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Sarcastic, smart-ass wrestling geek. Loves video games, music, and girls. ½ of the ImpostaBustas. ½ of the Dynamic Dr Duo w/ DrMoreauIsBack (aka Mr Dr). Also known as Dr. Microwave and Dr. Combusto. 1 - 0 vs. Aquilonn in Ramen Cook-offs.

RANDOM QUOTES (Credit to ClawOfJudgeJudy1 for the idea).

SillySally12321: lol no offence but when i go type germans i get drunky lesbys

SillySally12321: Prostitute...
Godly_Karrow: Wrong, a prostitute is a whore. Dipshit.
Godly_Karrow: Sally probably Googled "prostitute" and misspelled it.
Godly_Karrow: "prositue"
Godly_Karrow: And then it said "did you mean prosecutor"

SillySally12321: lol yh germanys quite a dildo making sausage making.


whooping: hello sexy women I'm single
DrThirteen: Hello, random dude. I'm a raging homo.

ClawOfJudgeJudy1: oh you're a doctor
ClawOfJudgeJudy1: can you tell me what these huge lumps are on my arms?
DrThirteen: Biceps.
ClawOfJudgeJudy1: oh they're my giant biceps
ClawOfJudgeJudy1: GODDAMN IT
DrThirteen: :)

Battlefield4L2: omfg a thing name adf.ly it all ways pooping up!!


gotmoo123: ching chong donkey kong

Michalleroy: playing sfh2 again this game is so addicting
empiregold: what is sfh 2
Michalleroy: Strike Force Hores 2
Michalleroy: lol **** i mean heros
Michalleroy: goddamnit epic type fail

ClawOfJudgeJudy1: im a ghey
ClawOfJudgeJudy1: as is thirt
DrThirteen: How ghey r u?
ClawOfJudgeJudy1: if you look up ghey in the dictionary it will say See CLAWOFJUDGEJUDY1
ClawOfJudgeJudy1: and the definition of CLAWOFJUDGEJUDY1 is ghey

SonOfCain: Half the people on the internet are below average.
RavenWhiteWater: The other half are above average.
slimbeatty: thats why its an average
slimbeatty: .-.
bonaynay: average in what?
DrThirteen: Average in gheyness.
RavenWhiteWater: ^
kry_sp33dy: ive always been confused by this chatroom
ClawOfJudgeJudy1: what is the terminal velocity of gheyness when approaching the speed of anal?
bonaynay: depends on altitude

Kitezer: Here I am acting all normal and then it's like
Kitezer: "ahahaha hey guys kite es lusr"
Kitezer: and then I'm like
Kitezer: "Screw this I can play video games"
DrThirteen: ahahaha hey guys kite es lusr
Kitezer: y dis
DrThirteen: XD

Ablutophobious: I'd rather be blind so I won't see those disgusting duck-faced retards from their 'yolocaust'.

Godly_Karrow: u gon act lik a bitch
Godly_Karrow: u gon die lik a bitch

BallisticForce13: pc
askd: PC?
askd: Paenus Check?
DrThirteen: Penal Code?
Godly_Karrow: yo
askd: Penetration Check?
Godly_Karrow: penal code
Godly_Karrow: the one you follow
Godly_Karrow: by sucking dick
DrThirteen: :|

xXxFrenzyxXx: Good nightrogen.
DrThirteen: Shut up.
DrThirteen: Sleep titrogen.
xXxFrenzyxXx: Okay.
DrThirteen: tightrogen*
DrThirteen: Don't let the bedbugs bitrogen.
DrThirteen: I've seen that one.

Kitezer: Should I eat or play video games.
Kitezer: Or sleep.
Fallacia: If awake is greather than or equal to 18 hours, sleep. If last meal = more than 5 hours ago, eat + tv show. Otherwise, video game
Fallacia: Though ignore the >5 hours meal claw if already awake for more than 15 hours
Fallacia: *clause
DrThirteen: K, putting that in my quotes for further use.
DrThirteen: Fall, thank you for that.

Mr_Plank: Madness?
DrThirteen: Insanity*
Mr_Plank: THIS
Mr_Plank: IS
DrThirteen: SPARTA
Mr_Plank: SPARTA
Mr_Plank: DAMNIR=T!
DrThirteen: YES!
Mr_Plank: haha beat me to it!
Mr_Plank: well done

ClawOfJudgeJudy1: what do you call enrique iglesias at the north pole?
ClawOfJudgeJudy1: enrique igloosias

joebob23: apparently your anxiety or obsessiveness or hardheaded-ness could have been passed down from your grandparent's experiences in life
wowok: like being gay
joebob23: like being gay
DrThirteen: :o
joebob23: conversely you could receive benefits too
Ivashu: like being gay
joebob23: but it really does kind of explain a lot
joebob23: like being gay

MrBean_LOL: "You Destroyed 0 Ships.You Did Not Save Earth.You Have 0 Spare Lives.You Scored a Total Of 0 Points.RANK: QUISQUILIOUS RACONTEUR". What the hell do the last two words mean?
DrThirteen: ... wut.
DrThirteen: Quisquilious Raconteur...
DrThirteen: lemme look that up
MrBean_LOL: Dr?
DrThirteen: First word means like rubbish, trashy, worthless.
DrThirteen: Second word means one skilled in telling stories.
MrBean_LOL: uh-oh...
DrThirteen: LOL

