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My Free Rider 2 map: 18 1i 20 23 2o 2j 3f 31,8i 3j 9o 3i as 3d,au 3e bd 30,5l 34 68 34,4a 32 3o 2u 39 2r,5u 34 7g 34,76 3o 7c 4h 7d 5c 7k 68 7v 73 8e 7p 96 86 9u 8e an 8j bi 8i c9 8c,4c 34 5u 34,et 30 fu 3i gs 4e hk 5c i6 6c ih 7g ij 8j if 9m i3 an hg bk gq cb,c6 8e co 87,gs c6 gc cp fp dd f2 dr eb e5 dh ee cn el bt f4 b9 fj ao g1 a9 gd 9l h3 94 hr,9c hq 8r ih 87 jc 7h k5 6t kr 69 lm 5l mf 50 n7 4a o0 3g oq 2j pe 1j ps g q3,a q8 -c q4 -14 q0 -1q pk -2c p2 -2q og,-4c om -3o 18u -3h 19p -2t 1am -26 1be -1e 1c6 -i 1cv i 1dt 1m 1ek 2r 1f5 42 1fb 4v 1eq 5l 1e5,-g8 id2 -g8 igq,d4 2q m6 0 148 1i uk -6i,106 18 164 -5a,rq -3e 148 6i,106 -1i 10q -18,114 -42 ua 76,tc 42 11e -5a,122 -5u 11o -5u,uk -2q 10g 2g,12m 4m 148 5a,11o 4c vs -18,10q -2q uk -a,so 26 pu 5k,u0 26 11o 0,-34 1i 18 1i,76 1fq ka 1h2#76 1fq 6s 1h2,-2q -18 -3e -18 -3e -k -34 -k -34 0 -3e 0,-2g -18 -2g -a,-2g -18 -26 -18,-1s -a -1s -18 -18 -18 -18 -a,-18 -u -1s -u,-2q -18 -2g -18,-u -a -u -18 -a -18 -a -u -u -u,-k -u -a -a,0 -18 u -18,a -18 a -a,2q k au u 9m 1s,au u 9m a,cg u cg -k d4 -a,cg u bs a,cg u cq k,cg -k bs -a,ka -34 ka -26 kk -2g ku -26 ku -34,li -26 li -34 m6 -34 m6 -2q li -2q,ls -2q m6 -26,n4 -34 mq -34 mg -2q mg -2g mq -26 n4 -26 ne -2g n4 -34,no -26 no -34 o2 -26 o2 -34,p0 -2q om -34 oc -34 oc -26 om -26 p0 -2g om -2g,k0 -18 k0 0 ka -a kk 0 kk -18,l8 0 l8 -18 ls -18 ls 0,ls -u l8 -u,mg -18 mq -k mq a,mq -k ne -18,h6 9m cq d4 do d4,cq d4 d4 cg,6i io 2q ne 3e ne,2q ne 2q mq,0 p0 -34 mg -2g m6,-34 mg -34 n4,-3o oc -3e u0 -34 tc,-3e u0 -3o tm,-34 14s -k 1aq -k 19s,-k 1aq -1s 1a6,2g 1dk 5u 1cc 5u 1d0,5u 1cc 50 1cc,84 1bo 84 1ag 8o 1aq,84 1ag 7q 1aq,7q 19i 6s 1a6 7g 1a6,6s 1a6 6i 19s,76 1cc 6s 1b4,76 1cc 6s 1c2,76 1cc 7g 1bo,7g 1dk 8e 1dk 7q 1du,8e 1dk 8e 1cm,9c 1dk 