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My greatest fear is my greatest desire.
My greatest hope is my greatest despair.
My greatest love is my greatest hatred.
My greatest test is one but gone.
My greatest joy is my only darkness.
Through time and life i journey.
In distant realms far beyond my making.
I wait for dreams as i wait for nightmares.
I made my choice.
But a distant star in worlds long gone.
Decree that my path must lay.
In the clouded mists of my lone mind.
To walk forever alone.
I believe that sometimes it is not the answer you seek, but the question.
Maybe one day, i will truly accept myself, but, for now, i must continue my quest in discovering myself. I am but a stranger to myself, i also believe that it is vital for one to understand oneself, for without knowing, one cannot ever truly feel complete. So due to my constant evaluation of my being, as my mind searches the ever shifting waves of thoughts and emotions, i find there is still much to learn. Even though i may find that two different and contradictory words can fit so well together, and that the line between the two seems so very thin and insecure, i know beyond doubt that i will eventually look at myself and say ‘I am not a stranger to myself’.
Why is there evil in the world? Why can it not all be good? Interesting questions with a suprisingly simple answer. I think it is because the world is about balance, good and evil must balance each other out. Just as one half of the world is bathed in light, the other resides in perpetual darkness. And as the light fades into shadows, while the stark realisation of the world comes back into focus, We see that light and dark are forever balanced. Just as good and evil, happy and sad, love and hate are balanced. We may wish that there was just good and no evil, but that would mean that the world becomes imbalanced, if we lived in a world where light outshone darkness, there would be those that are ruled by the darkness and do not feel the light. We must put aside our longing for good, for good creates balance with evil, we cannot have one without the other, and for every bit of good we create, we create evil, for it is the way of the world. Perhaps it would be better to say, that a wise man would share the burden, rather than take it upon himself, life is about balance.
So if the word for a word is verbatim, what’s the verbatim for a verbatim? Every answer only leads to more questions, yet questions only lead to more answers. And so it is we are trapped in this cycle of knowledge, never do we truly succeed in procuring absolute knowledge, forever searching for the questions of answers and the answers to questions. I for one will never give up in this self enlisted task, to gather as much knowledge as wisdom as it was my destiny to obtain.

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