100owner: Erm.
DrThirteen: *yawn*
100owner: Waht.
100owner: Dont yawn me
100owner: I've been awake for nearly 16 hours now.
100owner: Im running on coffee and hormones.
DrThirteen: Go to sleep then.
100owner: Nah.
100owner: I have to wait until nightfall

Relvamon: Doc, did you see what sexual choclate did?
DrThirteen: Yeah.
DrThirteen: He deserves an Oscar.
Relvamon: That dude...deserves...you copied my line! D:
DrThirteen: LOLOL

orimarc: stormfront = shitstorm generator
joebob23: my anus = shitstorm generator

Shinjodinoaety: So, is it true Kanye's daughter will be named
Shinjodinoaety: North
Noisebot: yes
Noisebot: yes it
Noisebot: is
Shinjodinoaety: i.e. North West
Shinjodinoaety: His daughter will go places, more specifically up and to the left.

MysticMania: once when I was leaving class, I was walking over to my car and this little chick in a giant SUV backed up super fast into a dumpster, screamed YOLO and drove away
MysticMania: i was so scared
DrThirteen: LOL

Kitezer: Dr.
Kitezer: Wanna know what's funnier
DrThirteen: What?
Noisebot: brb applying for a job
Kitezer: Noise's chances of getting the job
ClawOfJudgeJudy1: aww thats meeeaaaan
Kitezer: ahahahahahaha
MysticMania: ouch Dx
DrThirteen: *ba dum tsh*
ClawOfJudgeJudy1: *crickets*

Kitezer: Hi Dr.
DrThirteen: Hi Kite.
Noisebot: hi kite
Noisebot: hi MDMA
Noisebot: hi dr
Shinjodinoaety: *waits for it*
Noisebot: tghats all the hi i have to say for today
Noisebot: no more hi
Shinjodinoaety: **** u
Noisebot: ʕ◡ᴥ◡✿ʔ
Shinjodinoaety: ill eat your parents.
Noisebot: which ones
DrThirteen: Hi Noise.
Noisebot: hi
Noisebot: shit
Noisebot: you tricked me
Noisebot: i hate you
DrThirteen: wut.
DrThirteen: Noise, what's wrong?
Kitezer: noise
Kitezer: Dr
Kitezer: Noisebot: tghats all the hi i have to say for today
DrThirteen: LOLOL
DrThirteen: I WIN

LBJ1999: who r u
DrThirteen: who who, who who
joebob23: awwwwww shiet
Luthinater: who who who who
joebob23: AWWW SHIET NOW
joebob23: sorry
joebob23: i get amped up when i hear the who
joebob23: its an uncontrollable reaction
DrThirteen: This is going in quotes.
joebob23: gradually cultivates over years of forced-csi viewing

Kitezer: that was inspirign
Kitezer: spinrgin
Kitezer: shit
Kitezer: inspiring
Kitezer: spin virgin
DrThirteen: inspirign
DrThirteen: spinrgin
DrThirteen: Goddamnit Kite, did you have another stroke?

Lord_Lucien: Incest
ClawOfJudgeJudy1: outcest
DrThirteen: LOL
ClawOfJudgeJudy1: thats regular sex
joebob23: incestuous infestation
DrThirteen: outcestuous outfestation.

Kitezer: incestual tension causes quite a conniption
joebob23: i'll conniption your mom.

ClawOfJudgeJudy1: willy lol
ClawOfJudgeJudy1: nobody says willy just me
Elakyn: Willy Wanka wank a willy
DrThirteen: Your mom wanked a willy.

Noisebot: 14 year old Lesbiands
Noisebot: Leabsidna
Noisebot: Seasdide lebsoans
Noisebot: alsdgkjadsgkl
DrThirteen: Noise is having a stroke.
DrThirteen: Noise, are you okay, mate?
Elakyn: He died.
Elakyn: Brain aneurysm
ClawOfJudgeJudy1: he dead when he stroked
DrThirteen: No, stroke.
Elakyn: Poor Noise
ClawOfJudgeJudy1: brain analism
DrThirteen: RIP Noise.
DrThirteen: A moment of silence for our fallen AAA'er?
Elakyn: Who's gonna own the room next?
DrThirteen: Prob Fall.
ClawOfJudgeJudy1: me obviously
ClawOfJudgeJudy1: as i have the whole time

Elakyn: It's spelled "dragon" you uncultured swine
ClawOfJudgeJudy1: lol dragon
DrThirteen: No, Elak.
ClawOfJudgeJudy1: blue eyes white drongo
DrThirteen: LOL

Kitezer: My sister stole my goal of becoming a lawyer
DrThirteen: Be a doctor.
Kitezer: Even though she never played a phoenix wright game before
DrThirteen: One up her.
DrThirteen: OH, KITE, is she hot?
Kitezer: I can't be a doctor because malpr-
DrThirteen: LOL
Kitezer: Dr wtf
DrThirteen: wut?
Kitezer: Yes, she's hot. :I
MysticMania: EWWW
MysticMania: xD
DrThirteen: LOLOL
MysticMania: jk
Kitezer: sh-

piplu12345: ...
DrThirteen: ,,,
DrThirteen: That looks like three semi-colons.
DrThirteen: :)
piplu12345: true

DrThirteen: THis game.
DrThirteen: *sigh*
RavenWhiteWater: Doc, stop being so damn cute
DrThirteen: I just scrolled up to see what I missed in the chat, and Raven, wut.

