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Let the energy of the Universe be with whoever is reading this, aswell as with who is not. No matter if you call it God, “The Deity” (“Al Liá”), Krishna, or even Universe itself. Even who “don’t believe in the existence of a Deity”, believe in the existence of the Universe, which is the so called “Deity” itself.

Due to consequences of Math, it is extremely easy to find out that the accelerated expansion of the Universe results in the existence of a source of energy that provides energy to the Universe, once if two corpses get further from eachother without losing speed, they earn both potential and kinetic energy. That means that once the Universe expansion is accelerated, something gives energy to it. According to the theories, it would be the Dark energy in Vacuum. As so, the Vacuum is the source of energy of the Universe, hence, my Deity.

A “Deity” is something that does two things:
-1) Allows the Universe to exist.
-2) Is a source of Energy.

Considering that matter has energy and energy can flow through space, space is required for the flux of energy, and, therefore, the existence of the Universe as we know. As so, Vacuum accomplishes the first factor.

Considering that the source of energy for the expansion of the Universe is from the Dark Energy in vacuum, Vacuum accomplishes the second factor, being, as a consequence, a Deity.

I used to think that Capitalism was the factor that caused all the problems of the world…
Ingenuity… Saying that a system ruins the world is like saying that God saves people in Hospitals, instead of doctors. People heal people, as well as people destroy everything morally accepted by a ruined system… The system is capitalism, but the fault is from the corrupted people that want to use the system in a way they can get an advantage over other people.
The morality of the world is the acceptance of Capitalism, and its rejection is immorale. The system itself is not the source of the problems. It’s actually the way it’s used by people to support the existence of inexistent moral differences according to how much money you got, making rich people moral, and poor people, immoral. Another source of the world’s problems is the need lots of people have of being moral, as if they couldn’t live by thinking that someone is better than them, according to the society values, and are ready to do anything to get moral, even being anti-ethical…

If something else, like matter or energy, is proved to generate Energy to the Universe, it may be part of the Deity too, but I can’t prove it myself for now.

In Ancient Rome, you get rich to enter in the politics.
In Capitalism, you enter in the politics to get rich.

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