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TRIGGER WARNING: Disclaimers Disclaimer: Everything here may be obsolete Ok, seriously, that's enough. Stop rating games low just because of no badges. Go to the chat, and look for a colored plug. If there's a green one, there's API, and the game creator has nothing to do with it. If there is none or it's red, there's no API, but still don't rate low just because of THAT!-=-=- Hey, hold enter on this map and the mountain biker ducks for cover(The BMX rider won't duck as far and good, the mountain biker actually would cover his head :D): -1n 1o 10 1 1o 10 -1n 1o 10 -1n 1o -1n,1o 10 0 1o,1o 10 -1n 1o 10 1o,-1n 1o 10 -1n -=-=- Also, this is my other map: -22 1l 2u 4a,2u 49 ai 49,ah 49 b4 42 bv 3p cr 3a,co 3d d4 33 de 2m,v8 4s ud 4m tm 4b t5 3r sq 35 sa 2e,v6 4r 296 4v,2ci 4u 2db 4t 2ea 4q 2fa 4i 2ga 43 2h9 3f 2i8 2h 33m 2f,291 51 2cr 4v,2i5 2j 2k0 4,2jv 4 2jv 2g,33i 2g 34i 2e 35n 27 36s 1u 383 1e 395 p 3a5 -4 3b2 -15 3bo -27 3ca -37 3cp -4c 3d1 -5f 3cv -6o 3cs -80 3cg -9e 3bi -af 3ae -bb 398 -c4 37s -cv 36b -dp 34o -ed 335 -ei#gh -3n gk 23 i4 24 hv -3n gf -3q lm 1s ml p hi -4g gi -3i n6 -3d mv -4j gs -4q gr -3f,jf -2g ju -3g#T 15k 48,T 351 -d3,T 32m 15,S dd 20,B ba 3i 1q -=-=- I live at The Flagpole, and sometimes take a vacation to The Hall of Odin at chat.-=-=-On Star Baron, my level number is 2670. Play it please!-=-=-http://www.thegamehomepage.com/play/super-stacker-2/Frizzly-Buisness/r5O0f0k4s7bt1W0Y0k3S6B_c0f0f00fr0f2q0J3c0O0O001/-=-=- [badge name here]Dude! You just completed the [badge name here] achievement in [game name here] and won the [badge name here] badge and [# of points] points!View all badges.---That's the badge format. Enjoy making fun badges.=-[Anyways, no info for much of a cake. Your cake is a lie too!]-=

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