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Name: Zareth Gallious Race: Human (with perks) Age: 18 yrs Home: Wanders and rarely stays anywhere for long Appearance:He has pitch black, wavy, eyebrow-length hair and luminescent white eyes, lightly tanned skin with multiple scars and black tribal tattoos. He wears a black, tight, leather rouges vest, outfitted with many pockets to store the items he has stolen. His heavily muscled arms were usually exposed. The vest had a deep cowl that completely conceals his face. He carries a small dagger on his right hip at all times and a flyssas on his back in a leather scabbard. He wears a pair of baggy Arabian style pants and no shoes what-so-ever. Abilities: Well trained in most forms of combat involving weapons and most unarmed forms and is somewhat familiar with magic. His other abilities make up for lack of experience. He also has the ability to control as much as a droplet his blood due to a spell from a powerful shaman, and conform it to any shape regardless of size. He can also cause droplets to float and then form spikes at his opponents. Personality: Calm and not easily flustered, except by females. He’s always been a sucker for girls and it has always gotten him into trouble. More than once he has risked his life on silly errands that random girls have asked him to do. These exploits have given him many skills and more scars. ------------------------------------------------ FUTURISTIC CHARACTER Name: Ralor Kyles Race: Human Age: 18 yrs Home: Wanders and rarely stays anywhere for long Description: Pitch black hair and light green, more white than green, luminescent eyes. He has lightly tanned skin with multiple scars. He wears a simple, light armor made of a tech-metal (technology infused into the metal itself making it stronger and more reactive to strikes). The tech in the armor also causes the armor to blend mostly with the surroundings. He is trained in most forms of combat. He carries a decently powered pistol with a laser pin-point attachment as well as a dagger whose blade is pure energy on his hip. He keeps a strong and accurate laser sniper, equipped with a silencer and a 400x scope, strapped to his back. He has the ability to infuse certain types of tech with his own energy giving him control of the tech. He can currently control most vehicles, some weapons, and most armor.

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