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There is a lot of great stuff on my profile, this belongs at the top.
Best gaming achievement ever

I reached level 65 on 1/29/2012, at 3:20 AM
I was modded on 11/14/2012.
I am currently only a room mod in MalFunction.

If I haven’t mentioned how cool braves is, this is proofs;
Pretty good braves
Second one is awesome
Isn’t the third time supposed to be the charm?

Gevock is pretty decent, i guess;

iwannakissthesun is pretty;
I made sunny sad :(

Live2Die has a good quote;
That took me a while to understand

Zshadow is an Admin;
Who’s humor was ruined by work

(I unfortunately didn’t grab a picture of her silencing me as the first in Mustaches)

I got a call from braves rapping the next section to me. Braves defines inspiration.
Assume that when I am afk;
I am having anticipation of the revelation of the sweet sensation causing elation that is sweeping the population of the civilization within the nation from revaluation of visitation to the urination elimination station. In much desperation and agitation, and with little preparation I respond to the situation, saving my reputation, relieving condensation and “perspiration” (that was a quotation from a friend from my accumulation, for which I have much admiration and adoration, within this Kongregation, of course the application was after confirmation from his authorization), causing celebration… in my imagination, that is.
If you read through the complete duration of my innovation on this documentation (or narration) because it has spark your fascination, I applaud you for having such toleration. Thank you for you consideration, I will soon be returning to the conversation.
This was simply experimentation on an elaboration of a quick exclamation. If it was above expectation, this is an invitation to leave me a comment without obligation, of gratification or speculations, without stipulations as your donation. Your participation ensures the preservation of the publication, as shouts will be addressed so that the problem may meet identification, observation, investigation, elimination and I will even have verification of it’s extermination.
When there is elevation to your sophistication, my philosophy recommendation is; no problem that exists with fair justification.
Rapping this compilation will cause lyrical constipation.

After being added to the friends list, user Tusck had this to say;
“I feel as honored as a video game chatroom friend add can make me, though i will say i feel like it took you much too long.”
Well said good sir.

Badges remaining from 2007; 5
Badges remaining from 2008; 11
Badges remaining from 2009; 9
Badges remaining from 2010; 11 (+3 Caesary)
Badges remaining from 2011; 2
braves055 is on my profile twice, I love him that much. I was the first fellow to be silenced in Mustaches.     
This is probably off.

I am currently working on a Hacker Vs Hacker and Zening walkthrough.

My current goal is to have 500 fans! (Loldun) And Have 10000 points! (DONE! (TWICE! (THRICE! (FOURSOME))))
I’d also like to quickly say, that Kongregate for me has been a journey. Over these 3, running on 4 years I have met some great people, some not so great people, played some good games, played some bad games. I really love the community of Kongregate, and as long as I have free time, you can expect to see me live on this site.

My new goals, as of 4/25/12, are to ban braves055, get 1000 fans, and 60000 points.
Conduct: www.kongregate.com/pages/conduct
                                                                                                            Becoming a Mod: www.kongregate.com/pages/help#become
                                                                                                            What Kongregate is about: www.kongregate.com/pages/about
                                                                                                            Earning points: www.kongregate.com/pages/help#earning

manstrong: Our ability to not RP is the only thing that separates us from the barbarians.

Thank you Zidanetribal for helping me with my Zening hard badge.
420th to earn Generating Steam Heat Badge. TROLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
Is proud of owning his only pokemod, braves055
My most thumbs up’d comment known to date has 1210 likes. I guess thats pretty good.

Kong workout implemented on 7/9/2011;
Easy badges are 5 push ups
Mediums are 15 times weights
Hards are going to be 30 sit ups and 15 weight
Impossibles is 30 push ups, sit ups, weights, and pull ups (3 rounds of 10 for all of them).

Kaosknife123: Fighting with a mod is smart.

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