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    At that place, next to that one spot, y'know where that one thing happened, and those ppl did that thing...ya you know where im talking bout right?
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    May. 25, 2009
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    xXDragoeXx (But i hardly get on Xbox so =/)

I like being me, and just hangin with my friends.
Apparently, I’m a second gen ZA regular, and am now on Wikipedia this is the link http://kongregate.wikia.com/wiki/Zero_Axis. Even though I’ve stopped playing Kongregate several times in the past, I still like to chat with you guys most of the time and still like to Role Play (good luck if you do too, i dont much these days, but i’ll still kick your ass).
(Read on if you dare, because there’s a LOT to read) When I RP, I’m an ancient, celestial, dragon shifter that is and contains a power that knows no limits. Yup, that sounde totally stupid but who gaf.

What I Have

My character owns several planets, small and large, lifeless, and bursting with it. Also I have mansions across Earth and ZA, including the one on my island. All of my property has a “X-Barrier” on it, especially my island. An X-Barrier, is a magical, non-stoppable, indestructible, self generative, impassable, importable, non-movable, non-breakable, non-affect-able, reflective, deflective, absorbing, UBER-barrier that keeps out anything I wish too keep out (sorry for being strict on that). I have a Food machine (originally designed for pizza), that will serve any type of food, side dish, dessert, drink, topping or item in the entire universe, food that comes from the machine is always healthy even if you order junk food (It will taste like the food you ordered, a thousand times better of course and the way you like it, but it’ll still be like eatin g a salad, even if you get choco volcano fudge cake topped with pizza and other shit). All around my island I have areas for every type of sport that out there, and on the coastline I have areas for sea exploration, sports, and any activity you can think of. I have a HUGE hot tub, pool, jacuzzi, and place to chill at the pools. Invisible servants that take care of everything around the island. The island has a mountain range with climates unique to each mountain. I also have amusement parks, water parks, and arcades on my island. Amusement parks have roller coasters, glide rooms, extreme drops, loops and airtime. Water parks have swimming pools, water dumpers, sprayers, water guns, water slides and tunnels, etc. Arcades have EVERY kind of game and game system since they were invented and free of charge. I have vaults for everything in storage on the farther away, baron planets. These vaults keep in stock: weapons, advanced tech, food, random stuff, and resources. Theres secret entrances, tunnels, openings, stakeouts, hideouts, labs, and safe houses all across ZA and I can get through any of them. In the mountain’s caves, i used to have a monster lab, the monsters there are very dangerous and have become bloodthirsty demon mutants, they’ll kill you if they ever get out. Some of my pets gaurd the caves to make sure no one gets in or out. I have an air soft shooting range, paintball areas, archery range, MEGABOUNCE house, next to the trampoline. Basically, anything you can imagine, it’s there somewhere on the island.

Weapons and Army
At all times, I carry my Shift Sword, it’s made up of all the dangerous things in the universe combined into a weapon, while role playing, if I see something that will make it stronger, my sword compacts it and absorbs it. So far, my shift sword is an infusion of my old mini-star, dark flame, blowgun (sends objects and people into the non-existence realm, the elemental rods of power, a LAZOHR, and my terrillulum roxide, carbon fiber, infinity gun with, refolded bullets that become supernova explosions, blue matter, and the elements, compacted into a pure power liquid. The sword can cut through any material, blast away anything from a very far distance, and manipulate matter. My army is made up of almost every creature in the universe (100,000 of each race) (dragons, serpents, phoenixes, monsters, mutant super enhanced zombies, basilisks, fairies, minotaurs, giants, cyclopes, satyrs, hell hounds, giant scorpions, fallen angels, demigods, wizards, titans, gods, elemental essences, and other creatures). Each soldier is equiped with the best weapons out there. The entire army described is also cloned to be 9,999,999,999,999,999 quadrillion times bigger on short notice. Why not over kill shit?!

I have a bunch of pets, most you can see on my planets and island. My pet dog, Sparky, can breath fire, fly, has “X-Skin” like the X-Shield, it does all the same stuff, basically, and he talks.

What I Can Do
I can teleport, disappear, reappear, explode, control time, control elements, bend matter, use mind control, transform, create stuff from midair, flying, reviving, invincible, magic, regenerating, super speed, I am 999,999,999% element, harm, death..etc. proof, MMA, and above all else, god-freaking-modding

The End

Too bad i dont RP anymore, it’s kinda fun when you’re baf, thx for reading ppl.

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