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Feb. 12, 2013
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Eclectic. Smart. Southern. Girl.
Owner and Moderator, IKRC.

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*Funnies From the Kumquat Center:*
DrakeVonDragon: Ceremonial Ring Includes Naked Kelpies Lisping Erratically.
IAmTheCandyman: It's true. You're a bad person. That's why we picked you to moderate one of my old hangouts.
DrakeVonDragon: Right nowsickle sticks here., I’ve got 13 pop
DrakeVonDragon: Right now I’ve got 13 popsickle sticks here*
Crinkle: what, lol
DrakeVonDragon: I hate lag.
MrCheesey21: Sickception.
aphexacid: I still haven't invented my last food invention.
Crinkle: what's that?
aphexacid: pint of pizza, we were going to sell it out of the falafel wagon but we never got around to getting a wagon.
Bells95: Bucket list: Get grown man to discuss powerpuff girls...CHECK!
Bells95: "Dear Algebra, Stop asking us to find your X, She's not coming back and we don't know Y either."
Ray_Eeyore: anything dealing with my head would just cause mild problems and a strange desire to eat cheese related soups.
EpicSpirit: i was indecisive once, but now I just don't know.
GhostInGears: Violent laughter. The new name of my death metal band.
GhostInGears: Thanks, Crinkle.
Roewin: Awkweird! =D
FlairLikeRarity: If you mixed butter, and "I can't believe it's not butter" Would you get "I can sort of believe some of this isn't butter"?
Bells95: I just realized Pisces played with Barbies, and Drake referenced Katy Perry. >.>
savvy14112: brb gonna go eat the whole kitchen.
jess241: that might make the house structurally unsound.
scarmagista: President Lyndon B. Johnson owned an Amphibious car, the Amphicar, and used it to scare guests by driving them into his lake screaming about brake failure.
Physsion: i don't believe that
Physsion: but it'd be hilarious
aphexacid: yeah there's no such thing as an amphibious car.
aphexacid: cars don't lay eggs.
Roewin: Saying opposites of each other together is always negative. O-O
faust1990: in soviet russia sense make you.
Roewin: i.e, I love to hate. I hate to love. It's minus a plus. It's plus a minus. Everything is nothing. Nothing is everything. I'm dumbly smart. I'm smartly dumb.
Roewin: F1, that's true. Except it's not common sense. It's communism sense. =P
faust1990: XD
faust1990: these days common sense is uncommon.
Roewin: Soviet Russia was always Stalin. =P
aphexacid: I like to whack bushes while I battle without end xD
Rose214: oh don't worry, everyone loves me even when they're sober and whether or not they know it yet.
DarkRainyKnight: My jokes are going over like a lead zeppelin...
jess241: maybe we're all just a bunch of def leppards?
jess241: I may be a seething ball of fear and paranoia mixed with social anxiety, but even I am better at talking to people than you.
MissMarionette: Calm down. The sophomores in my school couldn't identify Gandhi in the aptly titled movie named after him.
Crinkle: haha Mari
MissMarionette: I'm like, "It's the bald guy with the mustache and Harry Potter glasses!!!"
aphexacid: bet kim jong-un has an ipad for angrybirds and such :p
jess241: General rule, if it has boobs I flirt with it at some point.
savvy14112: OH SO I AM NOT SPECIAL?
Physsion: it's always been my dream to be a spice girl
DrakeVonDragon: Crinkle: Not kidding since 2013.
Roewin: As she drinks her glass of wine, rating it from good to fine, she thinks about attempts to rhyme, but thinks she's much too drunk this time. XD
WolfBrother1983: "Stick It" was better than "Suite Life of Zack & Cody" and I watched that for Ashley Tisdale.
Crinkle: Wolf, now you're just officially embarassing yourself.
KayNer: The Metamorphosis - best coming to age romance novel i have ever read.
TribalSeedlings: Funny how Caps Lock is so similar sounding to AdBlock.
aphexacid: yes tribal, my brain is all caps lock ad block bat sock black rock
Physsion: hahaha classic crinkle
Physsion: "shut up please"
Egalisator: this is not a shonen anime. unrealistic goals will fail.
8taktaktak8: I almost feel some of that sassy black girl that I will never be, stirring.
Crinkle: you can't report someone for calling you Mr. Piddles, that's absurd and it wastes administrative time.
Crinkle: so, Mr. Piddles, i don't suggest you report anyone for doing something silly, like calling you Mr. Piddles.
