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Call of Doody?
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you know the rules, and so, do i

CTRL+W count: 113+
Twice: 11+
Thrice: 2 (lawl can yu belee dat?)

i have a PH. Dick in the following submarinejects
- le lifting
- le fizziks
- le chemisthree
- le arithmeticals
- le 9gag
- le fronce
- le roy jizzkins
- le hitlers
- le mon

fanny quotes

ClawOfJudgeJudy1: dick cheese

Spidr_Emricko720: At LEAst i have a dildo

fira10: Pardon me for my lack on intelligence, my friend.

ClawOfJudgeJudy1: lemme put my ding dong in your coochy coo

ClawOfJudgeJudy1: chuck a shit on my chest
ihumpwalls: why

joebob23: i poop on runescape

kittenluver87: Amanda Todd was just a result of when girls flash their breasts

Perry2001: hello im bak ;p
ClawOfJudgeJudy1: you want a metal?
ClawOfJudgeJudy1: have some uranusmum

satveersall97: does it sound like im a hoe

ClawOfJudgeJudy1: im an alpha mail
LuckilyImLucky: You’re the top of the mail letters?

SillySally12321: lol no offence but when i go type germans i get drunky lesbys

tghrr: before when you said god son I thought you meant your son who you loved so much you thought he was a god

ClawOfJudgeJudy1: Sir Beer and Monty Knee Grow

kry_sp33dy: ive always been confused by this chatroom ClawOfJudgeJudy1: what is the terminal velocity of gheyness when approaching the speed of anal?

january2012: I’m leaving.
january2012: You’re all weird.


hildalgo12: where’s the tits, karina?
karinamarie: on my chest

ahme123456: are you a gril yes or no
ahme123456: youare a gril

GaruuSpike: Fat people are capable of consuming skinny people
ClawOfJudgeJudy1: thats nice
Ace1263: Many skinny people are capable of consuming one fat person.

TheAyron: WAIT, cheaper to make sex DOES NOT benefit the one making sex, that logic is flawed
Elakyn: Your mom is flawed
TheAyron: elak, if im 30, she is 60, you want a 60 year old woman to be flawed? wtf is wrong with you
ClawOfJudgeJudy1: i wanna slam her on the flaw
TheAyron: and claw, you cannot argue with logic, that is logical correct?
ClawOfJudgeJudy1: i can argue with my flaw

Blackcoment: Oink
ClawOfJudgeJudy1: fat sluts go oink
TheAyron: bacon
ClawOfJudgeJudy1: and i love it
TheAyron: i wants some
ClawOfJudgeJudy1: yeah i want some fat sluts too

Elakyn: And Nipple God did lactate to extinguish the flames
Elakyn: And all now revered the holy land of Straya
ClawOfJudgeJudy1: and we all lived happily ever nipple
Kitezer: What

Kitezer: >compliment female
Kitezer: >get yelled at

NNNNNNNN111: my mom is the hottest from her friends P

kush9852: look in the mirror claw of dog judy with 1 buttock

KingRocky11: you know what
KingRocky11: i am retarded

Toast4Votes: atheism 4 lyfe

Kitezer: I cheat on everyone.

Kitezer: fall
Fallacia: No kite

spagheti_meatbal: speaking of a newborns anus my ashtray is getting full

ClawOfJudgeJudy1: Cletus the fetus

ClawOfJudgeJudy1: Le Bean Knees

xXSilent_DollXx: Spaghetti
spagheti_meatbal: doll
xXSilent_DollXx: Yeah?

xXSilent_DollXx: MOM
xXSilent_DollXx: MOM
xXSilent_DollXx: MOM
xXSilent_DollXx: MOM
spagheti_meatbal: what
xXSilent_DollXx:I LOVE YOU, MOM
spagheti_meatbal: love you too ***get

Ace1263: You’ll need those defense systems to fend off the hordes of criminals
DouglasW1: bullet ants would be one
joebob23: ants… made into bullets?
joebob23: or ants made out of bullets
DouglasW1: god you people make no sense
joebob23: douglas has the answers you have been seeking

Noisebot: there are no virgins on kongregate
Noisebot: except kite

fryzeboxx: i have a retard brother
ClawOfJudgeJudy1: no im not

22rockstar: cant afford an ass

mamat: i bet lord has a c0ck
mamat: maria is not virgin, lord done that

ClawOfJudgeJudy1: jimmy status:rustled

Kitezer: Queer is something unusual.
hildalgo12: only men can choose if they are queer
hildalgo12: women can not think of such things
Kitezer: A girl can’t be queer
ClawOfJudgeJudy1: queer women…BOOOO
ClawOfJudgeJudy1: surrender your vaginas
Noisebot: is this homosexual hate speech or what
ClawOfJudgeJudy1: no its just less vagina for men, which is hate speech towards the idea of men getting less vagina

rehm123: Time for RS time.

