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Apr. 26, 2013
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    In a cave which, strangely, contains electricity, a computer, and a cable TV.
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Do really aggressive kumquats explode? Verily! Only not during rain and gloomy oppressive nights.
War of the Indigenous Kumquat Research Center Four Horsemen of the Kumquatocalypse
Avatar drawn by GaelicNox:
Epic lines:
Why60:They think they’re so smart, with their brains and their opposable thumbs. And don’t get me started on their flexible tongues!
yyyyyyo1:The great thing about being able to speak english as a first language is that it’s easier to act like you’re awful at english.
Dragondraikk: I love my hand…
Dread_Warrior: i love his hand too
EpicSpirit: The only thing good about pedophiles is that they drive slow in school zones
aphexacid: I like to whack bushes while I battle without end xD
ddsw1b: we are here becuase most of our parents had sex
DrakeVonDragon: And because boring can be addictive.
aphexacid: most? xD
ShotgunBuddy: … most?
savvy14112: “most”
TribalSeedlings: Most?
DrakeVonDragon: Most.
ShotgunBuddy: moist
ddsw1b: you broke the chain shotgun!
DrakeVonDragon: Do you have a hyppodotomonstrosesquipedaliophobic hippo?
Phyllotaxy: Yeah. Poor guy. The other day I called him a hippopotamus and he had a seizure.
DrakeVonDragon: I’ve always wanted to see one.
Phyllotaxy: I would take you, but I don’t think we should be seen together on the Moon.
DrakeVonDragon: I can’t even get a job on the moon.
DrakeVonDragon: Are we finishing all our sentences on the Moon?
Phyllotaxy: I’m not sure, but we often do on the Moon.
DrakeVonDragon: I see, but I’m not on the Moon.
Phyllotaxy: You COULD, as it just so happens we have a need for people who listen with their earholes on the Moon.
DrakeVonDragon: But I’m a dragon, and we can’t dwell on the Moon.
Phyllotaxy: It is a complication that you are not on the Moon. Your choice, however you should if you were on the Moon.
Phyllotaxy: No, that is slander – dragons thrive on the Moon.
DrakeVonDragon: I would still love you even if I were on the Moon.
DrakeVonDragon: But you said dragons can’t survive on the Moon!
Phyllotaxy: No, that was the other Phy who has obviously never been on the Moon.
DrakeVonDragon: That would be really weird on the Moon.
Phyllotaxy: It would be weird if one had not visited the Moon yet was on the Moon.
DrakeVonDragon: Is Crinkle having fun yet, even if she didn’t fill out the application yet to be on the Moon?
Crinkle: i am!
Phyllotaxy: I don’t know, you’ll have to ask Crinkle as to whether or not she is having fun even though she is not yet on the Moon.
Phyllotaxy: Ninja’d, and not even on the Moon.
DrakeVonDragon: I would have had a retort ending in “on the Moon” on the Moon.
Phyllotaxy: You probably would, were you on the Moon. We get a lot of practice on the Moon.
Crinkle: i am having fun not on the moon
Phyllotaxy: Then get your butt on the Moon!
phenomforever: o.o … on the moon
Phyllotaxy: Hey Phenom, who is not on the Moon.
Crinkle: i missed the shuttle to be on the moon
Crinkle: i was running late, sorry
DrakeVonDragon: He phenom, Phyll is on the Moon.
Phyllotaxy: Training unicorns on the Moon.
Crinkle: hi phenom :D
Phyllotaxy: Crinkle is an informer, otherwise Drake would not know I’m on the Moon.
DrakeVonDragon: Inded, Phyll is training unicorns on the Moon.
DrakeVonDragon: So many errors in my latest sentences ending with “on the Moon”.
Phyllotaxy: I’ve had my fun. Shall we call it a tie?
DrakeVonDragon: ties a tie around a stone
DrakeVonDragon: Sure.
Phyllotaxy: Fool! It’s a unicorn, not a tie!
DrakeVonDragon: Are you the one they call Dr Feelgood?
DrakeVonDragon: Are you the one that makes them feel all right?
DrakeVonDragon: Are you the one they call Dr Feelgood?
DrakeVonDragon: Are you gonna be my Frankenstein?
