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Only room I chat in: The (since the end of The Singularity).
Quotes or something (warning: wall’o’text)

BlueFox: Endarei doesn’t make friends
BlueFox: she makes minions.
TavishDegroot: ’Rei’s so manly, SHE ravishes TAVISH!
bloocheese565: nobody should have to deal with myto’s level of guy PMS
audial40: you cant handle my 2 inches of awesome sir.
mytosypian: Here in the Singularity, attention whoring and actual whoring is encouraged and mandated by audial.
emzy555: people with boobs should be able to tease others with boobs.
audial40: difference between a muffin and a cupcake…go.
BlueFox: one is good, the other is better
Endarei: Cupcakes are tiny fail versions of muffins that wish they were as cool as muffins, but will never be, so they hide their shame in frosting and sprinkles.
audial40: lol
audial40: im goin with endarei’s answer here.
Secrets: I know where penis goes! I’m 18!
Darkobra: Which part of “no” didn’t you understand? Was it the part where you were told you couldn’t do it or the part you were told not to?
Tarlanon: It’s official now, btw.
Tarlanon: Singularity is my new Kong ‘Family’
Tarlanon: God help me.
AlyssaRP11: Idc if i am f-ing 11

BlueFox: Alyssa is 11?
AlyssaRP11: no.
Darkobra: Yes she is
AlyssaRP11: STFU
Tactical720: air fresheners make my nose feel weird
Darkobra: You’re not supposed to SNORT them
Darkobra: I wonder how sweet a girl would say if I said “I love you more than I would love finding a katana in the middle of a zombie apocalypse”
mytosypian: The next episode involves Jack torturing someone with a blowtorch.
mytosypian: I guess you could say he would be
mytosypian: Torchuring him.
Endarei: really?
Blaze55555: lol
Endarei: ‘.
audial40: what is this?
Blaze55555: fail
Blaze55555: pun
mytosypian: Either way, next week’s episode is going to be hot.
Haydennaiter: Pen!s
Endarei: Mine’s bigger
BoredPayne: ^
mytosypian: Seriously, where’s a gay man when you need him?
BlueFox: remember, if we were your parents, there’s no way we’d let you stay up this late
Secrets: It’s 4am here.
Secrets: But I’d have awesome parents :D
Secrets: That don’t constantly argue and cry and moan and shout all the time like mine
BlueJynnx: Oh we moan.
THE quotes:

moorsy: I am all the muppets.

typ38550: well i like to have sex with women
typ38550: touching their ass, putting dick into their dick and touch their boobs
codyosley72: Wow dude, what kind of women are you having sex with typ? " putting dick Into their dick"
KirsiKat: Mody’s my favourite STD.

Full pic:http://i44.tinypic.com/1zxqo2c.jpg

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