Davidwestwood94: pube dick pie

ClawOfJudgeJudy1: Al Gore Rhythm

milocat: my mom is the only one who likes my statuses

Ace1263: Dan Akrowroyd.
ClawOfJudgeJudy1: aksteroyds

ggafsdgafsd: florida is not hot its humis
ClawOfJudgeJudy1: its hommus

Procasti: sorry got called away to do my mom

Snip22: hello im snip
ClawOfJudgeJudy1: i like you snip, you’re a no bullshit kind of guy who likes to cut to the chase and be as upfront as possible, you’re hired

ClawOfJudgeJudy1: this sentence;brought to you by my penis

ProfessorWalrus: chess is racist

ClawOfJudgeJudy1: robert down syndrome jr

ClawOfJudgeJudy1: EmmaWilliams for Mod 2013
EmmaWilliams: Claw, what’s the supposed to mean/
ClawOfJudgeJudy1: its supposed to mean
ClawOfJudgeJudy1: i support you
EmmaWilliams: Right.. Okay..
ClawOfJudgeJudy1: and your quest to become the first goat to moderate on Kong

TomasP77: what you english?
TomasP77: im slovakia
ClawOfJudgeJudy1: whats an english?
ClawOfJudgeJudy1: whos slovakia?
TomasP77: im slovaki
ClawOfJudgeJudy1: oh hello slovakia

Kitezer: krillin best character
Ace1263: Kitezer
Ace1263: Are you Krillin?

slimbeatty: fall
Fallacia: Yes?
slimbeatty: nvm
Fallacia: k

Flint_Eastwood: You’re either ignorant or NEET if you don’t care about current world events.
ClawOfJudgeJudy1: the news does not deliver pussy to my doorstep

ClawOfJudgeJudy1: yeah, “appeals to the public”
ClawOfJudgeJudy1: appubes to the pleebic

joebob23: $300,000 bail and they were like “we are gonna be selling watermelons so come and support him”
RWhitey: that many watermelons..
ClawOfJudgeJudy1: f*** u then imma go over and get me some delicious watamelunz
RWhitey: so what genre of games are you most into joebob?
ClawOfJudgeJudy1: John Ra
ClawOfJudgeJudy1: winged dragon of John Ra
ClawOfJudgeJudy1: John Wayne Ra
ClawOfJudgeJudy1: John Waynermelon Ra

bowlin4sup: Hello Everyone
nmibeck: not much

rehm123: claw, there’s a such thing as an inverted dick, my friend
ClawOfJudgeJudy1: you’re an inverted dick

Icklem: Argh – the s key get the first ‘removal attempt’!
kngrgte: blast your keyboard with air
ClawOfJudgeJudy1: i think its already been blasted with some other things kng

Aquilonn: Don’t worry, the best puns are the ones that make people want to strangle you.

Fallacia: Elephants suck

Stalcloud: I told her her negro child was retarded
Stalcloud: and she jumped me
Rest_in_RIP: do you use a confederate flag as a cape

kngrgte: i apparently grab gfs titties in my sleep
kngrgte: 10/10
ClawOfJudgeJudy1: yes…in your sleep
Angelblaze: In your dreams*
ClawOfJudgeJudy1: that gives me an idea

XxLostNeoxX: Lets overthrow Fallacia
joebob23: i want to overthrow your grandmohter

ddrumdrummer69: I just farted.
Elakyn: Isn’t that wonderful

ihumpwalls: hey
ClawOfJudgeJudy1: can we get a horse out here? someone brought some hey

rehm123: i killed chat
desteny7: meh
desteny7: meeeeh

JolietJuggalo: wasnt one of losts biggest secrets how that guy kept getting fatter on the island

Wilbur 1223

anyone want a white beverage !?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
u can hav my white beverage i hav it n the refrigertator ;)
u kno what better in the morning wen u ****ed a bitch n she still there !
i get hynas they the best there is !
nahh . hynas not hyenas
im high niggas ! O.o
Im 16 and a fu(king nigga
nahh niggas im on kush wit dem beaners
– William Maples

ClawOfJudgeJudy1: wilburs the kind of guy to eat a used tampon for attention

ClawOfJudgeJudy1: vacuum cleaners? you cant clean a vacuum

Murder_Machine: we have a little frog in the geraniums outside sometimes
thealexman1: we sometimes have geckos in our fernery ClawOfJudgeJudy1: i have crabs in my pantaloons

philippa_crellin: SWAG- satans wishes are granted
philippa_crellin: WTF- worship the fallen
ClawOfJudgeJudy1: philippa – penis haggis igloo liposuction indian penis penis anus

giannwayne: poop the shit

Fallacia: XeyarAL SROEY
Elakyn: Should we call an exorcist?

Elakyn: Kite
Elakyn: How about
Elakyn: No.

PurpleSteel: Fall is either AFK or masturbating vigorously.

PurpleSteel: I just bought a ****ing katana
PurpleSteel: What’s wrong with me
terwerty: hey thats great albs
terwerty: now you can cut your dick with it

PurpleSteel: I almost sharted myself
PurpleSteel: Can’t even trust a fart anymore.
Holy2334: why?
PurpleSteel: Because lying assholes.