Kitezer: Bitches be like
Kitezer: "kite u suk"
Kitezer: den i b liek
DrThirteen: kite u suk
Kitezer: "have u ever heard of a flange gasket"
Kitezer: Then I be all like
Kitezer: "it's called a fgt now, guys"
DrThirteen: ahahaha hey guys kite es lusr
Kitezer: and that's how the word fgt was created
Kitezer: Yes. (◡‿◡✿)
DrThirteen: Kite, you don't remember that, do you?
Kitezer: Yes.
DrThirteen: :o
DrThirteen: You do?
Kitezer: Yes.
DrThirteen: Well then, you didn't reply with the appropriate response, which is 'y dis'.

Loudclaw: K1no's comp is shitting down for updates
Loudclaw: Um
Loudclaw: *shutting
DrThirteen: shitting down
DrThirteen: LOLOL
DrThirteen: QUOTES

Tycholarfero: I personally take offense to "u shit".
Tycholarfero: I'll have you know that I am the highest of shits.
DrThirteen: u shit
Tycholarfero: :(

DrThirteen: ahahaha hey guys kite es lusr
Kitezer: dr
Kitezer: y dis
DrThirteen: XD

Kitezer: Hi Dr.
DrThirteen: Hi Kite.
Noisebot: hi doc
DrThirteen: Hi Noise.
pinktool: hi kite
pinktool: hi noize
pinktool: hi doc
DrThirteen: Hi pink.
Kitezer: Hi pink
pinktool: =;) ,hi
DrThirteen: SO MUCH HI
Noisebot: hi pink
pinktool: hi hidalgo
DrThirteen: Hi Claw.
pinktool: hi claw
RavenWhiteWater: Hey Noise, hey Rehm
ClawOfJudgeJudy1: hello
pinktool: hi.

DrThirteen: Raven.
RavenWhiteWater: Dr
DrThirteen: You said something a while back.
DrThirteen: Raven...
RavenWhiteWater: Dr.
RavenWhiteWater: I did say something a while back.
DrThirteen: You said something relating to me a while back.
RavenWhiteWater: I've said many, many things in the past. Can you be more specific?
To RavenWhiteWater: DrThirteen: GODDAMNIT JUST GIMME THE MAP ALREADY.DrThirteen: THis game.DrThirteen: sighRavenWhiteWater: Doc, stop being so damn cuteDrThirteen: I just scrolled up to see what I missed in the chat, and Raven, wut.
DrThirteen: Thar.
DrThirteen: That's what you said.
RavenWhiteWater: lmao
RavenWhiteWater: You're so cute.
DrThirteen: How...
DrThirteen: wut even...

Relvamon: Even Simba was exiled once
Relvamon: So should you
DrThirteen: Rel, don't stick up for lion.
Ace1263: I'm pretty sure he's not, friend.
DrThirteen: Well I don't know if he is.
Relvamon: Only for Simba, lest he got laid
DrThirteen: You realize Simba and Nala are related, right?
Relvamon: Yea, they are
Elakyn: It's pretty accurate considering how lion clans work.
Elakyn: The alpha bangs all the females, including family
Elakyn: Disney: trying to educate us?
DrThirteen: Lion King, promoting incest since 1994.
Ace1263: Your mom is called a pride, not a clan.

DrThirteen: Claw and I became friends over a celeb.
Elakyn: Hmm
Elakyn: Who?
ClawOfJudgeJudy1: we became friends because we're the best of friends
DrThirteen: We became friends over Anneliese van der Pol.
ClawOfJudgeJudy1: van der fuk the police
DrThirteen: LOLOL

TheRamdomGuy: ...wtf? I come back from the infinityloop website, and the chat went from dbz abridge to youtube and google being suicided and nudity?
TheRamdomGuy: O.o
TheRamdomGuy: being sued*
Fallacia: Welcome to the internet
TheRamdomGuy: XD
DrThirteen: Being suicided.
DrThirteen: LOLOL
TheRamdomGuy: ..
TheRamdomGuy: brain fart..
TheRamdomGuy: :P

DrThirteen: I'm going to sleep.
Kitezer: >does nothing all day
Kitezer: >says bye
Kitezer: Bye, Dr.
DrThirteen: I was here earlier.
DrThirteen: So stfu.
Kitezer: You didn't say anything
Kitezer: ;p;
DrThirteen: I did.
Kitezer: You didn't
Kitezer: converse
DrThirteen: I did.
Kitezer: All you did was call me a loser
Kitezer: just sayin
DrThirteen: That was yesterday.
Kitezer: wait
DrThirteen: I was talking earlier today.
Kitezer: It was
Kitezer: wtf
Kitezer: chrsit
Kitezer: My memories are just blurred lines sometimes
Kitezer: Anyways
DrThirteen: ahahaha hey guys kite es idjit
DrThirteen: ahahaha hey guys kite es lusr

EyeOnAiman: Girl: Will you love me 4ever?
EyeOnAiman: Boy: No
EyeOnAiman: Girl: *cries and trips and die*
DrThirteen: I'll love you 5ever.
DrThirteen: :D