KayNer: also it is admiral piddles after the wars on the kitchen front line
Dittowisa: demoted to Cpt. Piddles 2nd class after what happened in the kitchen afterwords.
Physsion: Mr. and Mrs. Piddles will be so disappointed in him
Crinkle: my profile is pretty effin' huge actually
Phyllotaxy: Fair point.
Phyllotaxy: I still think Flair's is larger though.
Crinkle: yeah but mine's big enough that i don't have profile envy or anything.
phenomforever: isn't that what they made size charts for?
FlairLikeRarity: profile envy
Physsion: sav always tells me size doesn't matter :(
Phyllotaxy: I think Siggy just rolled over in his grave.
Phyllotaxy: And one more roll for me calling him Siggy.
iamthemasta: We now return to "IKRC At Night."
iamthemasta: Here's your host, Crinkhul!
TheAbnegation: ah, I love the smell of frank negotiations in the morning. :p
Ray_Eeyore: well thats just rude
Ray_Eeyore: and really really awkjward
Physsion: so awkjward
Crinkle: hah
Ray_Eeyore: i kinda like that word though
Crinkle: now i feel awkjward too
Ray_Eeyore: awkjward
8taktaktak8: it makes me feel a little awkjward to look at it
Physsion: don't exacerbjate things
Crinkle: this is getting ridicujlous
Loops: I think its kinda magjical
Crinkle: it's like i don't even knjow you gjuys anymjore
Physsion: shjut up pjlease - Crijnkle
iamthemasta: Meat Boy: Putting the FU in fun since 2007!
MrMax121: if it isnt the dicinary is a lair
Crinkle: ^ haha
Roewin: So many errors....
MrMax121: XD
Roewin: It's like a blade made of wrong grammar.
aphexacid: llama politicians might cause an alpacalypse.
Crinkle: it's like, sometimes i think Roe is an idealist, who retains the imagination of a kid while possessing a high intelligence.
Crinkle: other times, i am like, Roe, wtf
aphexacid: ^
Crinkle: still other times, both those things happen at once :P
Roewin: I am both honored and honored. =)
iamthemasta: There's nothing more satisfying than beating someone in a game who, throughout the entire game, tells you how much you suck and how noob you are.
iamthemasta: "If you watch the chat beast in its natural habitat, you can see a slight case of schizophrenia or ADD."
sotlat: "I'm a good ole redneck and no amount of your devilish facts will change my god-inspired opinions"
KayNer: the view out of a teacan is postructed.
Andrias: That may be his only source of validation. It wasn't depressing before, but now it is! nice work Andy.
shyataroo: Andrias gets it.
shyataroo: I must, though, for how else am I supposed to validate my own actions and absurdities?
Andrias: Facebook.
Skruntoo: my photogenic memory fails me
jess241: you don't know what photogenic means, do you?
KayNer: :hands crinkle a hot mead: i hate it when you still have to argue with the kid i muted.
Why60: Reminds me of the time in the army when I became broccoli.
Why60: They said that if I survived, I'd be a vegetable for life. :p
duktak: did u survive
Why60: ...
funky189: well hes here isnt he
DrakeVonDragon: Of course he didn't survive.
Why60: Brains?
DrakeVonDragon: No, you got zombified by a vegan.
Why60: GRAINS!
DrakeVonDragon: Indeed.
Roewin: =I ..... Cast of ye idiocy if foolery is blood, shed yar innards in sanctified water to mildly wash thine own grime sculpted from internal habitation of rampant rebellion towards intelligence.
Roewin: Stop being dumb! =D
Haichii: Do you sell kumquats and kumquat accesories?
Crinkle: you think you're the only one that's ever asked?
Haichii: Well... kinda.
Dark697: Not accessories.
Dark697: but kumquats yes
Crinkle: kumquats generally don't hold up well when you craft accessories from them.
Crinkle: i tried making earmuffs once, it was a horrible mess.
Haichii: How does that even- don't answer.
Why60: It depends a lot on how you define your terms. Obviously I'm here playing games instead of inventing the cure for cancer. So by some standards I'm a total slacker. You too! Yay!
shyataroo: /whispergate 2014, NEVER FORGET
aphexacid: hagrid's motorbike was the hippogryph, it was a motomagus
sotlat: i tend to argue against narrow viewpoints, unless of course, they are my own ;)
Rose214: we're a self cleaning chat room.
elijahpbolware: you win 50 respection points :D
aphexacid: if I convert to judaism I will be aphexhasidic
szotyacid: People don't stop playing games. Only change their definition of game.
