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    lost in my thoughts trying to figure out if I did what i could the right way while doing somthing else
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Though you may hear me talk of violence and death as though it is a child’s plaything, I do fear it i will fight for the ones I love, be it my family or my friends.
I do not believe I am proud person concerning some topics, but even as i say that I may be proud of other things, being tricked by my own mind saying “you are humble. be proud of it”
Where ever a problem with someone occurs i try to give him/her the benefit of the doubt, thinking, “well perhaps that person forgot” or “could it be he has a reasonable explanation?” I try to be fair, but when the person clearly did something wrong I do ask for an explanation, trying to give him/her a chance. when a person does do something wrong i give him a second chance, but I may not give him/her any more times to do the same offense. another thing i may take joy in to much is thinking that i am smarter than your average idiot although i try not to be involved with people that are rough,socially impaired,bullies,or proud people,i may unwittingly group myself with them and even befriend them, give me time i may realize that they are not people worth being with. please realize that I may not be as smart or intellectual as i say i might be,and also, my words,actions,thoughts,or my ideas on things may change to fit the situation.
Now i will talk about my habits things i believe in (and things i don’t!) and other random stuff you may deem relevant
I am a Christian! (dun dun dun! i have just been labeled) I am a baptist although I may believe things other baptists may not (what those things are I’m not sure i can list due to complexity and my faulty brain that may misinterpret these beliefs.)
i believe that the Bible is whole and that nothing else will be added to it.
I believe in the Trinity of God (that there is God the Father,God the Son,and God the Holy Ghost.) I do not believe in three Gods nor do i believe in one schizophrenic God I believe that God divided himself into three persons yet They/HE is whole (once again i am describing what i believe in the best my mind can say). Do i understand that? no i don’t and that’s FINE i can’t understand God not while i am still on this planet in this sinful body. I believe that God sent His Son to earth to die on the cross, to save me from my sins,and to keep me from going to hell. I belie that God is coming again (called His “Second Coming”) to take his chide to heaven. (there are several details concerning this matter that i have been told about but i do not remember those details.)
I belie that God created all there in the universe in 6 literal days (although i am not sure what exactly the gap theory states i do not belie in the gap theory winch states that after God created [object A] there was a long “GAP” between the creation of [object A] and [object B]and thus “allows” for the millions of years of “proof” that is just rather poorly organized,thought out,or just made up information to “prove” evolution)
NOW FOR SOME “EVOLUTION DISPRROVING FACTS!” [readers note: i will need to define the terms of thermodynamics to prove some points so please bear with me]
The second law of thermodynamics particularly important in this discussion since it states a universal principle of change in nature which is downhill,not uphill, as evolution requires. It can be defined in various ways in different context as follows:
“In an physical change that takes place by itself entropy always increase” 9entropy is “a measure of the quantity of energy NOT capable of conversion into work”).
“the equivalence of entropy in the classical and statistical context is implied in the following:‘Each quantity of energy has a characteristic quality of energy called entropy associated with it. the entropy measures the degree of disorder associated with the energy. Energy must always go in a direction where entropy increases’.”
“as far as we know, all changes are in the direction of increasing entropy, of increasing disorder,of increasing randomness,of running down.”
in connection with systems for the processing and transmission of information (e.g., computers, automation, television,news papers,ect.), a highly sophisticated new science known as informational theory has incorporated the concept of entropy as a measure of the “noise” or degree of uncertainty in the communication of the information. It is an interesting testimony to the unity of nature that this type of thermodynamics as to others.
[update no.2 posted on 2/10/11]
“It is certain that the conceptual connection between information and the second law of thermodynamics is now firmly established.”—Myron Tribus & Edward C. MCirvine
“(There are many ways) of stating what is called the second law of thermodynamics… all of them are equivalent although some very sophisticated mathematics and physics is involved in showing the equivalence.”—Isac Asimov
It is then therefor possible to regard any natural process in any of several ways:
(1)as an energy conversion system, in which work is being accomplished;
(2)as a structured system which is undergoing change as a structure;
(3)as an information system in which information is being utilized and transmitted. Entropy is a measure of: in the first case,the unavailability of energy to do any work;
[ update no.3 posted on 2/20/11] in the second case , the decreased order of a system’s structure; in the third case,it is obvious that all such explanations describe a downward trend. Energy becomes unavailable, disorder increases,information becomes garbled.
For the evolution of a more advanced organism, however, energy must somehow be gained, order mist increase, and information added. The second law says this will not happen in any natural process unless external factors enter and make it happen.
“It is one of this law’s consequences that all real processes go irreversibly. … Any given process in this universe is accompanied by a change in magnitude of a quantity called entropy. …All real processes go with an increase of entropy. the entropy also measures the randomness or lack of orderliness of the system,the greater the randomness the greater the entropy”—Harold F. Blum
It seems obvious that the second law of thermodynamics constitutes a serious problem to the evolution model. Creationists are so puzzled as to why evolutionists give so little attention to this problem. most books promoting evolution never mention it at all, and many competent evolutionary scientists have been inclined to dismiss it as of no importance to the problem. When pressed,however,for a means of reconciling the entropy principle with evolution, one of the flowing answers is usual given
[to be posted at a later date]

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