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    Alternia, in a dream bubble, A doomed timeline, Or wondering with my brother on a 'road trip'. Or maybe just in a far off castle, with all the people I care for, playing music boxes all day long.
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    Feb. 21, 2012
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I wake up with the faint sound of the eternal playlist of songs that go through my mind, one after another. I quiet myself, to try and listen to the section I had rolling in my head today. I forget what the song was by now, But for some reason, It lead me to think of this site needless to say. I wanted to update you people To say I’m not completely dead, I guess. Well, Yes, I am alive. Awake at that. I’ve grown, A lot, Mentally of course. (But I guess I do look older as well.) I have many, MANY, new hobbies, but it still includes Role-Playing. I read still, I adore on so many levels a webcomic called Homestuck. It’s changed my life, practically. I’m still attached to The Percy Jackson series, and have started to read other series as well. I watch television a lot more than I used to. Supernatural is an all time favorite currently, And admit, I do watch Anime. Cosplay Is a must, with all these obsessions and all. I constantly make little tidbits for cosplays here and there, things that interest me and things that seem hella cool. I play video games, Animal crossings New Leaf, Legend Of Zelda still, And sometimes Pokemon If i can find my game. I’ve also gotten into Skyrim, Well, Was placed into it. (My favorite god is sheogorath, and the wabbajack is fucking awesome. But I still mainly use my orcish axe and my flames..) I have so many new friends that like what I like, And are close to me. Some that I can meet in under an hours worth of walking, And some that are states away. Tumblr is a thing for me now, And It sort of will always be I guess. I still chat, And role-play, But just on different sites. Oh, I have two New kittens. Tom And Jerry. Tom Is the dumb one, But playful and happy at that. Jerry Is the shy one, He has a bit of common sense but i really wish he’d boost up his confidence. Their brothers, The only physical difference is that Jerry has a bobbed tail. Well, Thats really whats going on in my life. Maybe some other things that I didn’t list, But, Yes. Thats Really it. I Still remember you guys, And think about everyone from time to time. But I cant come back, Its something I’ve moved on from. Sorry If you feel bad about it, But Its not changing.

If you really want to know my tumblr, message me about it.

Cupcake, Out.

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