DeathclutchMMA: No claw
DeathclutchMMA: stop being stupid pls
ClawOfJudgeJudy1: i moisten my flaps with goat blood

yoloswag420beast: History is most certainly not boring.

Tolni: are you durnk again

Fallacia: With a period and a slash
ClawOfJudgeJudy1: slashing and periods. must be what living with your wife is like

thealexman1: didnt even know there was a cover orange 2 wtf
ClawOfJudgeJudy1: stfu alex ill knock you out punkass bitch
ClawOfJudgeJudy1: cum over ere cockhead teach you what it means to be a man
ClawOfJudgeJudy1: knock your teeth out you big gabber ’ole

rehm123: are you serious there’s only 28 days this month

Fallacia: Wow, bird jesus is already down to 68HP
ilove69ers: world of warcraft, bird jesus is already down to 68 horse power?

Tolni: pretend that Fall is actually really high
Fallacia: “bdown3a” now that’s how you use Strength

ClawOfJudgeJudy1: i slap your mom where shes sunburnt
DeathclutchMMA: my mom doesnt get sunburnt
ClawOfJudgeJudy1: oh is she a hermaphrodite?

Rusty410: Why does an internet chatroom have a wiki?

SpankMePls: fall
SpankMePls: i went to google

Kitezer: my mom would wreck my shit

Elakyn: I sure hope no insignificant person PMs me while I’m eating
Kitezer: ikr
Kitezer: They might make you miss my PMs

ClawOfJudgeJudy1: tits are unpredictable

MightyTinCan: You’re not allowed to call a hot chick average without supplying a hotter chick

ClawOfJudgeJudy1: i wonder if stephen hawking can shit his pants

DrThirteen: claw u sumbitch why am I not in your quotes?

X: I had the same sort of problems – I was kidnapped and held with a sawn-off shotgun at a farmhouse for 7 months.
Fallacia: Woot, kongregate saves transferred successfully

roboeskimo: buying gf

Dark_Arkana: Rehm transcended past the realm of Gonorrhea

Elakyn: First rule of hipster club is “you’ve probably never heard of it”

ClawOfJudgeJudy1: i wonder if manboobs would be more attractive if they were like regular boobs

ClawOfJudgeJudy1: i sell propane and narrow urethras

Ace1263: I’m glad that no matter the time, no matter what’s going on, everyone is more than happy to join in on making fun of Kite.

dairyaday: then i get to take on the gay kids again

ClawOfJudgeJudy1: i think, therefore i am
ClawOfJudgeJudy1: i am, therefore, i fap

DontBeMean353: lol hi guys
ClawOfJudgeJudy1: i dont think this is any honey mustard ive ever smelt, i can say the same for pussy

p00p00LLamahead: think of all the people you have talked to that had little pieces of poop in their ass cuz they dont wipe good enough

ClawOfJudgeJudy1: most smiths arent in fact black

DontBeMean353: hi judy
ClawOfJudgeJudy1: jew heidi

Elakyn: What the hell is wrong with your bread

Icklem: That all happened before I quit God

ClawOfJudgeJudy1: wet, moist, you name it, i am it

DownNeverOut: Books are superior
ClawOfJudgeJudy1: your mother has a superior posterior

aspyderwebb: pick a spider, any spider.

ciscus: If women aren’t attracted to men, then why do they date women who look like men?

rehm123: Applying for taco bell, guys.
F34R_KILLZ: i actually applied to taco bell today
ClawOfJudgeJudy1: the future looks bright for this generation

RIP_in_peacerino: is that a bong or a dildo

beautygirle: kit eww dont be like a donkey

Basherte: I won’t even kiss my husband’s ass

Shinjodinoaety: At least 3 people called Rehm a he so far today.
Shinjodinoaety: That awkward moment when
ClawOfJudgeJudy1: when rehm has no tits to prove otherwise

BBQcereal: hi

Soultwister: 5evar is so much longer than 4evar

ClawOfJudgeJudy1: last year i was approximately 90% of the whole year without a year
ClawOfJudgeJudy1: ………………
ilove69ers: I entire yeared that shit bro
ilove69ers: I didn’t miss a day

Basherte: The three best things I have ever done are my three children

Kitezer: calling of cops intensifies

Tycholarfero: i read dick

gogoisthebest: shinj are you made on me

RIP_in_peacerino: i eat dried semen balls ace

AlbeusDeux: Because when I ride my bike the seat pulls my ass hair

AlbeusDeux: Elakyn is an ass connoisseur.

RIP_in_fleece: death, no one cares about anything that doesnt concern them

wolfie43: could be a nice carpet munch

Aerilia: lol i farted on mum

rehm123: shit i even pooped in the bath cuz i was dared to by my step sister

rehm123: id rather have a dick
Basherte: I would too
rehm123: it’s easier to masturbate
rehm123: and it’s cleaner

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