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~ Anti-gays and religion ~

DepressedTiger: You know what I hate? Anti-gays

Aerilia: the anti gay people are pretty entertaining

Aerilia: them and anti vax conspiratards

thealexman1: im neutral gay

Aerilia: best reasons to keep them on the friends list is the comedy gold they keep posting

DepressedTiger: If guys want penis in there ass let them be

Aerilia: as long as they aren’t ****ing kids or animals i don’t see why we should hate them for their sexual preference

thealexman1: lol

DepressedTiger: Hell, the pope ****s kids and the catholics are fine

Aerilia: lol

DepressedTiger: So why can’t guys **** guys and christians be fine?

Aerilia: “b-but not all priests fuk children hurdur you satanist”

Aerilia: “you just hate christians”

thealexman1: i hate everyone equally

DepressedTiger: What would you do if you found out your grandparents were satanists that sacrafise newborn baabies

thealexman1: i wouldnt care

DepressedTiger: *sacrafice

Aerilia: i’d be alright with it

thealexman1: id be like sweet they didnt sacrafice me

Aerilia: i hate babies

pinktool: they suck

Aerilia: i’d at least hope they eat the corpses and prevent waste

DepressedTiger: Yeah, **** babies

thealexman1: and i must have some kind of demon power

Aerilia: i like mine fried in peanut oil

~ The sex swap ~

DepressedTiger: What if you woke up one day with tits and a vag/apenis

thealexman1: I would **** myself

DepressedTiger: *a penis

thealexman1: Go down the sex shop

thealexman1: get a nice looking dildo

thealexman1: and root my new vagina

DepressedTiger: A dragon dildo?

Aerilia: i’d be over the moon to not have a vagina any more if i woke up with a penis

thealexman1: break it in

pinktool: would you fuq me…?

DepressedTiger: …

Aerilia: no more periods

pinktool: id fuq mahself so hard

thealexman1: i would

thealexman1: i would go and buy a pinktool

Aerilia: and my clothes would fit me better

Aerilia: if i woke up a guy i’d donate all my bras and stuff to someone who woke up a chick

DepressedTiger: Like us, for example

thealexman1: lol

DepressedTiger: What if everyone changed sex overnight

DepressedTiger: Literally EVERYONE

Aerilia: if i didn’t have to wear a bra ever again i would be so happy

thealexman1: i think everyone would be sluts

cmssoccerking: that would suck

thealexman1: if we all just switched sexes

Aerilia: and if i no longer had to use pads or tampons that would be epic too

cmssoccerking: that would just suck

cmssoccerking: okay

thealexman1: i think everyone would want to try rooting as the opposite sex

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