9m 1cc a0 1cm,9m 1cc 9c 1cm,9m 1bo 92 1cm 9m 1cm,92 1cm 8o 1c2,92 1d0 9c 1ei a0 1da,92 1ei 8o 1du,92 1e8 9c 1ei,ec 1da cq 1da cq 1fg e2 1fg,cq 1e8 e2 1e8,f0 1fg em 1da fk 1f6 fk 1da,g8 1da g8 1fg h6 1f6 hg 1ei h6 1du g8 1da,hq 1d0 hq 1es,hq 1f6 hq 1fg,hg 1hc hg 1hm#T ka 1h2 the other one: -18 1i 18 1i,16 1h 89 -53,-5h 5a 6s 5d,-2q 1i -2q -45,6r 5d 7q 63 8m 6q 9i 7e ad 7u bh 8i cq 95 e1 9l fb a5 gm am i2 b6 jd bg,ja bf ka bf lh be mn be nu be p6 bc qd b9 ri b2 sm ao tm a8 uh 9h va 8j,18g a6 18i bb 18k co 18p e8 193 fo 19e h5 1a0 iu 1ap kl 1bp me 1cn np 1e6 p3 1g2 q9 1hv re 1jr sh 1lq ti 1nt uf 1pv vb 1rv 105 1tt 10u 1vq 11k 21m 127 23g 12m 259 130 271 13a,26q 13c 27v 137 296 12q 2a9 129,2bd 1db 2ku 1d8,2l1 1d8 2kp 14g,2o7 1d8 30h 1d5 30a 140,2nv 1cb 2o6 149,34l 16b 34i 1ai,35j 16i 359 1am,35d 1am 367 1ak,369 1ak 36v 19p,370 19k 379 18o,379 18h 374 17g,370 178 36e 16k,35t 16l 35l 16k,35o 16k 36e 16g,37r 16l 37p 181 37o 18r,37o 195 37u 19r,37u 19t 38n 1aa,38p 1ac 395 1a7,396 1a5 3ad 197,3ai 192 3ao 18j,3ao 18e 3a9 178,3a6 176 398 16k 37p 16n,2ki 1dd 2l7 1em 2lt 1fq 2mo 1h1 2nl 1i6 2ok 1j9 2pi 1k9 2qi 1lc 2rm 1mh 2sr 1np 2u1 1p2 2v7 1qd 30d 1rq 31j 1t7 32r 1um 343 205 35j 21l 373 235 38j 24m 3a3 267 3bj 27o 3d2 29a 3e6 2ag 3fa 2bl 3ge 2cr 3hj 2e1 3io 2f7 3ju 2gd 3l4 2hj 3ma 2ip 3nf 2jv 3ol 2l6 3pr 2mc 3r2 2ni 3sa 2op 3tj 2pv 3us 2r5 407 2sc 41j 2tj 42v 2uq 44c 301 45s 316 47k 32a 49f 33d 4bd 34e 4df 35c 4fi 369 4ho 374 4k0 37t 4m9 38m 4oj 39d,4oj 39d 4r8 39t 4u5 3a3 513 3a4 540 39r 56r 39e 59j 38t 5c1 37s 5eh 36k 5ha 34t 5k7 32u 5m6 31j 5o4 306 5q3 2up 5s2 2tb 5u1 2rs 5vv 2qc 61t 2or 63n 2n8 65d 2li 67n 2j2 69t 2gh 6c4 2dv 6ea 2bd 6gf 28q 6ij 267 6ke 23j 6m0 20v 6nc 1ub 6ok 1rn 6pk 1p2 6q3 1md 6qe 1jo 6qm 1h3,6rj 13n 6rm 112 6rt ud 6t9 rt,2bf 1db -7j ld,-7h lf -r5 6c,-3m 5a -i7 -c,-i2 -9 -ij -11 -j3 -1m -jf -2i -jj -3f,-jk -3d -j2 -3v -id -4f,-h7 -2k -2o -48,-r7 6d -136 -32,-138 -32 -13k -3t -13q -4s -13g -5s -134 -6o -127 -7b -11b -7l,-10k -5h -er -54,6qn 1h4 75s 1go,75l 1f3 779 1fn,6q3 1et 6r8 1ea 75k 1f3,75n 1go 7fl 1jk,775 1fp 7fq 1ih,7fm 1jh 80a 1j6,7fj 1ig 80i 1i6,807 1j9 87o 1nm,80i 1i7 87u 1nf,883 1ro 8k1 1v4,8jt 1v3 8uk 1th,8uj 1tj 8vg 1ss 90b 1rr 911 1qo 91c 1pn 91c 1og 909 1np 8v5 1nm,8ji 1np 8l5 1nv,8k2 1nn 8l1 1nv 8m0 1o5,88a 1rm 87n 1r0 87d 1q3,8jl 1nt 8ll 1ku,8f8 1gi 8fj 1ks,8q1 1h3 8q6 1l3#7m -14 89 -1l,8a -1l 8j -1n,8k -1n 93 -1n,98 -1n 9k -1i,9k -1g ai -f,ai -a ap d,ap d b6 -i bq -11 bt -13,c2 -16 e3 -16,ei -16 eq -16,ev -14 fd -14,-16 1g -v d9,13 18 18 db,7b -43 7e d6,-v co 7e cn,7b c3 -1e bv,-12 b5 78 b6,7b ah -v af,-12 99 7g 99,7d 8c -17 87,7d 7d -14 7b,-15 6f 78 6g,79 5d -1e 55,-19 2q 76 2t,79 1n 11 1k,7d d 2n a,78 -q 3t -q,78 -1m 4c -1h,79 -2s 5m -2m,-13 3h 79 3j,1 1j 8 d9,27 d 2a da,4l -1j 4n df,-5j 59 -cf 67 -ev 59,-f4 57 -jb 15,-5m 5h -5o cd,-4j 5c -4g bp,-2p 5h -2n cd,-88 5j -88 bh,-bh 6c -bh ba,-e9 5o -ee aj,-gf 46 -gh at,8b -52 dj -7s,dq -7s k9 -gs,de -7l e6 -8c,9m -63 a7 d0,db -7g db d5,g5 -b3 g7 ck,2g8 16e 2eh 16e 2eh 185 2fa 183 2g0 180,2g3 183 2gp 18f 2gi 19n 2fr 1av,2fm 1av 2eh 1b2,2o9 14g 2o2 14d,2pl 15k 2pv 1bb,2r4 1b3 2s5 1b1 2tn 1as 2ub 1a3 2ul 18h,2ui 18h 2ud 179,2ud 176 2tu 15u,2tk 15n 2s5 15i,2s2 15i 2ro 16v,2ro 171 2r2 190 2re 1au,2u1 15u 2su 15i,2o7 1d9 2o4 1c9,33p 143 33h 1cr,33h 1ct 3b9 1ct 3bh 13p#T 8eh 1tc,T 8ek 1tc,T 8eh 1tc,T 8e4 1tc,T 8f5 1tr,T 8cv 1t5,T 8b1 1se,T 8b1 1se,T 8b5 1sh,T 8a5 1s7,T 8a0 1s4,T 89o 1s4,T 89k 1s1,T 89f 1rt,T 88v 1rq,T 88h 1rq,T 88c 1rj,T 88g 1rd,T 88e 1rd,T 88g 1rj,T 88c 1rn,T 887 1rn,T 8d1 1sv,T 8co 1sq,T 8ce 1sr,T 8c6 1sm,T 8bp 1sl,T 8g0 1tu,T 8gd 1u0,T 8g3 1tr,T 8fm 1tp,T 8ic 1ui,T 