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Name: Dazynal Rose~Heart


Class Type: Undetermined

Power Tier: Undetermined






-My clothes.


Name: Rathal
Type of Weapon: “Swift Great-sword”. (A two-handed sword that is less bulky than most allowing for faster swings and greater control while maintaining the greater damage).
Wielder: Sephiriah
Element: Darkness/Blood
(Human) A young man about 5’ 10" with brown hair, piercing blue eyes, he wears basic black “scrubs”.
(Human Released)
His arm blades are bone, his pupils become cat-like, His feet and abdomen gain some bone accents and he seeps an aura of dark energy and blood.
(Sword Normal) A dark grey Swift Great-sword with some serration near the cross guard {which is just basic} and a bone-like handle with black wrappings.
(Sword Release) Same style of sword but made of bone. Along the middle of the blade there is metal “spikes” that lay flat against the blade making a mouth-like image and near the bottom {where the serration still is} there is an eye. The handle is still the same, bone wrapped in black cloth. A dark red and black energy, that looks like blood mist, seeps from the blade. I am able to split down along that mouth thing and bite people in half or what not in order to feed on them. If I consume enough blood and/or souls while in this mode I can split into two Hand-and-a-half swords, each has a tooth (serrated) side, and an edge side.

Abilities (Human Form):
Shadow Step
He can (in human form) teleport into other people’s shadow.
Dark Blast
A blast of dark energies that harm targets.
Blade Arm(s)
He is able to turn one or both fore arms into blades in order to fight. The blades are Dark grey.

Abilities (Normal):
Dark Blast
A blast of dark energies that harm targets.
Dark Wave
By slashing while using Dark Blast the wielder can create a wave of dark energy that acts as a blade, cutting into it’s victims.
Reaping is Rathal’s “gateway power” it is the one that allows him to gain access to the released form. It is an area of effect power that sends out waves of dark energies to kill his enemies while also absorbing their blood and souls to give power. The smaller the area the more powerful his released form is, the bigger the area, the less powerful.

Abilities (Released):
Chomp Chomp Slice
He is able to split down the middle where that mouth like thing is in order to bite into people to feed. Often times it can split people in half.
Tainted Heart
His wielder and him reach a point of perfect synchronization, allowing them to unleash his most ultimate attack. It requires him to have eaten a lot of souls in this form. This attack drains all of his collected souls reverting him back to normal form; it also takes a bit of power from his wielder’s soul, leaving her drained. The attack it self is a gigantic wave of destructive dark energies. The more souls he’s eaten, the bigger and more destructive it is.

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