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♥♥King for life.♥♥Okay, I'm putting this at the top for the people who don't care enough to scroll down. (Cause a certain cub that dances making a way overly long profile) Sooo, there are a couple fake me's. The real ones are: Danceingcub, (Obviously) Danceinqcub, and DanceingcubRobo. ---------------I'm a ♀ ---------------------------------------------------------We are all living a dream, then when we wake up, we will live again. Just to find out, we are still dreaming. And once again, will wake up. ---------------------------------------------------------------- I'm gonna tell you what's in my boots =) cough drops, three necklaces, a phone number, a pen, and 13 bucks. :D ----------------------------------------- What is love when one can not feel, and pain when one can not love? What is the reason for love if one must feel to love? And what is the reason for feel if you don't want to feel the pain? ------------------------------------------------------------- Happy K Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Today is the day I came back on Kong after a while so yeah I say Happy K Day. K for Kongregate. Actually it was yesterday, but I didn't save it or somethin so yeah I'm writing it again. --------------blah blah blah---------------yeah-------- Just so you know, Danceing_cub and danceing_cub are NOT ME :P Danceing_cub is hahaharoflol2 and danceing_cub is Emo_Elmo (I think that's right, maybe the other way around) so yeah. Hi. WHY DOES EVERYONE LICK MY NOSE!? I miss King :'( sad sad -----------------------------------------Hey, I think I need to take a break from Kong. All the drama with boys and stuff...it's hard enough in real life. I might be back in a day or I might be back in a year, I really don't know how long it will be. I might be on Kong once in a while as someone else, someone no one knows is me, just so the drama isn't there. I'm going to come back, I couldn't leave forever without saying goodbye to everyone, if I could leave forever at all. I hope no one gets mad at me for not saying goodbye to them. I'm still gonna answer shouts and whispers. ----------------------------… ... …  › > ¦ ¼ 1/4 `' Ç C Ï I ----------------------------------------------startin to come back onnnnn-----------------------"what state do u liv in danceingcub?" "I live in a state on the moon :D we call them blugas :D" Hey guess what the Bluga I live in is called Flawsko. =D ------------------------------------------------------------- I'm uber happy :D one of my best friends, who I've liked for a really long time is now my boyfriend :D (irl) oh and btw, as of October 18th, sometime between 12:40 AM and 12:46 AM, I have started a Free Food Ftw club. You're welcome to join =) -------"< i am danceingcub fear me! ... it just doesnt work" blah blah blah other people talked then same person said "thats like "i am king of the jungle hear me roar! meow" it just doesnt inspire fear"--------------Alright I was having this competition thing with Kingoftacoz, then he quite and RoflWaffles_ joined instead. Kingoftacoz: "i cnt tlk to cub wen she uses big words >.>" blah blah blah other words King: "makes me feel incompetent" Me: "-Laughs very sophisticated- Kingoftacoz you make me laugh" King: "cub u make me smile--sumtimes...." then I hugged him and he hugged me :D heart heart -------------I just stood in freezing cold wata until it was above my knees then my dad wanted me to get out ;D It was awesome. --------------at King's request, I'm changing my profile picture to a dancing bear with a pimp hat. Tell me if you like it more like that or without a hat. =) ---------------- Isfan: "I wanna be turned into one of those bunny hunterkillerattacker things!" Me "....What? -turns into bunny- D:" Isfan "If anyone hunts cubby I'll make sure they're permabanned." :D ♥♥ heart heart thank you Isfan =D -----------------------------------------ok so everyone was fighting so I said "oh oh oh lets all be nice to each other :D" and then Calm (PonAndZiForever) said "You know that wont come true. >_<3 =D!

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