8ic 1uh,T 8je 1um,T 8jc 1ur,T 8oh 1u8,T 8o9 1u8,T 8mt 1ud,T 8nb 1ud,T 8ne 1uc,T 8n6 1uf,T 8m9 1ur,T 8lv 1ui,T 8md 1uf,T 8ne 1u5,T 8p7 1u7,T 8pn 1u5,T 8q3 1u3,T 8q8 1tu,T 8qs 1tt,T 8re 1tt,T 8r4 1u0,T 8r3 1u2,T 8rn 1tp,T 8s6 1tp,T 8sg 1tp,T 8ro 1to,T 8sr 1tm,T 8t9 1tj,T 8uf 1th,T 8ud 1th,T 8u2 1th,T 8tk 1tj,T 8sh 1tj,T 8rs 1tk,T 8ri 1tp,T 8qg 1u2,T 8pd 1u2,T 8ot 1u3,T 8or 1u3,T 8oo 1u5,T 8o5 1u7,T 8o0 1u5,T 8op 1to,T 8pc 1tp,T 8qd 1tp,T 8qq 1tr,T 8qn 1tt,T 8pp 1tt,T 8pf 1tu,T 8oj 1u0,T 8no 1u7,T 8ng 1u7,T 8nt 1u3,T 8nq 1tt,T 8mo 1ud,T 8n2 1u8,T 8nj 1th,T 8rt 1te,T 8sm 1ta,T 8tr 1ta,T 8tu 1te,T 8st 1tk,T 8r3 1th,T 8q5 1th,T 8nv 1ud,T 8mi 1uf,T 8lu 1uf,T 8ll 1uf,T 8lf 1un,T 8kp 1um,T 8kr 1um,T 8l0 1uk,T 8l6 1uk,T 8kd 1un,T 8kh 1un,T 8ki 1ur,T 8kk 1uu,T 8k2 1uu,T 8jt 1uu,T 8k3 1uk,T 8k5 1uh,T 8k0 1uf,T 8je 1uc,T 8j2 1ud,T 8j4 1uh,T 8j5 1ui,T 8jf 1uk,T 8je 1uk,T 8il 1uf,T 8il 1ud,T 8iq 1u3,T 8i6 1u3,T 8i1 1u3,T 8hl 1u3,T 8hd 1u3,T 8hb 1u3,T 8h6 1tu,T 8h1 1tu,T 8gn 1tu,T 8gk 1tu,T 8hs 1u7,T 8i2 1u8,T 8hv 1u7,T 8gi 1tj,T 8ga 1tj,T 8fr 1tj,T 8fi 1th,T 8fh 1th,T 8f3 1tf,T 8f3 1tf,T 8f3 1tf,T 8eu 1tc,T 8er 1ta,T 8em 1t2,T 8ea 1sr,T 8e2 1sv,T 8dr 1st,T 8dl 1t0,T 8dl 1t0,T 8dr 1t2,T 8e4 1t5,T 8e5 1t7,T 8em 1t7,T 8em 1t7,T 8ec 1t5,T 8dm 1t2,T 8dc 1sv,T 8cq 1sq,T 8d1 1sl,T 8d4 1sl,T 88v 1rn,T 88v 1rn,T 892 1rn,T 89j 1rs,T 8aa 1s4,T 8af 1s4,T 8a7 1rq,T 89j 1rl,T 897 1s1,T 88v 1rg,T 88q 1r3,T 8ac 1rd,T 8b8 1rl,T 8c3 1s6,T 8cg 1sb,T 8ci 1sg,T 8cb 1sg,T 8c3 1se,T 8bs 1s9,T 8bn 1s9,T 8bf 1se,T 8b0 1s1,T 8b0 1s1,T 8au 1s4,T 8au 1sb,T 8ar 1rs,T 8au 1rq,T 8au 1rq,T 8ap 1rq,T 8ac 1rg,T 89j 1r8,T 89t 1rg,T 8ac 1rl,T 8aa 1r8,T 894 1r6,T 892 1rd,T 894 1rg,T 89m 1rn,T 8a2 1rq,T 8a5 1rq,T 8bf 1rv,T 8b5 1ri,T 88g 1r1,T 6se 1fa,T 2n8 1f7,T 5f -1k,T 64 -4f

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