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Date Points Description
Jul. 10, 2014 Received Tyrannical Bundle Es icon Tyrannical Bundle in Epic Skater Mobile
Jul. 10, 2014 Completed challenge Epic Tyrant
Jun. 05, 2014 Received Tiny Mech Mech Tiny Mech in Tiny Dice Dungeon Mobile
Jun. 05, 2014 Completed challenge Tiny Mech Dungeon
May. 02, 2014 15 Completed medium mobile badge
Stars and Bars  (completed)
Badge earned
Badge Of The Day
Stars and Bars
May. 02, 2014 Received Duplicator Duplicator Duplicator in Run Mobile
May. 02, 2014 5 Completed easy mobile badge
Typhon's Legacy (completed)
Badge earned
Badge Of The Day
Typhon's Legacy
May. 02, 2014 15 Signed up
35 Total Points
15 Points Until Level 2