a badge no matter how hard it is she is determined to get i and she a mod now too. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Another awesome room to Visit is "The Village" Room Owner:MeMe44 she is the kindest person you could get to know has a wonderful personality. If you need help with a situation she is eager to help as all mods are and trying to do the best they can within this gaming community. Friends i have made from the Village are PKA,MeMe44,KiwiBob,Velvet_Rose,CD,Theinfamousone. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kiwibob is room owner of The BoardWalk. He a nice person to talk to as well. Mod:Dreamnitedarling one of the sweetest mods that in that room. Everyone there is nice and has their own sense of humor and now to the names of the awesome ones there: " DRThirteen,JetDarkWave,Meggytron,dr_odine,paulverizerII,GallowNoose,Fiuros,KittyKatk8,Mashieniblic,Nikkochan,Rivenstaff,,Sinte,Waterrat600,My baby Carebear AvaliaBraum, --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have too many great friends to list here by that time you be bored of my profile so, here are the remainder Superchick7,Clairesable,Ducklette,Draconas12,Rose_dude,Danaroth.Payton Hayes.Dustnapyle,Darth_Sirov, Jegaggin a.k.a Cookie monster, Elsepth,Confuzzlemaniac,poetic4death ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------' Pride room We have Frankiesmum and Kaijai two of the most sweetest mods from Pride.

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