Fallacia: I smoked for nearly 10 years and over 6 of those were spent trying to quit
Fallacia: I finally managed to quit because I got salmonella poisoning and couldn't go out to smoke
Kitezer: fall why did you put peanut butter on your cigarettes wtf
Fallacia: 3 years later this month, I still have at least one dream a weak, sometimes more, where I realize I'm smoking in a dream and get so pissed thinking that I'll have to quit again that I wake myself up
Fallacia: Kite, I didn't put peanut butter on my cigarettes. I got salmonella poisoning from Austin's Peanut butter Crackers
DrThirteen: You piss yourself off to the point of being so mad you wake yourself up?
Fallacia: Yes, Hadley

Jack_Of_Blades_: When life hands you lemons, make orange juice, and leave the world wondering how you did it.

Kitezer: internet borked again
Kitezer: I'm just Exaggeraginerationeeringating
Kitezer: shit
AwesomeTricycle: wat
Kitezer: i forgot the word
Kitezer: i made that up
Kitezer: :c
AwesomeTricycle: what does borked mean
DrThirteen: "exaggeraginerationeeringating" wut.
DrThirteen: Kite, you didn't answer Tricycle's question.
DrThirteen: What does borked mean?
Kitezer: Who the shit is Tricycle.
Kitezer: Oh.
Kitezer: idk
Kitezer: Kitty said it once
Fallacia: It depends on the context, but in general, it typically means that you're ****ed
Fallacia: Screwed
DrThirteen: Borked means screwed/****ed?
Kitezer: omfg
DrThirteen: "I got borked last night."
Fallacia: We're DOOOOOOOMed
Kitezer: I thought it meant
Kitezer: "messed up"
Fallacia: Not literally
Fallacia: Kite, that's the context
Fallacia: You've never heard someone say they were ****ed when things were messed up?
DrThirteen: "We borked all night long."
Kitezer: no
DrThirteen: heh heh heh
Fallacia: DrT, not literally
DrThirteen: I can't stop laughing now.
Kitezer: So immature. (◡‿◡✿)

DrThirteen: Fall
DrThirteen: I have a question for you
Fallacia: Hopefully not a hard one
DrThirteen: Have you had any more dreams where you piss yourself off to the point of waking up?
DrThirteen: Cuz I remember that conversation.
Fallacia: A couple
DrThirteen: Lemme guess, you were smoking in the dream?
Fallacia: Usually tobacco related
DrThirteen: LOL

DrThirteen: -comcast calls- **** YOU ASSHOLES I'M EATING
DrThirteen: -solicitor calls- **** YOU ASSHOLE I'M EATING
DrThirteen: -telemarketer calls- **** OFF ASSHOLE I'M WATCHING SOMETHING

DrThirteen: Hey Fall.
DrThirteen: I have a question.
Fallacia: Yes, Hadley?
DrThirteen: Have you had any more of those dreams?
Fallacia: Cigarettes?
DrThirteen: Mhm
Fallacia: Yeah, I had one yesterday or the day before
DrThirteen: LOL
DrThirteen: I'm sorry but it's funny.
Fallacia: I realized I was smoking and was like, "Wait, I'm dreaming, aren't it"
Fallacia: So then I was in my bed, except I had a cigarette and said, "Nope, try again"
Fallacia: Then I woke up for real
DrThirteen: Oh my God.
sopimusicianTWO: Do you ever have cravings?
Fallacia: No cravings. I just smoke in my dreams and get pissed enough to wake up
DrThirteen: Fall gets pissed because he thinks he has to quit again.

Fallacia: Ladies, ladies, you're out of your gourd. The layers of this conversation are making me bored. We can eat up our onions or deny just the same. An argument this petty is entirely mundane.

DrThirteen: Claw
ClawOfJudgeJudy1: Thirt
DrThirteen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zq-57LqHMNg
DrThirteen: remember this?
ClawOfJudgeJudy1: I FUKING KNEW IT
DrThirteen: wut
ClawOfJudgeJudy1: i was like hmm i wonder if its dat chickl
ClawOfJudgeJudy1: *chick
DrThirteen: LOLOL
DrThirteen: -claps-

Aquilonn: Uehehe, the Just Chatting room is talking about Chastity Vows.
BarrackObamama: Huehuehue
Aquilonn: Uehehehe.
DrThirteen: "That's just called not being able to get any" LOLOL
Aquilonn: koRnie: That's just called not being able to get any.
Aquilonn: Doc y u ninja me
BarrackObamama: Lol
DrThirteen: OMG LOLOL
DrThirteen: QUOTES

Albeus: Grimer, wen u evolve into Muk pls?
qrimes1: It's a q, you savage.
Albeus: Oh, so you're black, then.
DrThirteen: qrimer, that sounds like someone who commits crimes.
Albeus: ^
Albeus: High five, Dr13
Albeus: That's what I was getting at.
DrThirteen: lolol
qrimes1: I do commit crimes.
qrimes1: Usually hate crimes and sodomy.
Albeus: For the sake of the rules, lets just say that I was observing a stereotype that black people in my area tend to represent the G phonetic with a Q. Take for example "Qurl"
Albeus: They also represent the C or K phonetic with it as well.
Albeus: Take for example "Niqqa."
DrThirteen: I had a friend who would do the 'q instead of g' thing.
Albeus: This is not racist, as it does not imply any sort of racial inferiority nor superiority. Anyone who is offended by my observation should grow a pair.
DrThirteen: Ironically, said friend is black.
Albeus: It is in line with my observation.