Crinkle: Once upon a day so dreary, while Kay pondered, weak and weary, over many a quaint and curious member of a certain room,
KayNer: oh shit
aphexacid: heheh
BIGBOY227: edgar allan poe popped into my mind
KayNer: damn bird
KayNer: it was a pigeon, not a crow, to which i said nevermore
Crinkle: While he nodded, nearly napping, suddenly, there came a flapping. As if someone, gently slapping, slapping perhaps, in the gloom.
Crinkle: "Tis some real weird noise," Kay muttered. "Wonder what that's happening for?"
BIGBOY227: was i right
BIGBOY227: is this poe
aphexacid: yes :b
KayNer: by concidence, the bird did shit on my german poe collection from 1973
Aerilia: i'd say i am an apatheist. i don't give a shit if there's a god or gods or not.
aphexacid: actually I think it was Colby LaBaron, the hoopsketbasket player
Dittowisa: I get confused ever since they moved the son of god's birthday to the same day as the sun god's birthday.
VoidDragon777: Irony hurts x.x
DrakeVonDragon: Iron E hurts more.
cookiegod86: I had a fun night, but a terrible morning lol.
scaramoucheboy: where the bottle in front of me, turned into a frontal lobotomy?
IceWeaselX: If you enjoy schadenfreude, does that make you a Deutschbag?
aphexacid: I feel like underdogs are too popular that the overdogs are the new underdogs.
MissMarionette: Everyone calm down. None of this matters because you're not talking about me.
DrakeVonDragon: I know hipsters lie.
yonathaniel: Anyone here a hipster?
DrakeVonDragon: It's part of hipsterhood.
Crinkle: if you say you're a hipster, you automatically negate yourself being a hipster.
Crinkle: a hipster would never call himself a hipster.
DrakeVonDragon: :P
DrakeVonDragon: Because hipstering is mainstream nowadays.
yonathaniel: Ok so nobodys a hipster
Crinkle: calling yourself a hipster is way too mainstream, yeah
majora4: If a tree falls in the forest and nobody's around to hear it... a hipster will buy the soundtrack
VoidDragon777: Phex. I don't mean to brag. But I know Karate. And Jujitsu. And three other words that are of asian origin.
DrakeVonDragon: You can't get more summer than steel-tipped manure-wading shoes.
DrakeVonDragon: It's true, though, God purportedly raised an arc of mountains to remind himself never to flood the chat again.
MissMarionette: It ain't an insult
MissMarionette: It's just proof that we're too manly for the meek
MissMarionette: (Flexes calves)
Crinkle: omg, leave those baby cows alone
MissMarionette: German humor is difficult because your words are like legos that can be moved around and that's hard
majora4: When something gets super popular, you'll be a bunch of two-bit knockoffs of said thing
majora4: see
majora4: Wow. Talk about fail.
Hollycide: Same: A Biography, by Hollycide
DrakeVonDragon: I Don't Think Lice Should be Allowed to Wear Bowties, a biography by Drake Von Dragon
majora4: I have just one question right now. If that thing in my laundry room is my step ladder... then who's my real ladder?
Hexhawk7987: :cough:PILLCOSBY:cough:
aphexacid: flouride makes your organs raise and get fluffy
DrakeVonDragon: I think the internet is gonna stay stable for the next cou+ple+ ++s+++++e+++++c++++o++++n++++d++++++++s++++++ ++++++++++s++++o+++++ ++++++I+++++ ++c+a++++n++++ ++++s+a++++++++y++++ +++++h++++++i++++ +++++++:+++++P+++++++
DrakeVonDragon: Oh ffs-
majora4: Hell is like a town with only one grocery store. And that grocery store only stocks your 3rd favorite brand of everything, even as you acclimate to new tastes.
Roewin: You assume I have 50 cents. You assume I have any sense, but that's a different issue. =P
KayNer: also latin is not dead. its just catholic.
majora4: There are four things in this world I'm not very good at: 1) Shuffling Cards; B) Making lists; III) Counting
MissMarionette: Burn the trump lovers
MissMarionette: With sick insults
aphexacid: I, for one, welcome our new comboverlord
Crinkle: c[_]
Drake138: mmm it's coffee time
DrakeVonDragon: Ahoy Crinkle.
DrakeVonDragon: Her heart is as dark as the coffee she drinks.