Phyllotaxy: Dr Phyll Goode, at your service.
KayNer: what is rincewince dog like cargo container named again?
DrakeVonDragon: Luggage.
DrakeVonDragon: Sapient pearwood, if I recall correctly?
KayNer: in german its “truhe”… it fits the pictures i have in my mind better
KayNer: a rare substance, like gold on the other-weight continent
DrakeVonDragon: Doesn’t that basically mean coffin?
KayNer: truhe is smaller and not meant for humans
DrakeVonDragon: Ah.
DrakeVonDragon: It kind of fits it, I guess.
KayNer: any wooden boy could be called “truhe”
DrakeVonDragon: Didn’t know it was available on P****il yesterday.
DrakeVonDragon: Lol.
DrakeVonDragon: PC. Until.
Crinkle: ‘twas the night before monday and naught was afoul, since not a mouse stirred when i took off my towel.(On Towel Day 2014)
DrakeVonDragon: All your base are belong to Arse now! Presenting, Dr. Arthur “Arse” Hole, head of the necromancy department of IKRC.
JustRosa: I’m going to kill him first and then i will kill you.
shyataroo: with her vagina.
shyataroo: because it has teeth
shyataroo: that have venom
JustRosa: Shy stfu. xD
FlairLikeRarity: vagina dentata
FlairLikeRarity: what a wonderful phrase
FlairLikeRarity: it means no penis
FlairLikeRarity: for the rest of your days
FlairLikeRarity: its our phallus free
FlairLikeRarity: philosophy
FlairLikeRarity: vagina dentata
DDawn: The gym was much more fun years ago..before I was hopelessly out of shape. lol
k218: i never realized the difference because i only read illiterate internet drivel and not actual books
sotlat: that gets filed under “you are what you read”
majora4: So I got a letter from my insurance. They want to fill out a “Health Assessment.”
majora4: One of their questions says “Have you ever been told you have or had any of the following medical conditions?”
majora4: Apparently they don’t care if I’ve actually had the conditions. They just want to know if someone’s told me I do
majora4: I should just write in some stupid-ass story. “Yeah, my uncle Steve told me I have cervical cancer. Then I went to the doctor, and it turns out I don’t even have a cervix.”
Luth: Last time I did a squat routine, I was walking down the stairs like a gangbanged goose the next day. Crazy.
DrakeVonDragon: Communists don’t have memes.
touetoue: Aye. We don’t have memes. We have ourours :)
ciruvan: an anagram of drakevondragon is “vodka groan nerd”
A mazing Alliteration Alphabetized Archive:
B rutal bruiser bashes beautiful Belgian bean before billing.
C razy creatures command Cyclops: “Crush Croatians, cretinously conspicuous crustacean!”
D ragons dare deny demons decadent drapes.
E viscerate! Envious Englishmen elevate effingly enormous Ernie.
F ricking freaks fret fraternally: “Frank, feet for fathers!”
G rand gallery gained greatly gross groupies.
H ot Heather hereby hunkers here, hunks!
I ndigenous idiots idolate inviolate invited irrigations in Iowa.
J oy, justly jealous Julie!
K angaroo kicks king’s knighted kielbasa.
L overs let left litters loiter.
M onstrous master menstruates, mind making mistakes mending mouses.
N asal nurses nurture no near natural negatory ninjas.
O verpowered overlords oscilate overdriven obstinate oblongs.
P itiful people prepare, plead plentifully plentiful platitude phenomenal patriot pounds, poundingly perverse puppets pulping, pleasantly, putrid pasties.
Q uantum quarks quo?
R anch rulers round ruling ring.
S exually serious salmons sedate stricken souls.
T otally tricky treasures try to treat trees two turkeys.
U nity undulates utterly.
V iciously victorious Veronica verifies veritable vent.
W acky wraith went warningly wrapping wreaths.
X enophobic Xenon.
Y your yoghurt yelps, you’re yowling.
Z ealous zealots, Zürich.
Anarchy begets cross dressers? Enraged flies gave Hercules initiated jokers, kings lie motionless. Nuns override powerful Quentins really softly. Towers undulate vile, where xenophobic Yordles zeal.

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