Amour: @Fallacia I heard that in California, if you scream really loud "O.K. Glass. Safe search off. Search horse **** midget. Open first 50 results in new tabs." People don't look at you funny
DrThirteen: Amour, wtf.
Fallacia: Only so long as you aren't standing near a federal building.
DrThirteen: Oh my God.
Fallacia: Otherwise you'd likely be held for questioning since that is considered illegal pornography in the US.
DrThirteen: I come back to that shit.
Kitezer: What
Kitezer: What the ****
Amour: DrThirteen: you've never heard of jokes to make when you meet someone with google glasses?
Kitezer: I come back to this shit
Kitezer: I almost blamed Dr for it, too
DrThirteen: Amour, not really.
Amour: Just scream "OK Glass. Search something." and the guy wearing the glasses will see the result.

Fallacia: I'm pretty sure I misread something while I was skimming
Fallacia: *while I was skimming, because I could have sworn I read "Every time I sleep, a puppy dies"
Godly_Rehm: Lolol
Godly_Rehm: Was that you, Stal?
Fallacia: I didn't actually see that anywhere when I reread chat
Godly_Rehm: That's funny.
Fallacia: But I could have sworn I saw that
Godly_Rehm: Fall, that's something hilarious that Stal would do.

ozworth: Sell yourself on the streets, then start doing heroine and you need never worry bout getting a car again
ozworth: I thought it was a grand idea.
DrThirteen: heroin*
Kitezer: That's the second time dr's corrected somebody on heroin.
Kitezer: In the past 2 hours
DrThirteen: You're not doing a courageous female, you're doing a drug.
Kitezer: what's the difference
DrThirteen: Unless you like doing heroines too.
Kitezer: I like doing villains.
Kitezer: (◡‿◡✿) evil females.

Aquilonn: The Doc is gayer than a treeful of monkeys on nitrous oxide Rehm.

cassidymchugh_: ur pussy u won't do it ik
DrThirteen: cassidy, you shouldn't use words like that.
DrThirteen: when you're so young.
cassidymchugh_: lol mad isn't a swear word u dumbass
DrThirteen: I meant pussy.
DrThirteen: And now dumbass.
cassidymchugh_: oh
cassidymchugh_: lol
DrThirteen: ****ing idiot.

DrThirteen: Oh holy shit these cookies taste awesome.
RavenWhiteWater: Your face tastes awesome.
DrThirteen: Ravennn
DrThirteen: nooo
RavenWhiteWater: ;)
DrThirteen: Oh, you still haven't explained yourself Raven.
DrThirteen: It's been months.
DrThirteen: And you haven't.
DrThirteen: That's not cool.
RavenWhiteWater: Haha
DrThirteen: I will phrase the question again.
RavenWhiteWater: Because you are
DrThirteen: You can't just say
DrThirteen: "because you are"
RavenWhiteWater: Some of the things that you say are cute.
RavenWhiteWater: It's your personality.
DrThirteen: :o

asad78611: Knock knock.
DrThirteen: asad, who's there?
asad78611: Daisy!
DrThirteen: Daisy who?
DrThirteen: lol

Fallacia: I smoked for the better part of 10 years
Fallacia: I had all the years of cool I could take
DrThirteen: Fall, do you still have those dreams?
Fallacia: Yes, Hadley. I had one 3 nights ago
AlastorXVI: o.o dreams?
DrThirteen: Oh shit.
Fallacia: I have at least a couple dreams a week where I realize in the dream that I'm smoking and get so pissed at the prospect of having to quit again that I wake up
Fallacia: Still have them even after not having a cigarette for over 3 years now

Chuck_N: (‿ˠ‿)

Elakyn: My cousin told me he pucnhed a wall once, thinking it was drywall
Elakyn: Turns out it wasn't, and his pinky was dangling from his hand
Kitezer: ur cousin is dumb

DrThirteen: Guys
DrThirteen: Knock knock
Kitezer: Who's ther
Kitezer: *there
DrThirteen: Daisy
Kitezer: dais-
Kitezer: u ****
DrThirteen: wut
Kitezer: im not
Kitezer: dr y do u hate me so

randallbuckheit: pepsi definantly isn't the best... go Dr. Pepper
Chuck_N: no her name is DrThirteen
DrThirteen: LOL
Chuck_N: not DrPepper

DrThirteen: Knock knock.
Bolt: Who's there?
DrThirteen: Daisy.
Bolt: Daisy who?
Bolt: Rotfl

Aquilonn: Rehm are you considering the life of rainbows and homolust :?
DrThirteen: Heya Aqui
Aquilonn: Because Doc was totally into you.
Aquilonn: Uehehe.
DrThirteen: Goddamnit
Aquilonn: Damn, bad timing.
SpankMePls: aqui
Aquilonn: Super bad timing.
SpankMePls: stahp
DrThirteen: dat ****ing timing
DrThirteen: holy shit
Aquilonn: D-Doc. Heeeey, howzit goin girl.
DrThirteen: Aqui you can't save face now.
SpankMePls: aqui
Aquilonn: We ain't talkin bout u at all.
SpankMePls: you just spoilt remy's plan
DrThirteen: Bullshit.
Aquilonn: Daaaamn that was horrendous timing.
Aquilonn: :'D