MissMarionette: Shut up, it's Rock a Doodle. No, shut up, it's Rock A Doodle. Chant it three times in a mirror with the lights off and you'll see an image of Don Bluth screaming.
majora4: We don't really need a "cool uncle" moderator. We've already got DVD for that.
aphexacid: do male deer have buck teeth?
MissMarionette: What do you mean HUH
MissMarionette: I have a 50 x 50 taco
aphexacid: dom't hate the player hate the gane
majora4: Hmm.. so if sexuality is fluid, does that mean you're only permitted 3.4 oz (100ml) of sexuality on board an airplane? How does that work?
KayNer: you have to freeze it while in transit
MachoHedgehog: If it's a bad example, why use it?
MissMarionette: Did I say I made a mistake? Oh I think I said I made a mistake, I think I said I made a mistake.
KayNer: modern germany is a weird but modern construct
Crinkle: next up is the Halloween favorite, Hocus Pocus, starring Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimi
Crinkle: and also wee tiny Thora Birch before she was famous
Crinkle: and an animatronic cat
aphexacid: I've still only heard of one of those people xD
Crinkle: Bette Midler?
aphexacid: of course :b
Crinkle: Sarah Jessica Parker = Sex and the City
aphexacid: oh the horse joke lady?
Crinkle: yes.
aphexacid: then two, I guess :b
k218: she was in seinfelds cars and coffee
Pilzen: She was also in the 5th race at Santa Anita, finished fourth.
Crinkle: lol Pilzen
Pilzen: I'm not laughing. Ruined my trifecta.
MissMarionette: my God, this Tag Page I made for my fandom blog is so organized (~^_^)~
rwuni: Actually, you know what, skip all that. Assume that entanglement is the subatomic equivalent of love, and that atoms are families. Very Large ones are very disfunctional.
GeorgeRRMartin: Attention! This is a public service announcement: Winter has been postponed. That will be all - carry on.
MissMarionette: Just give me the money and I'll give you your son back!
Crinkle: "If you are looking for ransom I can tell you I don't have money, but what I do have are a very particular set of skills."
Crinkle: "Skills I have acquired over a very long career."
MissMarionette: "Namely, balloon animal making and souffle torture"
Crinkle: "Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you."
MissMarionette: "Watch as I make all these souffles, only for them to deflate. The disappointment at each ruined baked good will drive you insane"
KayNer: brits back in the day had unwrapping parties back when they went mummy hunting in egypt
Hogwash: sounds grave
KittenItaly: Hey guys
hibye3: hey beautiful
aphexacid: hello person
KittenItaly: Dude im a guy
hibye3: how are you doing
KittenItaly: good
aphexacid: persons can be beautiful too
KittenItaly: ?
hibye3: actually acid, just because your a guy doesn't mean you cant be beautiful
aphexacid: that's what I'm saying
hibye3: **** that gender role stuff
aphexacid: my personfriend said I was beautiful once but I'm a person
Crinkle: that person is right phex, your beauty is astounding
aphexacid: thanks person
majora4: Shit, man, this all seems like some crazy skit you'd hear about on Late Night with David Letterperson.
ShadowX1337: What has 4 legs and is always ready to travel?
VoidDragon777: A suitcase?
aphexacid: a duck
naruto24592: dog
ShadowX1337: an elephant.
majora4: Do ducks even have four legs?
majora4: Yeah, I hate it when that happens. Some weird shit goes down and suddenly you're in Kalamazoo in 1674.
majora4: If we're going to be oddly formal, we should go all the way and call him Porifera Robert Cuboid Pantaloons
majora4: Oh... (incendiary statement meant to shock and provoke a response #543)? Well, in that case, (hostile response #37)! Take that!
majora4: "I didn't know the tigers were going to eat MY face," says local man who voted for the "Tigers Eating People's Faces" Party
DrakeVonDragon: You know, sometimes I get the feeling I'm not entirely serious.
KiLLeRToWL: now i wonder about why it's funny to me to annoty other peopole over the internet, its stupid
majora4: Wait. Oh shit! Crinkle! Yeetballs is IN YOUR HOUSE. Get out!
touetoue: I tendn't to too
majora4: Also, what REALLY happened is that NASA wanted to fake the moon landing. They hired Stanley Kubrick to direct the production. However, he was such a stickler for realism that he insisted they film on location
majora4: The end of the day event is a competition between two hipsters to see who can name the most obscure band. Plot twist: The real winner is the one who can get their opponent to claim a band that doesn't even exist is "too mainstream"

aphexacid: I dunno if I'll go this year, it's getting too popular

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