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A child, or possibly an adult, DementedHell isn’t quite sure. He is about four feet six inches tall. He can usually be found sitting in a corner, holding some sort of doll or something, which looks much too human than a doll should. His left hand has been replaced by some sort of blade, which appears to be made completely out of human bone, with a layer of skin stretched over it. The blade is lethal, and the skin over it has blood that flows beneath the skin in veins and vessels, completely visible to anyone who looks at it. The bone that makes the blade stay in shape is much harder than regular human bone, being mixed with some sort of metal. His right hand has grotesque claws attached where there should be fingers and a thumb, but only one finger still remains, which would be the pointer finger. The claws are about three inches longer than the normal length of a finger for someone who is his age, however old he is, and are sharp enough to be lethal. His right eye is dark red, and his left eye is light green. His hair is white, short, and a mess. He neglects the use of names and neglects their existence, instead calling people by their personalities instead. He wears what appears to be a black hoodie, fairly new. He also wears blue jeans, which are also fairly new. He wears black vans shoes on both feet. His skin is deathly pale, and his expression is usually one of alarm and shock, and when he speaks it is usually with a quiet, scared and strangled sounding, as if his vocal cords have been messed with. Recently he has been afflicted with the neko virus. He now has white cat ears and a white tail. He heals faster than a normal human, and is much harder to kill than one. He barely remembers what his name was, or if he even had one to begin with, and prefers to be called DementedHell, since that is what he feels the inside of his head is like.

For people who like pictures more than descriptions, I took the liberty to find some picture.
Hair: http://i403.photobucket.com/albums/pp111/KittymittyProductions/Anime%20Boys/Hiroshi2.jpg?t=1242091426
What is bladed hand sort of looks like: http://www.downloadatoz.com/resources/201101/pic/1296280902.jpg
I couldn’t find something good enough to match his clawed hand, so there will not be a picture for it.
Shoes: http://www.decademailorder.com/images/products/noschool%20blk.jpg?max_size=300&image_w=300&image_h=300
And about his doll, it looks like a scientist.

Project Monster Disease is basically a man made disease. What it is meant to do is turn the host it occupies into a monster, and having immunity to this disease is mostly impossible. The disease doesn’t affect a rare few creatures for unknown reasons. The effects of the disease differs depending on the host. The known thing that the disease does to the host is turn it into something that much resembles a monster, the host now being a completely different creature than what it was to begin with. In order for a creature to become infected by the disease they have to enter the area that the disease populates, since it is airborne but does not move too quickly.

Project Tormented Soul is about eight feet eleven inches tall. He wears a black robe with the hood up, and two glowing eyes peek out from the darkness the hood creates which covers his face, though not entirely, leaving some of his chin visible. His skin is stretched tight across what little amount of his body can be seen. His fingers are claws which are approximately eleven inches long and sharp enough to cut through someone easily. His skin is deathly pale and his hooded robe is a solid black and made of a rough fabric. He can travel through darkness with teleportation, making his favored fighting places dark ares with little to no lighting.

Mason’s created cousin, Jacob, has the same colored skin as Mason. His eye color is hazel, though, and his hair is long enough to reach his shoulders. His hair color is mostly dark brown, except for strands of hair that fall in front of his eyes, which are colored white. He is a few inches taller than Mason and is twelve years old, like Mason is. The fingers of his right hand have been replaced by claws the same length as his fingers and he usually has a smug grin on his face. On his forehead is a metal scarab. He usually wears blue jeans, a green t shirt and red tennis shoes with dark green laces. He also has a spike sticking out of the palm of his right hand, made of metal and able to flatten.

Mason is twelve years old and has dark blue eyes. His voice sounds like that of a very young child’s. He wears black jeans that have some blood splattered onto them, along with a pair of combat boots, also black but without blood, and a shirt with a golden colored hammer and sickle on it, the shirt being red. His hair is dyed black, originally a light brown color. His hair is combed to the right, part of it covering his right eye. His pet neko, Kitty, had injected him with the neko virus, so he now has a blood red cat tail and blood red neko ears. He usually has the ears covered by a hat though, the hat being an inexpensive red hat. Stabbed into his pants at his right side is his sickle, which is described in another description. He also wears a jacket, which appears to have more blood on it than his pants, the jacket being black. He sometimes has a teddy bear, but not often. His teddy bear has some blood splattered on it, with one eye missing and an ear cut off. It has stuffing coming out of it at various points where it had been stabbed.

A very tall individual, about eight feet tall, the Executioner wears a black robe most of the time, wearing a mask which is stitched to his head and is pretty normal, but it gives no hint as to what the Executioner’s face looks like. The eyes on the mask are simple triangular slits and the mouth on the mask has large metal fangs sticking out of it. The mask is the same black color as his robe. The mask has no nose on it, making it seem like he had no nose. He usually always carries a halberd which is about seven and a half feet tall and is in his right hand. The axhead of the halberd is about the size of the Executioner’s head. The spike on top is about as long as the length of the Executioner’s hands combined. The halberd is mostly a dark black color, but the axhead it a dull silver, as well as the spike on top of it. On his hands he wears black fingerless gloves, his fingers skeletal and the extremely pale skin making the fingers appear as if all they were was bone. His presence is usually announced by storm clouds which block out the sun and are so thick that it makes it extremely dark, making flashlights a necessity to see in the darkness. Another thing that announces his presence is the loss of power in an area, always the same area the clouds are above. Also, his speed is greatly increased when he is not seen by someone.

His hair is shoulder length and is the color of straw, though it is mostly covered up by blood. His face is covered in scars, as is the rest of him. He wears clothes that should fit him but hang loose. His eyes are like triangles, like the ones someone would carve into a pumpkin. His eyes dart to about two hundred different places a second. He wears no shoes and is missing many toes, including a section of his left foot. His left ear is non-existant, a burn mark in its place, as well as a hole in the side of his head. His right hand has a stub where the pinkie finger should be and the pointer finger has been cut in half, though appears to be a claw. He has some adult teeth and some child teeth. His left hand is covered in bruises and has a small piece of the thumb missing, as well as several cuts on the other fingers. His voice is sort of squeaky. His eyes never actually focus. When his shirt is off, it is visible that he barely eats. The skin on his ribcage seems to have split apart and made a half hearted attempt to heal, doing poorly at this. Splotches of skin is still missing in various spots, a single rib visible though there appears to be some sort of clear material stretched over it and sewn to his skin as something like artificial skin. He wears a blue shirt, covered in blood stains, and brown jeans, also covered in blood stains. He is amazingly pale, as though he never goes into sunlight. His pupils are colored a dark blood red. His gums have stab marks in them and his teeth have a thin layer of blood on them. He currently has no name and is about sixteen, and about as tall as a sixteen year old.

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