To Aquilonn: that fucking timing was perf, holy shit
Aquilonn: No it wasn't (reply)
Aquilonn: I die nao (reply)
To Aquilonn: Was perfect for me, maybe not so much for you. :')
Aquilonn: I lie down and die. (reply)
Aquilonn: goodbai 5eva (reply)

DrThirteen: aqui
Aquilonn: Doc >:]
DrThirteen: I hope you like my recent addition to my quotes
Aquilonn: Nooooooooo
Aquilonn: Tell me you didn't.
DrThirteen: I didn't wut
Aquilonn: u did :'D
DrThirteen: :D
DrThirteen: ofc I did
Aquilonn: Doc I crai.
Aquilonn: Crai 5eva.

DrThirteen: Aqui
DrThirteen: I'm considering adding the brief PM exchange to that quote
DrThirteen: Because it makes it so much better
Aquilonn: Doc pls. No.
Aquilonn: Someone stahp her.
DrThirteen: y nawt, Aqui?
Aquilonn: Because, Doc.
Aquilonn: bcuz.
DrThirteen: bcuz y
Aquilonn: bcuz Betty eats cold apples under Susie's elephant.
DrThirteen: Aqui that's not a real reason.
Aquilonn: totes real reason fite me
DrThirteen: i'll fite u alright
DrThirteen: i'll fite you by adding it

Aquilonn: Imma crai.
DrThirteen: YOU SAW IT
DrThirteen: :'D
Aquilonn: come fite me another day.
Aquilonn: store is closed.
Aquilonn: no refunds avaiable.
DrThirteen: I'm laughing so ****ing hard.
DrThirteen: Aqui, I hope you laugh as much as I do regarding those three sections.
DrThirteen: Because holy shit.
DrThirteen: That was perfect.

eceap_ni_PIR: so the other day i stopped to tie my shoes, and this fat ass street cat saw the string and started running towards me
eceap_ni_PIR: like are they genetically encoded to want to play with rope
joebob23: lmfao
eceap_ni_PIR: because that bastard never saw a piece of rope in his life

Elakyn: "He's talking about "f***". You can't say "f***" in school you f***ing fatass"

Docu: I can lay bare all the names of kong
Docu: Dr 13 - Remy Hadley
DrThirteen: :o
Aquilonn: lol
Aquilonn: Nice try good effort.
DrThirteen: Well mine is kinda obv.
DrThirteen: So no effort needed.
Aquilonn: Nice try no effort.
Aquilonn: Uehehe.

DrThirteen: Claw, you wanna know who's hot?
DrThirteen: http://i.imgur.com/1BLB7o9.jpg
DrThirteen: Her.
ClawOfJudgeJudy1: i do
ClawOfJudgeJudy1: ffff
ClawOfJudgeJudy1: knew it
DrThirteen: YAS
DrThirteen: Claw, ofc you knew it.

Aquilonn: Do not underestimate my capacity for sloth.

DrThirteen: My parental drives a Buick
DrThirteen: lol
Albeus: Buicks are old man cars
Albeus: On my way to the clinic
Albeus: Bout to get dat dialysis done doe
Albeus: Finna get dem scrips for muh angina.
Albeus: Pick up my wife at bingo
Albeus: Sort of car.

Albeus: Poor Old ****s Think Its a Cadillac
Albeus: P.O.N.T.I.A.C

Kitezer: jesus christ what in holy hells

DrThirteen: You just won theGREATEST SHOW ON EARTH BADGEGreatest Show on Earth (completed)Badge earnedmedium - 15 points Game completed – Stuck on something weird? Check Atsuiai's comment below!
DrThirteen: Congratulations, DrThirteenYou’re now level 21!Earn 249 more points to reach level 22!

DrThirteen: Cleared cache -> closed browser -> reopened browser -> reclosed browser -> restarted comp -> reopened browser -> checked sites -> ****yeah.jpg

joebob23: i've definitely had a more difficult time explaining binary digits to people who try to program

DominatorJ: http://imgur.com/a/l5p6C
Aquilonn: >:O
DominatorJ: Google's recommendations.
Aquilonn: "Is it down. Is it up."
raziel11: is lol up
raziel11: is league of legends down
raziel11: -_-
Aquilonn: "Is santa claud real."
Aquilonn: Claus.
raziel11: no, but santa claus is
DrThirteen: "is masturbation a sin"
Godly_Rehm: Lol.
Aquilonn: "Is you mad or nah."
raziel11: can rocks be gay?
DrThirteen: AQUI NO
Aquilonn: i laff 5eva
DominatorJ: I love the "M"s.
DrThirteen: u ninja'd
raziel11: these are questions we most know
DrThirteen: "is sharkeisha dead"
DrThirteen: "is obama gay"
DrThirteen: "is vodka gluten free" "is wine gluten free"

Godly_Rehm: Inverted dick boner.
Godly_Rehm: Vaginas expand when they have a boner. Pohohoho.
Godly_Rehm: Did I really say that?
Godly_Rehm: Omg.
DrThirteen: Yes, you did.
DrThirteen: And that's going in the quotes.
Godly_Rehm: Oh, man.

