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pinkssis: :( bi im leaving this is r boreing
Imnobodyx: ok fines ir u want be 2 stopp bein borin fine >.> ///////
MrSpontaneous: Moderators Of Doom Enforce Rules And Take Out Repulsive Spammers ////// SnpbladeX: Not shaken.
SnpbladeX: Just nerd. ////// MrSpontaneous: Scottish ghettos… hmm
MrSpontaneous: do they sag their kilts? ////// sunnygrlrox: Ducky.
sunnygrlrox: I don’t have a bra on. ////// bunnykitten: ;-; stupid frenchie ran Monkmoose: they do that.. ////// uuu2: I would like a mod in blackmyst.
CJcommando: no mods here
DackJaniels: ^
MrSpontaneous: ^ (reply) ///// jimothywakov: you think your lag is bad? it took jesus THREE DAYS to respawn ///// Rikiune: WHO’S THAT PIKACHU?! ////// DackJaniels: I have a deviated septum, you can’t tell me what to do.
Iamnotamod: deviates all over Dacks septum
DackJaniels: …
Iamnotamod: I can’t even what a septum is ////// stevenorr: I’ll tits you. ////// AkujiDelano: Long time no see.
Jamcob: That what I say when i wake up Aku ////// unknownperson6: Man, I hate it when I misspell a URL and it takes me to a porn site. (reply) ////// CraziAsian: my whole upper lip hurts and shiz
FairAsTheRose: Well, maybe you should stop sleeping around >.> //////
JKuang: Do you know how far 500 miles is?!
JohnLeprechaun: I’d say about 500 miles. //////
DorkPhones: straddling is a great word. I want to straddle things. ///////
Jamcob: 5 points to jamindoor ///////
J4xn: Man, i haven’t been on this website for more than a year
NuKillar: Congratulations! You have won the Abandon Kongregate For A Year badge and 60 points! ///
hellgrit: Give me the bloody ice cream! ///
thezombiegrinder: ale-ale jandro dont call my name dont call my name…
hellgrit: Corn you are part of me.
hellgrit: You are inside my man flaps. ///
SilentInsanity: He pulls out as slowly as he can.
SilentInsanity: Wait, crap. ///
Sparky_Baker: I’m gonna give you halitosis sucka
Sparky_Baker: Plaquesploitation film. ////
Bobart: was i talkin to you gibbleface? ///
MrSpontaneous: I’m the sexiest walrus around. /////
Upaut: I’d be indebted to someone if they could bring me an actual bottle of Catsup.
ToKKo: only a select few chinese restaraunts serve catsoup anymore /////
JKuang: Pangs of regret; he should’ve gotten that fist bump when he could. ////
MrSpontaneous: where we’re going, we don’t need legs.
MrSpontaneous: ////

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