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I’m alive and that’s pretty much it .
Robfire: “HOW DO I TURN OFF CAPS LOCK!!!111”

Spudmuffin1337: “I’m not racist, I own two color televisions!”

Spudmuffin1337: “English people don’t have feet. They hover.”

JimMorrison: “America has a receding hairline, we call it the polar ice-cap.”

JimMorrison: “Gyros! Save the sandwich, save the world!”

JimMorrison: “Non-alcoholic beer is like Sugar Free Koolaid. Fat Free Ice Cream. Hairy Breastless Women. Flightless Birds. Ass Flavored Toothbpaste.”

JimMorrison: “Bitches love ducks.”
Saxophan: “True”

UserUK201: “the beatles are okay, but justin beiber’s music is more complex and insightful. it touches me deep down inside.”
KeThDy:“@UserUK201 Dude, gross”

3nd0fW0r1d:“Murphy’s law + Darwin’s Theory = The internet.”

TheLetterB: “This is why you don’t leave The Garden, Donut. People on the outside are mean and just want to hurt you. You must stay here and I’ll tuck you in at night and kiss you on the forhead.”

Inigo Montoya: “Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.”

Cave Johnson: “For those of you who volunteered to be injected with Praying Mantis DNA I’ve got some bad news and good news,the bad news is we’re postponing those tests indefinitely, the good news is, we have a much better test for you, fighting an army of mantis men.”

RisingDragon1998: “well what a real tigers blood gonna do?”
3nd0fw0r1d: “It summons charlie sheen’s alter ego, Rising.”
3nd0fw0r1d: “Which, just happens to be Charlie Sheen.”

Rapia: “Racism is actually a survival trait”

Fluffy_Panda: “Dr, do you think about what you type or do you just bang your head on the keyboard and post the results?”

“Bill Cosby Pokemon Rap”
GrounderTheRobot:Ready to TF2 micspam
Ubercream:@GrounderTheRobot I’m very proud of you, son.

Fluffy_Panda: “Saxophan: GOODNIGHT DR! I LOVE YOU!”
Fluffy_Panda: “^legit”

BluntSword: “oh and donut”
BluntSword: “stop arguing with my afk message”
DrDonut: “They started it.”

DrDonut: “Raptor, you’re the hope of the future.”
raptormonkey: “i see no hope for this chat”

“Because the hardware different, Understands the hardware each place representative function.” -Monoprice on installing drawing tablets.

“I can handle people of eccentric backgrounds effectively because I probably do loads of anti-depressants” – Kralik
Me, Myself and I.


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