Aquilonn: >:]
Aquilonn: > :]
Aquilonn: >:]

DrThirteen: I'm running out of chapshit
DrThirteen: no
DrThirteen: no
DrThirteen: NO
DrThirteen: chapstick
Kitezer: chap
Kitezer: wtf
DrThirteen: oh my god
Kitezer: dr
DrThirteen: how the ****
Kitezer: do you have something
DrThirteen: I give up
Kitezer: you want to tell me
DrThirteen: I ****ing give up togay
DrThirteen: :'(
Kitezer: how
DrThirteen: today

deathtyrant: I just saw a bird land on someone's car, take a shit, and fly off

DrThirteen: Some dude next door is getting increasingly pissed off and I can hear his loud mumblings, there was silence and all of a sudden I hear this really loud "AH ****!"
DrThirteen: I'm laughing so ****ing much right now.

DrThirteen: I hunger.
Kitezer: Dr wanna make $4
Kitezer: That's enough for Doritos, I hear
Fallacia: Who do I gotta **** to get a bag of doritos around here
DrThirteen: I have doritos.
Kitezer: You're welcome
DrThirteen: Dun need your four bucks.
DrThirteen: I bought my own doritos, tyvm
Fallacia: But you like wome- oh right, you were talking to kite
DrThirteen: LOLOL
DrThirteen: FALL
Kitezer: omf
Kitezer: stfU fall ; p ;
Fallacia: otay
Kitezer: ty

DrThirteen: wHAT THE ****
Rigor_Mortis: must be a ghost
Rigor_Mortis: that's the only reasonable explanation
DrThirteen: oh holy shit the streelight across the street went out
DrThirteen: wtf
Rigor_Mortis: uh oh
DrThirteen: and it's back on
DrThirteen: wtf it's a different colour
DrThirteen: you aren't supposed to be white, you're supposed to be orange
DrThirteen: who the shit changed you
Rigor_Mortis: racist.
DrThirteen: i'm talking about the goddamn streetlight
Rigor_Mortis: is that what you call them now?
DrThirteen: oh I think it's turning orange
DrThirteen: yeah
DrThirteen: it just turned back to orange
DrThirteen: Rigor pls I'm srsly talking about streetlights
Rigor_Mortis: i'm very disappointed
DrThirteen: why?
Rigor_Mortis: racism
DrThirteen: I'm not being racist
Rigor_Mortis: tell that to the "streetlights"
DrThirteen: I think one or both of the lightbulbs in the bathroom are about to go out.
DrThirteen: like what the **** why did they flicker
DrThirteen: unless only one flickered
DrThirteen: but still

Rigor_Mortis: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

sopimusicianTWO: ™ᕙ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ᕗ™

milocat: Veni
milocat: Vidi
milocat: Vici
DrThirteen: What does that translate to?
milocat: I came
milocat: I saw
milocat: I conquered

basherrr: (◡‿◡✿)
DrThirteen: basher no that's Kite's face

Rigor_Mortis: wikipedia is like an intellectual hot dog. if you don't care how it's made or what's in it, it will satisfy you for a short time while causing long term damage

DrThirteen: ♪OI OI OI OI OI OI OI♫
DrThirteen: If ANYONE gets that song, yeah, I'll be surprised
Murder_Machine: TNT?
DrThirteen: Murder
DrThirteen: u
DrThirteen: u...
DrThirteen: u win

Rigor_Mortis: Cathedral, Forge and Waterwheel: Technology and Invention in the Middle Ages
Rigor_Mortis: Smarter Than You Think: How Technology is Changing Our Minds for the Better
Rigor_Mortis: Roman, Provincial and Islamic Law: The Origins of the Islamic Patronate
Rigor_Mortis: War and Peace and War: The Rise and Fall of Empires
Rigor_Mortis: Empires of the Silk Road: A History of Central Eurasia from the Bronze Age to the Present
Rigor_Mortis: From Dawn to Decadence: 500 Years of Western Cultural Life 1500 to the Present
Rigor_Mortis: Just the Arguments: 100 of the Most Important Arguments in Western Philosophy
Rigor_Mortis: How to Cheat at Everything: A Con Man Reveals the Secrets of the Esoteric Trade of Cheating, Scams, and Hustles
Rigor_Mortis: Balance: The Economics of Great Powers from Ancient Rome to Modern America

ClawOfJudgeJudy1: i love you thirt you're not going anywhere
DrThirteen: I love you too m8
DrThirteen: -sniffle-

