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!Heads up!
I am not using this account any longer. Look at it like a photo album, only that there are no photos here but stuff like posts and comments and memories that go with them.


I’m obviously someone who likes to play games. I especially enjoy innovative games that are more of an experience than pure entertainment, and everyone who posts “Meh, not a game,” simply lacks appreciation for art and emotionally moving experiences. Change that! You will miss something. Usually these games will go right to my favourite list. So if you are on the search for something new have a look through it (it’s gotten kinda long. I really wish we could create custom playlists).
I’m probably more often in the forums than playing games. Places where I can be found:
° Serious Discussion
° Off Topic
° A place known to feature ponies.

When I’m not at the PC I’m either at the university (studying Sports and English in order to become a teacher) or doing sports. I’m a 100% sports addict. Tennis (almost don’t get opportunities to play lately) and Thai Boxing are my favourites but I actually like much any sport as long as you don’t have to kill others or yourself to win (at least not in a very cruel and/or inhuman way ^^). And running is kind of my way to meditate. Whenever I feel down or stressed I grab my shoes (and currently some warm clothes. Hate the cold!) and run somewhere I have never been to before. The longer I am out and the more new places I find on the the better.
The girl of my dreams should be… Ooops! Wrong site…
Well, what’s left to say?
I wish you all the best, have a nice day, win a lot of badges, have fun, find the girl/guy of your dreams…

Best game ever

Highlighting it here, because I think that this is the best game of all times:

The Infinite Ocean

Seriously, it’s awesome. It’s better than Beyonce and Taylor Swift together. It’s so awesome, I would even say it is legendary. It’s so awesome, whenever I feel sad I just stop being sad and play this awesome game instead (although it’s not exactly hilarious. Awesome, right?).
Bottom line: play this awesome game or find out how it feels like to be mentally crippled from not making the most awesome experience of your life.


I once thought about putting my weirdest post here, but then I realised that at some days I seem to just fire them out like nothing and I CBA to edit my profile every two minutes. So no “weirdest post” for now (nominations are accepted, though).


I’m over 9000!!!
I think I added this link to my profile when I was still at roughly 5000. A long ass time to build up that joke… Totally worth it… I guess…

Everyone thinking about making a game should be forced to play this series.

Also: halp! Balest is awesome!

Warning! tl;dr material

I want to give you a bit information about a very important topic for me, which probably doesn’t even interest you at all because you are totally not stalkers or anything of the like… Well, and since I know that many don’t like reading long texts I put it here. So, if you happen to waste some of the most precious moments of your life reading this, remember, it’s your own damn fault. ;)

I am an agnostic Atheist and I am going to explain why, but first of all I have to make on thing absolutely clear: Atheists who hate Religion are in essence no different from those ultra-conservative believers. Faith is something truly personal. Everyone should be free to believe in whatever he or she wants to as long as no one is harmed by it.
Furthermore I also want to say that I think a society can only be working perfectly when there is a separation between state and church. Anything else will just lead to neverending conflicts.
My story: I was a Protestant simply because my parents decided that I should be baptised that way – something I deeply disapprove of. I don’t accuse my parents, because it is a tradition, but everyone should consciously decide what he or she believes in and what not. When I started to think about life and the most important questions that move me I found out that Christianity just isn’t me. I could not agree with the religious dogmas and scriptures. Many of them seemed very inconsistent, arbitrary, unfair and sometimes even just plain illogical to me. However it was not easy for me to give up this very practical believe that I used to answer many questions for so long. The whole process took me quite a few years, three if I remember right.
So I became an Agnostic because I still was not completely sure. I searched for other answers to my questions and finally found out that for many I don’t need one. I believe that humans’ intelligence and imagination has its limits and that we can ask questions we simply cannot answer.
So basically I would have stayed Agnostic. But I could not go on with this ambivalence in my life. I needed some kind of security and the more I thought about the clearer it became that there was only one correct solution for this problem to me: I consciously turned to Atheism.
Today: I don’t believe in anything like a God or an Intelligent Designer (I personally think that this is a very pathetic expression) but I would never say that it is impossible that something like this could actually exist. And perhaps one day I will found out that I was wrong. But I will always be sure that I have never ever decided against my personal believes.

I hope that all Atheists and Believers will find out that there is no use fighting over something that cannot be proven or disproved. This discussion just steals time and energy. We should concentrate on more important questions instead.

That was fun, right?

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