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I was born 13 April 1978 (age 37). I’m a guy. I’m straight and single (uninvolved).

Things i fear:
1. Imprisonment / being buried alive
2. Hurting people’s feelings.

I realize that my enemies will attack my weaknesses, which i expose readily. But for the grace of my friends who know what to defend go i.

I do not hide them, for my enemies would search out my weaknesses, while my friends may (at times) see only what (little) strength i have.

About my name:
My name is collusion, a portmanteau (or “collusion”, if you will) of the words “color of illusion” (sometimes written “illusion of color”). My nickname is coll.

Please note, however, that this being my nickname does not necessarily imply that i am a fan of Color Me Badd. The nickname is more a matter of convenience than an extension (more properly, a restriction) of the portmanteau.

About my kongregate friends:
I add friends pretty liberally on kongregate. Just because i’ve added you does not mean i want to snuggle, cuddle, ticklefight, tacklehug, or share feelings with you (although, truth be told…. i probably do).

If you’d like to be kong-friends, feel free to add me and i’ll add you back. I exclude only those who themselves are commited to exclusion. [Rather boring sidenote: For a while i was playing some of those MMOs where your friend list affects them and i had to remove a bunch of people to make room in the MMO’s list (which had a small maximum). I haven’t added back the people i removed (too tedious) which is why i have way more fans than friends, but i’m back to adding people who add me now.]

About exclusion:
Exclusion is a subtle form of violence, a means to oppression. That which does not bind us together as one people is not my ally.

Exclusion includes, but is not limited to, racism, sexism, homophobia, any other sort of bigotry, as well as any promotion/exploitation of socioeconomic inequality.

I exclude only those who themselves are commited to exclusion. If you consistently act in a manner which i believe promotes exclusion, i will remove you as a friend. There is some room for joking and humor, but it is not a perfect aegis. If you feel you have been unjustly removed, i will happily discuss it and give you the chance to prove me wrong.

If you are not an exclusionist then congratulations! I consider you my friend. :)

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