DeathclutchMMA: ᕙ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ᕗ

DrThirteen: Heya.
milocat: hi dr13
DeathclutchMMA: hi tycho
milocat: hi death
DeathclutchMMA: hi milo
milocat: hi tycho
DrThirteen: hi milo
DeathclutchMMA: hi dr13
DrThirteen: hi MMA
DrThirteen: so much hi

sopimusicianTWO: ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

DeathclutchMMA: Yᵒᵘ Oᶰˡʸ Lᶤᵛᵉ Oᶰᶜᵉ

sopimusicianTWO: Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

cops187: i'm rolling much face
Nicomagi: Yes but are you rolling in the deep?
DrThirteen: LOL
DrThirteen: NICO YES
Nicomagi: Dr, I mean he could have had it all rolling in the deep.
DrThirteen: cops, just set fire to the rain.
cops187: plz no fire rain
cops187: your gonna hurt ppl

cops187: Relly?
Aquilonn: rly rly
DrThirteen: Aqui no this is not Shrek
Aquilonn: Oh damn I love you Doc.
DrThirteen: Aqui, you love me?
Aquilonn: I swear no one else in the world could have known that I was saying that with an Irish ogre accent.
DrThirteen: lol
Elakyn: Irish ogre.
DrThirteen: British ogre.
Aquilonn: Wait scottish.
Elakyn: Shrek isn't irish
Aquilonn: Scottish ogre accent.
Aquilonn: clos enuf

thealexman1: rig has a cavernous anus
Rigor_Mortis: stop thinking about my anus

DrThirteen: That's a bad word, Queen
Ace1263: Your mom's a bad word, Doctor.

DrThirteen: ergo **** you Kite

rehm123: What's up guys
RIP_in_peacerino: the sky, the roof, my penis

DrThirteen: Aqui, I love you.
Aquilonn: i luff u 2 Doc.

Noisebot: [̲̅$̲̅(̲̅ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°̲̅)̲̅$̲̅]

Chuck_N: summa lumma dooma looma
Chuck_N: ding dong wonky schlong
Chuck_N: bing bang bing bong
DrThirteen: ching chong donkey kong
Chuck_N: that was a song by Chuck_N feat. DrThirteen
Chuck_N: with Kitezer on bass
Chuck_N: thank you very much

ScruffytheJanitr: 1. Never step on somebody else's link (post before previous song finishes
ScruffytheJanitr: 2. Use the Share link for brevity's sake
ScruffytheJanitr: 3. Keep songs under 6 or 7 minutes
ScruffytheJanitr: 4. If a rotation is in place, respect it and be ready on your turn

ClawOfJudgeJudy1: nighty night thirty thirt

AkuraWolfe: I'm a mystery
Aquilonn: A mystery wrapped in an enigma inside a kawaii kouhai.

Kitezer: clam down

ScruffytheJanitr: they always ignore my sage advice
ScruffytheJanitr: *sigh*
NullifiedKnight: They don't have the thyme for sage advice.

Kitezer: I got so scared when I saw Dr I accidentally turned off my comp

Kitezer: caRRY MY SHT

grimes1: So I witnessed a guy get so high he jizzed his pants.

Crystalis: Ever heard two wrongs don't make a right?
Crisius: No, but 3 lefts do. >.>

Kitezer: used to see hunnids of dicks now i'm jerkin milluns

DownNeverOut: You're gayer than Kite's love for Homestuck.

Aerilia: hey bunghole, do you have polio in your cornholio?

laurennn7: wow. i am truly hurt (scarcest)
laurennn7: *sarcasm

GallowsNoose: Really good orgtasms 13
DrThirteen: orgtasms?
GallowsNoose: It's a new breakfast cereals
dreamnitedarling: they're orgyriffic?
GallowsNoose: Try new Orgtasms! With sugar, milk, or right out of the box!
GallowsNoose: Every bowl is a happy ending!

DrThirteen: well shit
Tenzhi: That's called a septic tank, XIII

blueraga: did you hear about Cosmo
blueraga: Apparently tumblr logic is really taking hold IRL and people are now classifying Cosmo as porn.
blueraga: Yes, the magazine.
Tycholarfero: well there was apparently a part in the magazine where it detailed some way to **** someone with a glazed donut
DrThirteen: >**** someone with a glazed donut
DrThirteen: well
DrThirteen: that's bound to get sticky
tinidor: BOO

DrMoreauIsBack: Lets be the dynamic doctor duo
DrThirteen: yes, let's be the dynamic dr duo
DrMoreauIsBack: yaaay
DrMoreauIsBack: we need a theme song
DrMoreauIsBack: Saving lives together♫
DrMoreauIsBack: each and everyday♫
DrMoreauIsBack: one is straight♫
DrMoreauIsBack: one is gay♫

DrThirteen: 7
Communist_Kitten: Ate
Communist_Kitten: 9
DrThirteen: ayy
DrThirteen: :)

Kitezer: I learned my voice is feminine :n
Kitezer: The drive thru lady thought I was a ma'am

Sinte: (To be fair, they do usually rely more on tanning bed things)
Sinte: But they're lampy-beddy-thingbobs.
Sinte: SUNBED! That's the word!

Kittykatk8: BRB oven's beeping at me
Brayzure: Beep back, assert dominance.

DrThirteen: hm... I wonder when I should take off
Danbuckley5: Once you get the all clear from the tower, I should think

GallowsNoose: I love me a big bowl of sour balls

manbiet: HI
manbiet: PO
DrThirteen: POT
DrThirteen: AMUS
DrThirteen: :D
JetDarkwave: I was thinking that too.

Everlovely: bama, the biggest hurdle you have is that there are no girls on kong.
Everlovely: or on the internet in general
CaptainRed: Or within fifteen feet of computers
dreamnitedarling: its true. they're a myth perpetuated by the FBI
CaptainRed: Federal Bureau of Imitators

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